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  1. splashtryagain

    Windscreen replacement advice please!!

    Hi, I was hoping some of you may have some advice on this please. 2 weeks ago my windscreen got cracked, I rang my insurance (Aviva) who told me it was £75 through autoglass. Great I thought😎. Following a conversation with autoglass they gave me a date of the 28/3 which I accepted (they had...
  2. splashtryagain

    FootJoy Pro SL size 10.5 white with blue heels

    I have these for sale, stupidly I bought the wrong size! These are a UK 10.5. They have played 5 lots of 9 holes and are for the most part like new - one tiny scuff in the right toe area and you may want to wash the laces. Receipt for warranty will be included (covered until Apr 18 at Carlisle...
  3. splashtryagain

    Car audio query

    I love my hifi and top quality music at home and in the car. I am buying a new car that comes with the option of paying £795 for a Meridian sound system, does anyone know if Meridian do the amplifier and speakers or just speakers or just amp (jaguar car). Is this worth it or should I stick with...
  4. splashtryagain

    New car advice - suv for family.

    Right, I am fed up with all the options available, I have a top budget of 40k (want to avoid extortionate tax) but really don't mind spending a lot less either! I looked at a few over the weekend including jag f pace - v nice but basic until options added by which time it's 43k, same with the...
  5. splashtryagain

    Close House

    My lad and I took the opportunity to go to the driving range at Close House this morning, not the cheapest but good quality range. I am fancying a return visit to play golf on one of the 2 courses but was wondering if anyone had played the courses and what they thought. The whole set up seems to...
  6. splashtryagain

    A change in alignment and consistency achieved.

    Following not playing (or posting) for a couple of years I got the golf bug again at the Cleveland meet and vowed to get better and get a new handicap. I have struggled hitting the ball as I wish to for the time since then until last night when I checked my alignment - needless to say it was...
  7. splashtryagain

    Back as a member of a club - yay!

    Well the paperwork is in and I'm allowed to play at my golf club - Hexham (feels good after so little golf in the past 18 months). Can't wait for my first round back in the game, just a shame my handicap has gone dormant/dead and i'll have to get it back before entering comps properly. If the...
  8. splashtryagain

    Twighlight memberships??

    Has anyone ever held / had one of these memberships? I would be able to play after 12 over winter and after 3 in the summer. This seems to fit with my current work and when I could play golf so can't really see the downside considering it is half the cost! Any opinions?
  9. splashtryagain

    A choice of memberships available to me - what do you reckon?

    I am looking to join a new club over the next two months ready for the new season. I, as I see it have 3 choices: 1) 9 hole club 1 mile from my house, always empty cheap subs <300 but not very good quality wise. 2) Hexham golf club - lovely course in good condition year round (20 mins from house...
  10. splashtryagain

    Guitar playing - beginners advice.

    My uncle passed away recently, he was an amazing guitarist and I have inherited his accoustic guitar. To be honest I have always wanted to learn an instrument as I am a teacher and it would be useful, so this seems the perfect reason to start. Can anyone recommend a starter guide or website to...
  11. splashtryagain

    heel shafted mallet wanted

    Hi there, I am looking for a heel shafted toe down mallet putter like the odyssey 9, Cameron del mar etc what have people got kicking around?
  12. splashtryagain

    hexham in october?

    Following todays round at sharpley I thought I throw my hat in and organise a little meet at Hexham. It will be October and a Saturday or Sunday. If its a fourball its 15 a piece over that and not sure yet but 30 or less sounds a good starting point. Please post interest and preferred weekend...
  13. splashtryagain

    Dropping in a hazard?

    One of my playing partners in a comp hit his tee shot on a par 3 into a hazard - not marked by coloured stakes, and then played a provisional onto the green. The hole is across a valley and he landed short of the boundary fence short of the green - there is a drop zone for such shots next to the...
  14. splashtryagain

    Looking to get out and about around north east.

    Having recently (finally! What the heck do conveyancing solicitors actually do?) moved near hexham I am looking to get out and try a few local ish courses. Any offers? I don't smell too much and can dress up smartly!
  15. splashtryagain

    Any hifi/headphone buffs out there?

    I have a milestone birthday coming up and questions have been asked about gifts! I used to have a good (cyrus/castle) hifi but my lad trashed the electronics, his scars are healing;), and now want to replace it! The only issue is swmbo doesn't want a room full of speakers and ugly boxes again so...
  16. splashtryagain

    Am I being unrealistic..........

    I have been an active member of my club for the past 5 years, supporting competitions, spending money with the pro and encouraging my kids to take up golf and have lessons at the club. I have never been a problem re payments for subs etc but now I face a change the club appears uninterested. I...
  17. splashtryagain

    Golf in the Hexham area??

    My family and I have had enough of the rat race and are seriously considering a move to the Hexham area - round Allendale. After doing the legwork re schools / jobs etc we are confident it is the right area - now I want to check out about the golf possibilities (the only one I've heard of...
  18. splashtryagain

    A film any action fan needs to see!

    The raid 2 ( and the raid 1) are films you must see! Watched the sequel last night and oh my god! The action (fighting) scenes are something else and the car chase will go down as one of the best if not the best ever anywhere! It may be dubbed but it's the best film I've seen this year by a long...
  19. splashtryagain

    Kids and mobiles?

    In a quandary, my eldest (to be 9) wants a phone for their birthday, just a cheap payg. My wife and I are not completely sure about this as I can't think what she would really need it for over her tablet apart from texting the grandparents. I know it is our decision and we shall make the choice...
  20. splashtryagain

    Ulverston Golf Club

    I played here on Sunday in an open and can heartily recommend anyone paying it a visit! The course is undulating parkland with a lot of holes having fabulous views of the lakeland hills or out over morecambe bay. Most holes are tree lined but not too tightly, very picturesque. One downside is...