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  1. LincolnShep

    Consistently inconsistent

    On Saturday I finish 2nd out of 22 entrants. On Sunday I finish 72nd out of 77. I hate golf.
  2. LincolnShep

    Standing behind putts in Texas Scrambles

    Rule 10.2b(4) says a caddie must not stand behind a player once he's taken his stance Rule 23.5 says that the rest of the players on a side must obey the same rules as a caddie So it's legal to stand behind an opponents putt (bad etiquette, but legal) but it's illegal to stand behind a player if...
  3. LincolnShep

    Par 74?

    Are there any par 74 (or higher) 18-hole courses in the UK? I've played a few par 73s (Bawtry, College Pines and Forest Pines) but never seen any higher than that. Does anyone know of any? No reason for the question, just idling away a Friday morning when I should really be doing some work!
  4. LincolnShep

    Dr Stableford must be spinning in his coffin...

    ...every time someone describes his scoring method as "stapleford".
  5. LincolnShep

    I've had my WHS email from England Golf!! Am I the first?

    Somewhat unexpected, extract below: Dear Shep, We just wanted to let you know that the World Handicapping System was actually just a big April fool. Admittedly, it got a bit out of hand (and it's not April) but you've got to admit that we fooled you good and proper. Sucker! We've been...
  6. LincolnShep

    Happy WHS Email day

    Just wanted to be the first to wish all my English golfing friends a happy England Golf WHS Email day. I'm sure that, like me, you've been opening the doors on your WHS Email advent calendar and building excitement for the big day. It's finally here!! Have fun everyone, and stay safe.
  7. LincolnShep

    How to identify GUR

    Do the rules define how GUR needs to be marked? Played yesterday and someone had scraped "GUR" in the sand in the bottom of a bunker. Very little sand in there so the bottom was compacted - the writing would survive some rain but only up to a point. Given the state of the bunker it could well...
  8. LincolnShep

    Standing behind the line of fellow competitor's putt...

    In a strokeplay competition, can I stand on a line that extends from the hole and through my opponent's ball, so I can get a good look at their putt? I appreciate it may be bad etiquette but is it actually against the rules? I always thought it was but I can't find a rule to back it up...
  9. LincolnShep

    Competition entry fees - alternatives to cash

    Since golf resumed, all of our competitions have been just for fun, no entry fees and no prizes. We want to start charging a fee but don't want to use the 100% cash system that we used before. We don't have the facility to accept card payments. We could ask players to do bank transfers, or...
  10. LincolnShep

    Post-lockdown membership increase!

    My club has had about thirty new members since golf restarted! This was a surprise to me but are other clubs experiencing a similar uplift in interest?
  11. LincolnShep

    Am I entitled to free relief?

    I've marked the intended line of play. #indoorgolf
  12. LincolnShep

    Can't score on stableford - rules on continuing play

    Stableford comp, if a player cannot score but continues to play out the hole, it's time-wasting but not against the rules (AFAIK). Still stableford, if you lose a ball or send one out of bounds, could you drop a different ball in the fairway and continue with the hole? No score obviously but...
  13. LincolnShep

    Recommendations near Edinburgh

    My friend wants to buy her nephew a round near Edinburgh for his 21st birthday. She doesn't play and has asked me for help but I don't know that area so I'm asking the experts! Budget max is £80 for a Saturday in June. His handicap is 10 or thereabouts. Can anyone make any recommendations at...
  14. LincolnShep

    B*gger it

    Winter singles knockout match this morning. I was five down with eight to play and then went WWWHWWLW to square the match. Back to the first tee and was imagining the clubhouse chat about my great comeback victory - then topped my tee shot into the lake. Lesson learnt - don't relax until the...
  15. LincolnShep

    Hit ball with practice swing on the tee

    Casual match on Tuesday so no dramas if we broke the rules but i wasn't sure at the time and I'm still not sure now. My opponent teed his ball, and then took a practice swing, he made accidental contact and the ball went forward about ten yards. What should have happened? Carry on, or re-tee...
  16. LincolnShep

    Bridgestone Chase Your Dream Trophy - Spalding GC

    I played in Midlands qualifying for the above tournament on Sunday at Spalding Golf Club. Firstly, Spalding is a real hidden gem. A beautiful parkland course with gently humped and rolling fairways, the greens were quick and true and big - lots of opportunities to three-putt if you hit the...
  17. LincolnShep

    Honours Boards

    My club wants to improve/expand the honours boards in the clubhouse - and the committee has asked me to look into it. We'll be adding some new ones, updating the ones we have, and possibly getting rid of some too. Does anybody have any experience of this? I'm particularly curious about how to...
  18. LincolnShep

    Your Golf Travel

    Wanted the praise YGT, superb service from them for the second time running. Couple of years ago I tried to book a Sunday Driver at Oulton Hall directly with Q Hotels, but their booking people were really clueless about availability of tee times, and pretty unfriendly on the phone in my...
  19. LincolnShep

    Ball in rabbit hole in hazard

    Saw something today that is s new one on me. My FC's ball ended up in a rabbit hole, the entrance of which was inside a bunker. However, the ball had rolled down the hole and was no longer within the confines of the hazard (assuming the edge is vertical up and down). In other words a vertical...
  20. LincolnShep

    Adidas shoes

    Just read PNWokingham's thread ( about Golf Depot and trying to get a refund because his Adidas shoes are too tight. I got some Adidas Adicross in the post from American Golf on Saturday. I ordered 11 even though I'm usually 10.5...