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    Assisted Dying

    It seems that animals can be humanely put down, but not humans in the eyes of religion. Religion does not consider humans to be animals, but we are. We share virtually the same genetics as other members of the ape family. You wouldn't want to see a chimpanzee in pain, but a human? So what...
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    Assisted Dying

    Surround yourself by as many people as you like (including your Facebook friends) but the stark reality is that we are born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Your imaginary friend above cannot help you either. You have been born to suffer and die. That is how evolution works. As I believe...
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    Par 6's and 7's

    At least it's only a par 3, but keep a few balls in reserve. There always seem to be more fishermen than golfers at the WM's.
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    Par 6's and 7's

    I played it a few years ago and don't remember any such hill, but maybe only a small gradient here and there. They let me on for a just a fiver then and I see the green fees are still very good value. But why is the place called Gedney Hill? With Thorney just down the road and still dead flat I...
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    Assisted Dying

    I agree that religious leaders should keep their noses out of this. Religion is always based on the supernatural. While you are free to believe this, there are others who understand reality. How many people have ever existed before ourselves? One answer given is close to 100 billion. That...
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    Assisted Dying

    I never lose sight of the fact that 'Life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'. (Thomas Hobbes). The reasons for this were not scientifically explained until Darwin, and later elaborated on by Richard Dawkins, George Price and others. Whichever way you look at it we all came out of the...
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    Par 6's and 7's

    Going back in time, Woosnam reached a long par 5 with two 1 irons at Wentworth. Lyle was also a big hitter with a 1 iron - 360 yards. If it's a fair question, what clubs today might get you extra distance? Asking this because all my equipment is dated.
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    Par 6's and 7's

    West Midlands GC has a Par 6 - 725 yards (back tee). Course in Japan has a Par 7 - 964 yards. Then there's Longest hole on earth: an 1100-yard par-7 in South Korea ( I'm familiar with the first one because I go walking near there, and it's dead straight. Would you be tempted or is it...
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    Gym advice

    The most enjoyable workout I know is a Tai Chi session. Tai Chi Beginner Exercises: How to Use Tai Chi for Weight Loss ( Exercise #10 the Cossack - I must try this one myself.
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    Putting issues

    Head is moving in front of the ball.
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    James Bond

    At MI6 does anyone have a licence to kill?
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    Serious error in Channel 5 programme

    Yep, last man in with a broken arm and no helmet. Wouldn't have bothered the likes of Brian Close, either. To think that these days batsmen are kitted up like knights. BTW the name James Herriot was based on a Scottish goalkeeper with the same name. Darrowby was Thirsk, so he was never based in...
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    James Bond

    With Brosnan (not Connery or Moore) the deadliest. How many people James Bond kill in James Bond movies? Bodycount: Died in each film? (
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    How long did it take you to have a competent swing

    Do you live in Dock Green? When I was a beginner I was actually quite good. Then age changed my body and mind.
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    Animal 💩 outside the house

    Anything with bigger teeth than a fox should do the trick. In nature it's all about bigger mouths feeding on smaller ones.
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    Holy grail of the golf swing?

    One way of looking at it: Don't lock the shoulders and hips. On the backswing the shoulders should move back beyond the hips and cause the downward pressure to automatically move the hips back a little. On the downswing things are reversed and the hips should move ahead of the shoulders or the...
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    Animal 💩 outside the house

    Employ a predator. A selection here:
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    Ben hogans five lessons

    I bought his book The Modern Fundamentals way back in the 1980's and it was dated then. So it's even more dated now with all the equipment changes. There is no such thing as the correct this or that. It's whatever works. The Vardon grip is probably as good as has been found, though. Hogan also...
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    Good course south of Birmingham on m40 route ?

    I've never played it even though I live there because I've been told to avoid on more than one occasion. A few years ago they wanted more members and were offering a free trial round. Checked it on line and it turned out to be only 9 holes with a member. They wouldn't have offered my type a...
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    SPOTY 2021

    Yet they over spend a lot of our money on executives and presenters. The award is far more likely to be given to an individual than a team member, so Raducanu is clear favourite already.