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  1. 2blue

    Golf Day in Leeds - Sunday 15th Aug - 1st Prize is Tee for 2 @ JCB

    All the details are here -
  2. 2blue

    3 cards for first H/cap

    Mmmmmm.... interesting one here. Can those 3 cards be from another course? I see can see that we could enter the 'casual rounds' on The Platform but it obviously wouldn't work through V1 which is where we wish to create him as a Player at our Club
  3. 2blue

    1 male player needed to make-up our Am/Am Team @ at Sandwell GC 3.10 tee Sun 25th July - £30 entry

    There's a group of us heading down for this 4-man Team Event but we've had a late dropout. The option is to join us for that one game or you'd be welcome to stay over in a West Brom Travel Lodge on Sunday night, for a game with members at Handsworth on the Monday.... tee time is yet to be...
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    From the 19th July how are folk's Clubs planning to revert back to the 'normal' way of processing Comps & General-play scores?

    In the words of EngGolf- From the 19th July........... "Competitions and Scoring • Competition and scoring for handicap functions, including the registration process, handling and submitting of scorecards, and administration may revert to pre-pandemic operations." Prior to Covid & WHS ..... **...
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    Shot-gun Starts

    Have any Clubs found a way that they have been able to run these during the Covid restrictions ie. smaller numbers, on-line reg on the day, folk going straight to allocated tees.... etc?
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    Qualifiers with - All Bunkers GUR ?

    As the thread title + if it's a 'No'..... how do you prevent folk from registering 'General Play' rounds (Casual scores) through the EG App?
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    In order to ensure your handicap is based on your current form, the WHS requires players to always return their scores, whether in a competition or a from a general play round. There is no such thing as a "no return" as the system will calculate a score for any holes not completed. Under the...
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    What's the best way to sell a Private Plate

    Any ideas please.
  9. 2blue

    Holidaying outside the UK??

    I guess folk may change their minds BUT, currently who is thinking they'll have a trip abroad (holiday or golf) this year?
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    Courses with Tees that have different SI's.

    As WHS Appendix E appears to have changed the emphasis of SI Allocation to one that much more closely follows the hole's relative difficulty I'd be interested to learn...... 1. How many Clubs are reviewing their SI's (Had a brief mention of this on another thread) 2. Is anyone looking at having...
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    America's Cup

    This is F1, match racing, on water..... the yachts FLY on foils at 50+mph rather than sailing in the traditional sense. The Challenger series has just started today & goes on for the next 4 weeks. The winner then faces the holder... New Zealand. Englands greatest ever Olympic sailor (all be it...
  12. 2blue

    Is this an especially wet Winter where you play?

    In Leeds here it seems to be the wettest the course has ever been though shortened by some 200yds & all bunkers GUR, we are still able to play 18 holes on full greens & grass tees though some of the latter would give grounds for casual water relief. How is your course doing? Any special...
  13. 2blue

    Is it permissible to rate your own course for NQ Winter golf?

    Asking as it'll be a while before the assessors can get around to doing it for us. If so what reductions would apply to...... Course shortened by 200yds from 5,936yds All bunkers GUR Pick, clean & place in the general area A ball can be dropped without penalty, if agreed lost, in an 'abnormal...
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    Lets shine a light a-mid all the crap currently going on

    Kevin Sinfield's tribute to Rob Burrows.......
  15. 2blue

    Vendee Globe

    Hello Sailor!!...... is anybody following this unbelievable race? Two, less than famous for an Island Nation, Brits, man & woman, are involved but both have suffered damage to their yachts. Just 50 years since Knox-Johnson made the first non-stop...
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    Golf Card scanners

    Does anybody use them? Do they exist? I believe I recall I've heard of them in use in outback spots in Australia. Are they under development in the UK.
  17. 2blue

    How is Senior's Golf organised at your Club?

    Things such as.... Are they managed as a separate group within the Club - committee, Captain etc Do you have Comps/Trophies in separate age groups eg. 50 to 60, 60 to 70, 70+ Senior's Team?.... 50 or 55 years? as well as any other special arrangements.
  18. 2blue

    Software to process 'Casual formats'

    With problem the of handling cards it's quite difficult to get variety in Competitions especially the Fun Team-games. Of these HDIDo appear to only cover Texas Scramble. Can anyone suggest a technology facility for '4 man Team with 2 to score' 'Walzer' etc??
  19. 2blue

    H/Caps for uneven Texas Scramble Teams

    Have searched but can't find a previous we're having a 3-man Texas which I understand use 10% of H/caps but if there's a No-show & a team of 2 is left what H/cap should they use in order to join in equitably.
  20. 2blue

    Would touching the flag result in a penalty? In competitions, of course.

    Under the new 'Corvid Rules'