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  1. palindromicbob

    Ball-marker moved (Van Rooyen)

    So what's the deal with the rules officials and this decision not to penalize him for moving his marker. Completely contradicts decision 20-1/5.5 in my view.
  2. palindromicbob

    County Golf happy customer.

    Just a quick shout out and kudos to County Gold and the customer service. It's becoming a tradition for me to buy my Dad a lined jumper each year and they offer some great value. Anyway. I'd placed an order last night and my router disconnected before completion. I logged in and the order...
  3. palindromicbob

    Personalised Head covers

    Thoughts I'd share with you guys in case anyone was after a head cover that's a bit different. My dog died two weeks ago. It wasn't expected and quite sudden. He's a King Charles and I'd alway been on the look out for a head cover but have never found one. Following his death I renewed my...
  4. palindromicbob

    Best Suncream?

    Anyone recommend a good suncream for golf based on the following criteria? Ease of application and top up mid round. Resistance to sweat. Doesn't affect your grip.
  5. palindromicbob

    Purple patch

    Yeah I think I just found my patch for the year so I'm going to blow my own trumpet here since the wife doesn't care. Started on the 24th June with a 40 pointer round off 18 and a 0.9 cut (CSS 37) on a Saturday at an open at Newtownstewart. I was on 18.4 so didn't drop a shot. Next rounds...
  6. palindromicbob

    Bag Boy

    Anyone else tried this company bags. I recently got a cart bag and am very impressed. Not a company I would even have thought about before but certainly would keep my eye out again in future. Bag is 14 way full length dividers. Plenty of pockets and is surprisingly light and an interesting...
  7. palindromicbob

    Historic British Forces recruitment materials.

    Long shot but I have a friend that collect British Forces material and is currently trying to collect recruitment leaflets and other material. If anyone happens to have any or knows anywhere I might be able to direct them it would be much appreciated.
  8. palindromicbob

    How often would you need to replace.

    So had a preroll add from Titleist on a Youtube video. They said a wedge should be replaces every 75 rounds. Annoyingly they don't break that down to how many shots have been hit (which I think is sneaky). How many shots with a wedge would you get with 75 rounds. How often would you need to...
  9. palindromicbob

    F/S Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 REG. 3-PW

    Now the FG's. Another very underrated iron. I haven't had these long and bought them second hand in March. Only reason for sale is that I've been given a bargain on newer Wilson irons and can't resist the temptation. These are surprisingly forgiving (well from the 5i down for me anyway)...
  10. palindromicbob

    F/S Wilson Staff Irons Ci-11 REG (virgin sweet spots)

    F/S Wilson Staff Irons Ci-11 REG 4-PW (virgin sweet spots) Deciding to do a clear out of some stuff and selling two sets of irons. Both regular flex and standard. First the Ci-11. Underrated iron that fell somewhere between the Di-11 and FG Tour V2 in terms of target market. I got them...
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    Finally a club we can all use. :whistle::rofl:
  12. palindromicbob


    Just looking at new insurance for this year and found these guys. £20ish would get me the cover I'd probably need and is worldwide without additional cost which I need since I play in the Republic of Ireland a lot. Anyone any experience with them or maybe point in another direction?
  13. palindromicbob

    F/S: Cobra Amp Cell 3-4W Reg. Red

    Cobra 3-4W with adjustment tool and head cover. Fujikura Fuel Stock shaft and Grip. (Reg flex) Good condition. Didn't get used much. Any questions ask away. £65 delivered o.n.o
  14. palindromicbob

    First swing in anger since October.

    Had my first experience back on the course since bilateral hernia op in October. Driving was ok but took a while to properly strike and iron. Only played 10 but finished with a chip in birdie to give me 20 points. Course in decent nick for January and even played a while in short sleeves...
  15. palindromicbob

    Hernia repair - how long?

    Had a bilateral hernia inguinal hernia repair on 28th October. Left side I have noticed an improvement. Right side however is a different story. Feel like layers in my abs are stitched together and certain movements cause this to feel like pinching and sometimes a sharp shocking pain...
  16. palindromicbob

    Don't attend the flag in Winter?

    Delc's new team name for winter league?
  17. palindromicbob

    Help with a rescue dog.

    Hi guys if anyone would like to help me out it would be much appraised. It's to help a neglected dog that my wife and I rescued last week. All info in the link and I've checked with Mike that it's o.k to post here. Thanks for looking. To steal a...
  18. palindromicbob

    Lorry drives through crowd in Nice! Not a lot of information yet but this is shocking news. Even more so than a bomb or a gun because it's such an easy thing to acquire.
  19. palindromicbob

    Run away Powakaddy. A bit of entertainment on Friday at a society day to Slieve Russell. Unfortunately I couldn't use the actual theme tune :(
  20. palindromicbob

    My name's Brian and I'm a putter-aholic

    I don't have a problem :mad: