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    Elevated tees

    I was thinking back on yesterdays round where I started pulling my usual straight drives and I realised that it particularly happened on holes with elevated tees. Is there any reason that that could be the cause? or is it just that being high up exaggerates the poor shot?
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    General Play reductions

    I have had a strange season, I have own the 3 big prize events of the ladies competitions and on sunday my partner and I won our closing mixed, despite this my handicap has gone up. The singles comps I won were with scores greater than SSS but there have been a lot of comments about why I am not...
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    Lift clean and replace Model Local rule E2

    Model local rule E2 allows for the ball to be lifted cleaned and replaced and can be used in the general area if required. What I want to know is can this be used outside the preferred lies period as stipulated by the Area Authority. I am sure one of our rules experts here can enlighten me...
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    Returning to the tee

    What is the current advise/regulation regarding going back to take stroke and distance. I know when it was only playing in pairs you couldn't return to the tee but now things have eased what is the position. We are playing a stroke play competition on Sunday so need to know the latest...
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    Supplementary scores

    We have started playing non qualifying competitions this week, one of our ladies is an improving golfer and wants to know if she can put in the cards from non qualifiers as supplementaries, my feeling is no you cant but thought I would ask the experts here if I was correct or not.
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    Lady Captain

    I have been asked to be Lady Captain for 2021, probably no one else wanted to do it but pleased regardless. (Can you still get free rounds everywhere?)
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    I feel a bit daft asking this

    Earlier this week, I told someone it was still a penalty if you were putting on the green and your ball hit another, they said no its not under the new rules. I tried to find it in the rules book but couldn't but I don't remember that being something that had changed. So who was correct?
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    Trouble at t'mill

    So our club have got through to the last 16 of a big Manchester and district knockout, 7 mixed pairs per team one of which is Captain and Lady Captain. I was asked to provide the name of the other ladies playing, apart from Lady C, we always pick the 6 lowest handicaps available. So this is what...
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    Golf as portrayed on screen

    Just watching an old midsomer murders on TV and it is set at a golf course, what a set of pompous, privileged members there are, it doesn't do club memberships any favours, the course it is filmed on doesn't look in great condition, especially the bunkers, seems it is Chiddingfold GC which is a...
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    First ever ace!!

    I had my first hole in one today on the 7th at Pike Fold Golf course playing in a north west Manchester greensomes competition, a nicely hit shot too but still lucky that it finished in the hole,
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    Handicaps for returning golfers

    I have 2 potential returning golfers, the first is a member who has let her handicap lapse due to injury and hasn't played in a qualifier for nearly 3 years. I know she has to put in 3 cards but I was wondering if her new handicap will be based on those 3 cards so if she cannot play to her old...
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    Red Penalty areas

    One of the local rule options for Red Penalty Areas is to just have red stakes on one side of area on olny so it extends to infinity on the other side , and this scenario perfectly fits our 9th. However it is possible to go into this area by over shooting the green on the 8th hole. So my...
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    Ball plug mark query

    In yesterday's comp I hit a shot into a green, it landed just short and made a plug hole with a big lip, my ball wasn't plugged but was right on the back edge, so the lip was about an inch in front of the ball and right in line of play. I decided that I was not allowed to do anything as I...
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    Courses run by Mack Golf all closed today

    Mackgolf, who run several council owned courses in the north west, have ceased trading so all the courses they run are closed. Affected courses are Bowring Park Golf Course, Huyton Ellesmere Port Golf Course, Ellesmere Port Heaton Park Golf Centre, Bury Knights Grange Golf Course, Winsford...
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    Oxford golf Club

    A friend is trying to persuade me to drive down to pay an open there, what's it like? Is it worth a long drive?
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    competition abandoned, was I right?

    Today we had a medal, one of the players in the first group out, had a bad fall right in front of the 17th green, she couldn't move so an ambulance was called for, and she was told not to be moved until it arrived. This meant we couldn't really play the 17th. As it was also raining very hard...
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    What a turn around

    I dare say that I could have posted this in the I played today thread, but I am buzzing and thought it deserved new thread. Today was our Lady Captain's Day, I didn't start very well, a couple of early double bogeys, I couldn't get a fairway wood into the air and after 4 putting the 8th I...
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    Old Course ballot 2019

    I don't know if anyone here is planning on entering the ballot to pay the Old Course next year but I just received a message saying applications are being accepted from tomorrow until 5th of September
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    How are the current conditions affecting your game?

    I am sure everyone is getting far more distance with the dry conditions, I hit a close to 300 yard drive today, but aside from distance are you finding any other strange results. For example I was on a uphill par 5 green in 3 today and had a slightly downhill birdie putt, I thought I had just...
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    Cracks in the ground

    Due to the dry conditions we have some shocking cracks opening up one in particular was as deep as a ball. I was at another local club and noticed a notice stating free relief if your ball is on a crack, is this allowed, it is abnormal ground condition but not one listed in the rules. It would...