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    Callaway Truvis
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    Increasing a Handicap Index

    Sorry to jump on this thread, Ive just become Handicap Sec again after 5 years off. I have just recorded a general play 9 hole round for one of our members. His HI was 20.0 he carded 5,6,7,5,3,10,5,5,7 and has been cut to 16.9. I can not get my head around it.
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    North Yorkshire Golf

    As rulefan says Fulford and Strensall are both great courses. Very near Fulford you have Pike Hills bang on the A64, often overlooked and very under rated.
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    Is there anyone inspired by Moe Norman swing?

    Ive been fascinated by Moe since I started playing golf. To any golf lover who wants a great Christmas present I would recommend the book -The feeling of greatness the Moe Norman story. Its also in the process of being made into a film. There is a demo real for the film here
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    New 14 way carry bag recommendations

    I have the 2019 model and have played in really heavy rain, evrything in the bag was bone dry.
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    Local knowledge/course recommendations East Yorkshire Bridlington

    I am from Bridlington and a member at the links, the best courses (exlcuding Ganton) near are Hornsea ( the best), and the 2 Scarborough courses, I prefer North Cliff. As rulefan said Driffield is a nice course. Flamborough I like the back 9 but hate the front. If you were to go slightly...
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    New 14 way carry bag recommendations

    I have the latest Callaway Hyperdry Fusion can't recommend it enough. Super light for the size, completely dry after playing in a monsoon. 14 way divider and fits well on a pushcart. The one feature i love is it has a clip in the valuables pocket which I attach my car keys. ( I have always been...
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    Hitting two balls at the same time.

    Today in a four ball matchplay, one of our opponents was in the deep rough. He found his ball and it was identified by myself. However, when left as it lied it could not be seen through the grass. My FC played a stroke and two balls came out at the same time. One went forward and remained in...