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  1. tugglesf239

    PXG - top class service

    Long story short I recently bought a set of Gen 3 irons. They feel superb and perform well however I think the shafts were to stiff for me. I’ve previously used X100’s, nippon modus X and a Few other extra stiff shafts, but have more recently been using C taper stiff in my old irons. The...
  2. tugglesf239

    Polarised golf glasses.

    Morning all. I should really have asked this back in spring 😂 however.. Any recommendations on good polarised sun glasses for on the course? I play a lot early evenings during the summer months and there is about 3-4 holes that are a bloody nightmare for low sun which can (and will)...
  3. tugglesf239


    See the pesky so and so's have allegedly fired warning shots and ordinance toward one of her majesty’s Sleek Grey Harbingers of death (HMS Defender). All kicking off in the Crimea. God I wish I was still in 😊
  4. tugglesf239

    Watch valuations - Rolex

    Afternoon all. After my dad passed in August last year I was given two Rolex datejust watches. Both are gorgeous looking devices without a doubt, however both have quite small faces and dont Look right on me. My mums suggested trading them in to by a style more suited to my my wrist. I’m in...
  5. tugglesf239

    Pet Insurance - doubled!!

    Morning Has anyone changed pet insurers for animals that have pre existing conditions? My Springer Buster is neary 10 (god me wee boy is getting old :cry:) has a had claims made for an allergy and also hip dysplacia. Hes premium jumped from 35 qud a month two years ago, to 55 quid last year...
  6. tugglesf239

    John Prine RIP

    Perhaps not the famous in the UK but for my money he’s an absolute ledge. Just found out he passed of the bastard covid 19 a few days back. Knocked me off my perch a little this one. One of the greatest song writers ever and he could make you laugh then rip out your heart a line later...
  7. tugglesf239


    Boring question Alert does anyone have any preference over what epoxy to use when putting new shafts in irons. also how many fluid ounces would I need for 7 irons thank you.
  8. tugglesf239

    Sellers remorse - what kit should you never ever have flogged

    Bored isolation nostalgia thread alert. Before the four horsemen decided to end the world, I was doing plenty of window shopping for new irons. Stumbled across a set of battered looking Adams XTD forged irons (which I used to own) and I realised. I should never have bloody sold them in the...
  9. tugglesf239

    Morning Any of you boys or girls used these before? Yank based golf shop. They do delivery to the uk. Prices are very competitive. Any thoughts good or bad? Ta
  10. tugglesf239

    Sub70 golf clubs

    These guys look like a US version of Orka. High quality, custom fit and very fairly priced. Anyone know much more about them? Clubs are gorgeous looking.
  11. tugglesf239

    Arcoss 360 sensor

    Conscious no one will read this post as as it takes 37 mouse scrolls to get to the bottom of the page, due to @Captainron ‘s flood marketing 😉 However. I’m in need of a new single sensor after losing a club last week. Anyone have a spare going cheap? Ta much
  12. tugglesf239

    Car Leasing - Terminate Audi HP contract

    Hi folks Currently 2 years into a 4 year hire purchase lease on an Audi S5. Due to some unexpected change in family circumstance (divorce.... :p) i am investigating to possibility to switching to another vehicle. This is not based on running costs, or hire purchase rates etc. Its just that an...
  13. tugglesf239

    Golf ball personalization

    Afternoon Quick question on this I am about to order some Srixon balls with free personalization (3 lines of text). Having never done this before i was wondering 1. how log do they normally take to arrive 2. can you put symbols on instead of words By the last question i mean could i do...
  14. tugglesf239

    Wedge bender..

    Quick question I currently have three RTX 3 Wedges. 50, 56 ad 60 My PW is a standard Srixon 765 pw and is 46 degree. Now whilst a 4 degree gap between PW and my 50 might not seem enough, in real terms that equates to a big old gap in distance. For example my yardages are roughly 7i - 165...
  15. tugglesf239

    Handicap query

    Evening Played in a bogey comp at ours yesterday. My current HC is 20.3 and yesterday I completed every hole to finish with an 85 (par 72). CSS was also 72 Now I’ve had a HC reduction. But it does not seem right. Can I ask you learned people what you believe I should be cut? Thanks
  16. tugglesf239

    Epic or Xr16 3 wood - WTD

    Evening In the market for either one of the above. Looking in the obvious places and thought I would ask in here too Stiff flex standard heads only please, so no SZ or pro variants. In good condition preferably please. Cheers
  17. tugglesf239

    GolfBuddy WT4 watch

    For sale. Looking for 50 quid delivered. It’s only seen the course half a dozen times as I much prefer my laser.
  18. tugglesf239

    Buying a single Srixon 4 iron

    Evening all I’m hunting a Srixon 765 4 iron, however sourcing one is proving difficult. Apart from the usual options like eBay, golf bidder etc Does anyone know anywhere that would stock one in the uk?
  19. tugglesf239

    Another one for Plumbers / Heating gurus

    To save hijacking Grieginfifes threat below.. My heating system has a Potterton combi boiler located on the top floor and has two thermostat zones for upper and lower floors. Last week i lowered the downstairs thermostat but later noticed the heating was still on. I hear the audible "click"...
  20. tugglesf239

    Mizuno MP18 SC irons

    Anyone own these? Been looking and like the look. Managed to hit the MMC version but was underwhelmed by the clicky feel. How close to a proper Mizuno MP iron are these in terms of feel / sound Ie MP-4 or older Mp’s