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  1. Bamberdele21

    Tips for shallowing swing

    Seems to apply to driver more than anything. A friend filmed my swing for the first time in months and I’m coming over the top quite noticeably on my driver during the transition of my downswing. Looks very amateurish. To try and control it I changed my backswing which is very short now which...
  2. Bamberdele21

    Waterproof socks

    Recently purchased some Puma Ignites which are great but unfortunately not waterproof. Would be a waste if I couldn’t use them through the wet days. I’m looking at waterproof socks to get round this. Anyone use them? Please advise
  3. Bamberdele21

    Golf is very similar to my first relationship.

    Last few rounds I’ve gone from hero to zero. Shot 83 a week ago to just being mid 90’s the last few rounds. It’s demoralising. Almost as if this honeymoon period has come to a sudden crash. The high I hit at the start of last week was on par with losing my virginity. I now feel as tho I can’t...
  4. Bamberdele21

    Am I on to something?

    Ok, so I’m head scratching a bit. Had a few lessons at start then decided to invest in a set of Cobra RadSpeed One length weapons to get me going. My main reason for my thinking here. Consistency. Now the problem I’ve been having is my swing is basically the same every time (honestly) but the...
  5. Bamberdele21

    Keeping your head screwed on during a round

    I suppose this will come under the psychological aspect of the game. 3 months ago I would have been chuffed with a double bogey but it’s now got to the point where a double bogey will sink me into deflation mode and if I get a couple of bad ones I feel like walking off the course. I haven’t...
  6. Bamberdele21

    Winter golf

    Not done this yet. It’s slowly creeping up. Are there any months to completely avoid? Or is it a case of looking out the window and going with the flow. Am I likely to lose a lot interest during these cold months with short nights where my toes and hands are likely to get frozen. Or is it not...
  7. Bamberdele21

    Quick question

    I’ve made a few threads on here of recent, some of you may be familiar with. Just wondering what kind of age range the folk are on this forum? I can only imagine golf has changed rapidly over years and my club has a very mixed clientele. It caters for lot of younger folks due to the top tracer...
  8. Bamberdele21

    Golf etiquette (faster play)

    Not going to lie, I’m not the most patient person. I often have a round with my friend who is generally around 10 shots off me and our style of play are the complete opposite. Unlike him I rarely have practice swings and he will piss about for a good chunk whilst also changing his mind back...
  9. Bamberdele21

    Having a round without a beer after.

    The question is aimed at people that do drink. How do you manage this? Nothing more better than having a beer after a round. The trouble I’m finding is the lads I’m with like to get rounds in so it’s only respectable to return the favour. Then it leads to being slightly over the limit aswell as...
  10. Bamberdele21

    Golfing trips abroad

    We are looking to get away in January. All fairly new to the game and never done it abroad as a group. Please recommend us somewhere decent in Europe that has an airport very close by and prices that aren’t going to have us remortgage. We are all between the ages of 30-40. We enjoy our beers a...
  11. Bamberdele21

    Golf insurance (accidental damage) claims

    Anyone ever made one? Had a freak accident today where my grip and glove had moisture on them due to wet conditions. Up I step to drive 7th hole and my driver has slipped out my hands and wrapped around a tree causing it to pretty much self combust into two pieces. I could probably try it 100...
  12. Bamberdele21

    Another milestone hit. Went 18 holes without losing my ball.

    Just thought I’d share this on here just like I did with my ‘eagle thread’ etc just because the misses just doesn’t quite understand. So I’m 16 weeks in and finally managed to go a whole round with the same ball. Came off the course with an average score but I was extremely pleased with this...
  13. Bamberdele21

    Best app for recording your swing

    Looking for an app to help me please. My swing seems to come over the top which can create a slice / push fade type shot so would like to practice on an app to record my progression in trying to fix this. Need to drop my hands in and keep my elbow tucked in more I think. Anything similar to...
  14. Bamberdele21

    Just joined Whitefields at Draycote Hotel in Rugby, Warwickshire

    Long shot but is anyone on here a member?
  15. Bamberdele21

    13 weeks in - My first eagle. Had to share!

    So my first thread here was detailing the major progress I have achieved since taking up golf on March 29th this year which I’ve invested so much time and effort in a bid to get half decent. The only course we could get on this morning with such short notice was a short course in Warwickshire...
  16. Bamberdele21

    Gaining a handicap

    Sorry I’m sure this question has been asked loads of times but is it just 3 cards I need for a handicap signed by a member of the club? Or do I have to be a member of a club in order to gain a handicap? Cheers
  17. Bamberdele21

    First post

    Hi I couldn’t find a new members section of the forum so thought I’d post here. I took up golf properly in April this year after spending a part of lockdown contemplating my next move when it came to sports. I have played roughly 10 rounds - my first round I hit 125. 6 lessons later, dozens...