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    Tested a bunch of different balls

    I was looking through my bag of balls today and noticed a had quite a few different brands so picked the best ones out and hit 10 shots with each ball and I’ll post the results. The only brand new ball was the inesis tour 900 and by far the best feeling for me was both the srixon balls.
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    Gym advice

    I have been going to the gym now for a few weeks, only really go 2/3 days a week but from Monday i am going to make sure i get down 5 times mon/fri. I have never really been into gyms so don’t really know what i should be doing. I find myself currently just doing 30 mins of cardio on the...
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    Should of broke 80 today

    I was playing this morning and i did feel as if i was playing well but not amazing, big difference today was my putting was very good. Get to the 16th tee box and im putting my score in on my watch from the previous hole and noticed i was 7 over after 15 holes. So its starting to sink in im on...
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    Darley Troon Links

    Some photos from this morning’s game. Greens were in fantastic condition and for a public course they put my main private course to shame for green condition.
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    Ben hogans five lessons

    I picked this book up recently and only read the first two lessons but so far if this book is still accurate, ive been holding the clubs wrong the whole time and my stance has also been off. So just wanted to ask is this book still technically sound or is it outdated ? Reason i ask i was in at...
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    Golf in Dubai

    Off to dubai next month and plan to play a round of golf. Looking for recommendations on courses ? Needs to be a course i can rent clubs, not taking mine just for one round and also not sure what day ill play. So needs to be a course i can book on late notice and still get on. I heard trump has...
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    Golf grips

    I currently just have plain black grips on my clubs and on my old ones I remember they said golf pride down where your thumb would be and i used that as a sort of guide for thumb placement. So now i am thinking about getting my clubs re gripped with the white text on them as i feel it does help...
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    Best courses to play

    After playing trump Aberdeen at the weekend its made me want to get a list of the top courses in Scotland and work my way through them. So can people recommend courses in Scotland that are the best in the country? My top 3 courses ive played to date are 1. Trump aberdeen. 2. Trump robert the...
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    Trump International

    Played trump Aberdeen today, what a course. Best course I've played yet by a mile.
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    Mad woman almost hit me today

    Playing at my local course today, it was foggy this morning but on the 13th a par 3 and fog was definitely lifting. I could see the green and a good bit past it. Hit my shot and maybe 15 feet past the hole but on the green. Get my putter out and i am standing over my ball and i hear a shout, i...
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    Ping G425 quality

    Posted a photo on my ping G425 PW a while ago the chrome was coming away. Took it back and got it replaced about 2 weeks ago. Noticed today the bubble has appeared again on the new one and just a matter of time now before the opens back up like the last one. Should I take it back again or just...
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    Dalmilling Golf Course

    Played dalmilling golf course this morning, course was looking a bit ruff on the green and tee boxes. Played there a few months ago and it was in much better condition not sure whats happened.
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    Driving iron question

    I currently have 13 clubs in my bag and was thinking if i was to get one more it should maybe be a driving iron. My irons stop at a 5 the now and i do find the 5 iron extremely easy to hit off a tee but it only goes about 190 carry, then i have a 4 hybrid that goes around 190/200 carry but i do...
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    Golf sim setup recommendations

    I am wanting to get a golf sim setup in the house. I have a spare room thats 14ft long 10ft wide with just over 9ft ceiling hight. I seen a video of the new garmin R10 and it looks pretty good for what im after. Just wanted to ask firstly is the room big enough for a golf sim and what other...
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    Wedge distances

    I have noticed my SW and UW are not as accurate for distance as the rest of my irons pw to 5 iron. My SW goes anywhere from 65 yards to 85 yards and the UW is 75 upto 100. Its weird i can feel as if i hit a SW perfect one hole and get 65 carry then next hole it goes an extra 20 yards And im not...
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    East Renfrewshire golf club

    I was at east ren this morning and had to give up after 4 holes. Fog was so bad.
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    Restaurant recommendations London

    I Seen a thread the other day on the forum someone was asking about london hotels and seen it got a lot of replies. I am going to London start of October for my wife's birthday and i am looking for recommendations for an indian, chinese and steak house please ? Last visit we went to dishoom...
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    Girvan golf course

    lovely views of the first 8 holes but i find the actual course a little boring.
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    Seafield golf course

    Played seafield today, cracking course and probably my favourite out of the 8 golf south ayrshire package, half links half parklands :)
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    Golf pro recommendations

    Looking to get lessons from a new pro. Can anyone give me some recommendations for pros either in Glasgow area or else Ayrshire please ?