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  1. Hendy

    MD wedges

    Shafts were little weak imo I had two Norman drew versions many year ago now. Couldn't fault them to much for the price. Think they might have been about 40 quid each at the time lol
  2. Hendy

    Sim 2 Driver 10.5 degrees

    As above. Back giving me some issues and going to pack the golf in for a bit so selling up the driver It 10.5 degree and has a rip tide even flow 6.5 shaft. Pics can be found here (I hope) but free free to pm me with a email address and I can send over some more. Also the tool is included...
  3. Hendy

    End of Hermes

    This is true no one gives a f&&k. Low paid and over worked workers. None of which care. But that's the world we live in now. I was getting a delivery today from dpd (new sim2 driver hehe) and at like 11.30 the driver had another 65 calls before he came to me. Came around 4pm guy was telling me...
  4. Hendy

    End of Hermes

    You see this lol
  5. Hendy

    I bought today.....

    Ordered myself a SIM 2 driver
  6. Hendy

    World long drive champ gets a full bag fitting

    As above Really interesting vid on what for me is a next level club/bag fitting. Hope yous enjoy
  7. Hendy

    My journey to scratch!!

    Another guy going to scratch. Am not on these pages that much and not for that long but I think you might be 4th or 5th person doing this now..
  8. Hendy

    Bryson and Kyle Berkshire speed training

    I follow Kyle on YouTube. His 100k sub vid on Torrey pines is just out worth a watch like any of his vids tbh. His distances are just unbelievable to be honest.. Even in this session with Bryson the sweat is running off Bryson. Kyle steps up and just blows him out of the water with his first...
  9. Hendy

    I bought today.....

    I see been looking a top my self
  10. Hendy

    Salted Golf Smart Insole

    Waiting for them to come in the post now. I hope it will help me with weight transfer or at least show me if and when I transfer my weigh.
  11. Hendy

    I bought today.....

    It's like 149 everywhere Is it not or is it a sale I don't know about?
  12. Hendy

    Salted Golf Smart Insole

    Anyone have these just picked up a set.. Review.
  13. Hendy

    WHS poll....

    Little off topic but was speaking to a scratch golfer at the weekend was telling me about a comp he played last year against scratch golfers from American at ballyliffin golf club.. anyways said to me they might be 0 on this whs handicap but only be 5/6 men out here. And looking at the pole...
  14. Hendy

    WHS poll....

    Wtf LMAO
  15. Hendy

    WHS poll....

    Hi guys wanted to do a quick poll to see how much your handicaps have changed under the new whs Mine dropped 0.8
  16. Hendy

    Road legal golf buggy?

    Yeah what about one of those things you see on tv shows like benidorm lol
  17. Hendy

    Play for fun or to win

    Same as that not fussed on prizes. Of course nice to get something but happier to get the handicap cut.
  18. Hendy

    Anyone under 60 needn't look!

    Am 38 but had to have a wee look lol
  19. Hendy

    400 yards

  20. Hendy

    Used balls

    Was it a lake ball and was stamp saying 2008? I was thinking them lake balls were collected within weeks of going in.