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  1. Smasher

    Mickelson on rolling back… the driver

    You could but it feels like a lot of hassle for zero gain in the amateur game. You know its OK but who else does. New people joining a club met with 'you know you can't use that driver in comps'. It just feels like it's putting unnecessary barriers up and it's not as simple as just cut it down...
  2. Smasher

    Mickelson on rolling back… the driver

    Absolute joke if they apply this to the amateur game. Like the COR reduction from 0.86 to 0.83. A lot of the current expensive drivers could soon be illegal. Yeah they'll get a few years but then they don't make it onto the used market meaning it's more expensive to take up. All for the sake of...
  3. Smasher

    Titleist Thursdays

    I love both of them but not put together, at least not with the fitter I had.
  4. Smasher

    The Masters 2021

    Just as it gets exciting.........and its gone
  5. Smasher

    And The Point Of A Range Is?.................

    To lure you into a false sense of security. Sounds like it did exactly what it's supposed to do.
  6. Smasher

    Golf ball colour... Help !!

    I see yellow and matte yellow the best, then white, then a long way back (lost them in flight and tough to see on the ground) the white/red truvis.
  7. Smasher

    EvnRoll putters

    Do pros need the help it offers? If you're hitting it out of the sweetspot everytime I wouldn't have thought so. Having said that I love mine :ROFLMAO:
  8. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    What happened to 'soft is slow' from mgs?
  9. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    Came today and they're all brand new and never been hit. The box had tape on the bottom to hold the 2 halves together but it had never been removed, no marks at all and you could tell the 4x 3 ball boxes had never been opened. I think the fella in the review got unlucky with a return.
  10. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    I saw those reviews but they're sold and supplied by Amazon so should be no hassle with a free return if there's an issue. Mine should arrive today so I'll let you know.
  11. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    I'm sure you will be. I didn't mean to sound like I was being a smart arse, I wanted to see where you needed the help. You can buy very good balls relitively cheaply like those I posted. Option C ball for option B money. If you like those you can get yellows for £90 for 48 if you prefer yellow...
  12. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    Why isn't it relevant to the thread? At least I read the post unlike some people. It's completely relevant, buy what will help you most where you need it. As it's duffs costing shots I'd advise a decent tour ball, Z-stars are £20 at the moment. They won't help with duffs but will help other...
  13. Smasher

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    If you're losing <1 ball a round why are you scoring >100? Where are the extra shots going? Whatever you need help with get a ball for that.
  14. Smasher


    I love my Titleist 818 H1
  15. Smasher

    How should the winner be decided if scores are tied?

    I wasn't a fan of count back, definitely nothing to do we me losing the only time I was tied. However, that logic makes sense so it's changed my feelings towards it now.
  16. Smasher

    American golf NHS discount

    50% off full price in Warrington yesterday. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Dannyj (y)
  17. Smasher

    Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid

    I got the 2 weights when i bought new from bargain golf equipment.
  18. Smasher

    Stock piling , panic buying.

    It's started already, Sainsburys and my local Aldi are limiting the number of items per person to stop people buying loads of one item. Aparantly there was loads stacked up by the tills as items had to be left behind. So if its not on the shelf check by the till.
  19. Smasher

    Deep Freezers - advice

    Apologies, I never even looked to see if it was available as I only got it a couple of months ago. Looks like everyone has stocked up on cheap freezers.
  20. Smasher

    Deep Freezers - advice I've got this in the garage and happy with it.