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  1. SatchFan

    What does this win do for Rory?

    No more important than any other win. He won earlier this year, had a bad Ryder Cup, missed a couple of cuts elsewhere, but hardly played that shabbily the rest of the time. Rickie Fowler's return to some sort of form is a more poignant story seeing as he was so far down the world rankings. Rory...
  2. SatchFan

    Things That Gladden The Heart

    A warm almond croissant from Caffe Nero.
  3. SatchFan

    Random irritations of the day......

    Sainsbury's bargain bucket bar codes which won't scan properly. At least I didn't hear any aircraft while I was there.
  4. SatchFan

    SPOTY 2021

    The probable winner definitely has IMO.
  5. SatchFan

    Cinema protocol?

    Seems to be down to personal choice at my local Odeon. I'd rather not wear a mask but if it helps reduce the stench of someone's rancid hot dog from a couple of rows away I might be tempted.
  6. SatchFan

    Panic buying fuel

    Got to my local Sainsbury's this morning at 06:50 and there were about six cars queueing for fuel. By the time I'd finished shopping at 07:30 there were over 30. Interesting to listen to the shopping queue conversation. The generic mentality seemed to be one of keep topping up just to be on the...
  7. SatchFan

    Panic buying fuel

    Holidays are coming.
  8. SatchFan

    Things That Gladden The Heart

    Bracing myself for a grocery trip to Sainsbury's and battle through the petrol queue only to find they had run out of fuel. Woo Hoo. Straight in.
  9. SatchFan

    Panic buying fuel

    Grant Shapps says the fuel supply issue is starting to stabilize. Perhaps we are just finally running out of idiots.
  10. SatchFan

    Panic buying fuel

    The man from Timpsons is definitely a key worker.
  11. SatchFan

    Is Rory done?

    This thread seems to pop up in various guises every time Rory has a lean spell. The bouncy young McIlroy with his mojo is long gone but a current world ranking of 15 is hardly shabby. Having desire is one thing but if your game just isn't there then you are kind of stuffed. He'll probably go and...
  12. SatchFan

    Ryder Cup Weekend... what you doing?

    Friday - playing golf Saturday - wife's birthday Sunday - hangover
  13. SatchFan

    Would you buy an electric car?

    I think James May had the right idea a few years ago.
  14. SatchFan

    Bit of fun - which one do you choose?

    Jordan's holiday for me. I doubt he would go anywhere shabby.
  15. SatchFan

    The Footie Thread

    I still can't believe that after all this time these overpaid morons are still removing their shirts after scoring.
  16. SatchFan

    New Kitchen Advice

    Currently having ours done by Howdens. We are being measured up next week and then my wife will pop down to check what she likes. The actual purchase will be made through our builder.
  17. SatchFan

    Random irritations of the day......

    It's a perfectly respectable occupation.
  18. SatchFan

    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    BDC out in 29 at the BMW. Impressive, but not many out there making bad scores.
  19. SatchFan

    Laughter - the best medicine

  20. SatchFan

    Sound vs Results

    Give me an extra 20 yards and I will put up with the sound of bagpipes.