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  1. PhilTheFragger

    Course recommendations for Big Birthday

    My carer is looking to get me a game for my 60th birthday which is in December, probably a voucher for use later in the year I’m bashing my brains out trying to think of a course that i’d like to play, but haven’t yet In thinking top course, England possibly into wales poss Celtic Manor...
  2. PhilTheFragger

    Washer /Dryer recommendations

    Not within to hijack the other thread (cos I don’t fancy BIM sitting on me) Bought a house to rent out and currently refurbing the kitchen Need a standard size washer dryer, that is very reliable yet doesn’t cost the earth. Over to the guys n gals of The Forum
  3. PhilTheFragger

    One for the Slapheads / follicly challenged

    As a 59 year old who has been an experienced slaphead since his early 20's, i am wondering what products you guys use to keep your bonce shiney and in good condition. I have been using an Argan Oil based spray for the past few years, but this is running out and I need to find a replacement...
  4. PhilTheFragger

    Gerry Marsden RIP

    Sad to hear. The voice of Merseyside, Very few people have been so closely associated with a region as him.
  5. PhilTheFragger

    Mobile Phone Coverage South East / Central England

    Currently with EE and their coverage in my area (Bucks) is pretty good I'm eligable for an upgrade,But the phone screen is damaged, , and its starting to get a bit pricey on Iphone deals on EE So you peeps in the south east/ central England, what providers do you use and what is their coverage...
  6. PhilTheFragger

    Autocorrect bloomers

    Just messaging my daughter about arranging to pick up a Dishwasher that @Imurg has in his garage. Some how Uncle Ian came out as Unclean Freudian or what What else have you got ?
  7. PhilTheFragger

    New Hand Held GPS, Recommendations

    I currently have a Garmin Approach G6, which is getting on a bit and now has a chipped screen. I was very disappointed with it in Scotland as although it was fine for Greens measurements, it simply didn’t show hardly any of the bunkers, despite having up to date maps. So time for a new one...
  8. PhilTheFragger

    Spam Threads

    The occasional spam thread sometimes makes it through our filters and gets published. If you see one, please do not reply to it as it can mess up the clean up procedure. Please just report it and your friendly neighbourhood Mod team shall sort it out Cheers
  9. PhilTheFragger


    The new Mrs Fragger and myself are making a whistle stop in Liverpool tomorrow morning after a couple of days around Chester. So who can suggest a 3-4 hour tour itinerary ? Including a lunch stop Over to you guys 👍
  10. PhilTheFragger

    And The Point Of A Range Is?.................

    I have always had a slice off the tee, its just how it is, Back operations, natural ineptitude play their part I have had lessons, specifically to counter the OTT swing, but nothing seems to work Did some research about offset clubs and raided Fleabay for a Cobra F-Max 11.5 reg Offset driver...
  11. PhilTheFragger

    Any Forum Members near Stoke ?

    Is there anyone near Stoke who is willing to let us have a parking space for a few days at the end Sept/ Beginning Oct Going up to the Islay meet with Radbourne and meeting at Stoke, but we don’t need 2 cars Thanks in advance 👍
  12. PhilTheFragger

    Just to say.....

    That somehow I have managed to retain the same ball for 3 complete rounds on the trot. This is most unusual for me, I realise that posting this is the kiss of death and it will probably end up in the trees on the right off the first tee on Tuesday. For those of you that don’t lose many balls...
  13. PhilTheFragger

    Jack Charlton, another legend gone

    RIP big man
  14. PhilTheFragger

    The Wychwood, Chipping Norton: anyone played it

    Got an away day there on Thursday next week Anyone a member or played it recently? Any tips Cheers
  15. PhilTheFragger

    My Clubs........ suggestions that dont involve chucking them in the lake

    Here is a list of my clubs and the distances that I expect to reach with each club Driver Callaway Rogue Reg Shaft 225 3 Wood Callaway Big Bertha (with Epic driver shaft) 210 7 Wood. Callaway Big Bertha...
  16. PhilTheFragger

    Couple of pics from the 10th Tee at Ellesborough

    Nice vista of the Bucks countryside
  17. PhilTheFragger

    Sir Stirling Moss RIP

    Sad to see, but what a life
  18. PhilTheFragger

    Any idea what this bracket is called

    This bracket was holding up a UPVC board I need some more Any idea what it is called? Tried various UPVC / Trellis bracket, but nothing comes close Help. 👍😎
  19. PhilTheFragger

    Employment experts....Enforced holiday at Xmas.

    Having been self employed for 20 years, for the last 8 months I have been employed Monday - Friday , 9-5 . I am still in my probation period until 24/12. Paid monthly salaried , 23 days holiday PA Email today saying that the office will be open 27/12 30/12 31/12 but I am not required on those...
  20. PhilTheFragger

    Do you know what a jubilee clip is?

    From the random irritations thread. Don’t look it up, honest answers Privacy settings to protect the ignorant, but Homer and GG26 don’t get that protection as they have already posted 🙄