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  1. 3offTheTee

    How efficient are your Council/Committee/Group running your Club?

    First of all being on the above is a thankless task with around 600 head greenkeepers/Handicap secretaries/ bar stewards/ Finance Directors chipping in constantly. At out Club it consists of both Captains and Vice plus around 4 volunteers and a well paid Secretary /Manager. There are monthly...
  2. 3offTheTee

    Monthly Mobile data allowance

    I am not the sharpest tool in the box with mobile phones but have a Samsung S10 with a fixed monthly PAYG contract with 3 which expires in 18 months time, cost £9 per month which includes 4 GB which I have never used until this month. No intention of changing.It starts on 1st each month and...
  3. 3offTheTee

    Club to introduce Winter wheel covers for Golf Trolleys

    Our Club in order to protect the course during som elf the Winter months are to introduce winter wheel covers for golf trolleys. How good are they and how much do they protect the course?
  4. 3offTheTee

    Deleting emails

    Trying to delete emails form conversations. I have selected 5 and then gone to filter. Please explain what I do next to delet. Thanks
  5. 3offTheTee

    What’s App deleted in error - Help please!

    Not the sharpest tool in the box with this but I thought I had 3 Whats App apps so decided to delete 1 and lost the lot! Restored some of it but chats are only from 1/1/21 and the Groups are not there. these are golf related and I am the administrator on one with 20 members. My phone is a...
  6. 3offTheTee

    Texas Scramble allowances

    Have a comp. next week and The Course Handicaps are 19 x10%, 8x15%, 6x20% and 3x25% =1.9, 1.2, 1.2 and 0.75. Are the playing handicaps 2, 1,1 and 1 OR 1.9 +1.2 +1.2 +0.75 = 5.05 Bad example. However if the total of the 4 scores had come to 4.4 what would hve been the playing handicp(allowance...
  7. 3offTheTee

    Is WHS Index fair when playing at an “Away Club”in singles Open Events?

    Perhaps I am wrong but prior to WHS there could be 2 CSS for Home and Away players in singles Open Events I play many Opens at other courses and hve been checking my best 8 from 20 scores. 11 of my last 20 Counting scores have been away from my home course. Some difficult courses including...
  8. 3offTheTee

    No shows for Club Weekly Golf Competitions including Board Comps.

    We normally have around 150 playing on a Saturday in The Weekly Medal/Stableford Competition. Members have until 5p.m. on a Friday to delete. This week because of inclement weather forecast it was down to 105. Yesterday only 86 played, around 82% who said they would. Prior to COVID if you did...
  9. 3offTheTee

    Disqualification if player did not return?

    Singles Medal. Player hits ball and thinks it may be lost. plays a provisional. Finds “1st ball” and plays the ball. It is not his 1st but his 2nd but declares it was his 1st. He then realises it was his 2nd ball but does not go back and carries on playing 4. I thought he had played a wrong...
  10. 3offTheTee

    What is your first Holiday memory?

    For I it was setting off on a 300+ journey in a Ford Prefect REG MCB 84, how much would that be worth today, to Cornwall before motorways going down the A49. My mum and dad lighting a cig, what an awful smell in a a car and feeling sick in the back.Setting off @3 a.m. going under The Clifton...
  11. 3offTheTee

    Players decide to play 9 hole Comp rather than 18 hole during the round.

    We have a weekly Qualifying Comp. 18 and 9 holes Stableford. One group were due to play 18 holes yesterday and were on the 11th hole when thunder started. They left the Course and submitted cards for the 9 hole Comp. Irrelevant to me as I was not playing in The Comp. and they could not have...
  12. 3offTheTee

    Declining a Wedding Invitation

    Had an invite to a wedding a very good friends son. We have not seen him for over 8 years’ and we declined the christening of his only child 5 years‘ago. We do not want to go for the following reasons: 1. It is a round trip of 6 hours and not averse to an overnight stay, see below. 2 . It is on...
  13. 3offTheTee

    putting Woes -Help please Bob!

    Never really had a major problem and it does not happen on when I am on the putting green practicing! I am not taking my putter back far enough on putts around 12/15 foot. This results in a very limp rushed action which goes around 2 foot to the right of the hole or a pull around 8inch or the...
  14. 3offTheTee

    Travel Abroad

    There must be some very worried families at present. I know it has been bought up before but would you travel at present given the choices which are few with the situation with Portugal toda. We need to change a flight booked with EasyJet and we’re looking for Early September for Spain. However...
  15. 3offTheTee

    Disqualification from a Stableford Comp.

    26 players were disqualified yesterday around 16% of field. No idea why. However quite a few scores are not submitted on the day because of inability to enter score, machine not working. The cards are usually place in a box but as the last players going out are around 4.30 p.m the person...
  16. 3offTheTee

    Powakaddy Trolley CT6 GPS v FX7 GPS

    Will probably get a refund on existing Powakaddy as there is a problem and going to upgrade. one is smaller and lighter with 2.8 inch screen as opposed to 3.5. one includes a UDB port, no idea what that means. Expensive I know but any experience and help would be appreciated
  17. 3offTheTee

    Murcar v Montrose Courses

    Have the opportunity to play one of these courses in an Individual Comp. My HI is 18.4 and early 70’s only hitting 170/180 yards from the tee but quite straight. Any thoughts on which will be preferable bearing in mind it is not a Seniors so probably off the white tees. Thanks for any help
  18. 3offTheTee

    Preferred lies in Operation on General area cut to fairway height

    We have the above in operation at present. If a player marks and drops correctly NOT cut to fairway heigh, old money the rough, I expect he will not be penalised 3 strokes for picking up when he shouldn’t and a general penalty for playing from the wrong place but only 2 strokes. Would somebody...
  19. 3offTheTee

    BRS Overbooking threats!

    We are allowed 3 bookings in a 7 day period which was not enforced before. Now if a member has booked more they receive an advice deleting one booking and advising if it happens again they will have a 7 day BRS ban! The member may not have booked the time NOR be on the internet on a daily basis...
  20. 3offTheTee

    Financial Ombudsman-Wow!

    Anybody had any dealings with them? Found them totally incompetent and if they were in Industry doubt they would survive. Raised a query/ dispute in June 2020. They are unable to give me a starting date nor how many are before me. 88% of people have given them the lowest rating on Trust Pilot...