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  1. Sekiro

    Shot Vision App

    Has anyone else tried the Shot Vision App? A friend recommended it to me over the weekend and I gave it a bit of a test this morning when at the range and it seems to be a nice little app. The basic app is free and then if you want the more in depth set of data it’s £6 per month or £40 per year...
  2. Sekiro

    Is a £169 Package Set Worth it?

    My Dad likes to get out for a round with me on the last Sunday of every month, he hasn’t been playing for that long so just uses my clubs, his birthday is just around the corner and I was tempted to grab him one of the Sports Direct package sets... now I know most people are against package sets...
  3. Sekiro

    Show Your Swing:- A Swing Advice and Critique Thread.

    A few weeks back I posted a thread around the changes I’d made to my grip, it felt horrible for my next few rounds and practice sessions but over time it’s started to become a lot more comfortable and I feel confident now when using it (some of the advice I received here was great). At the time...
  4. Sekiro

    Equipment Resale - Buying into the hype?

    I don’t know if many of the people on here are also part of the Facebook ”Buy, Sell & Swap” golf pages but one thing I’ve noticed over the last few months is the huge volume of this years equipment already up for sale, some are even listed with info such as “only tried twice at driving range” or...
  5. Sekiro

    Club Membership - Co.Durham // Teesside area

    Now that I’ve reached a point where I’m confident going out on to the course (not hacking up things too bad and know a little more around general etiquette), I thought it would be worth looking into Club Memberships that are available in my area and see if anyone on here could recommend...
  6. Sekiro

    How much golf, is too much golf?

    I’m fairly new to the sport (only started in the last two/three months), at the moment my weekly routine is:- Monday - Chipping practice at local park (empty field where I setup my own flag). Tuesday - Driving range / Putting practice with my Dad. Wednesday - Mid-week 9 holes. Thursday - Day...
  7. Sekiro

    Changing Grip - Really struggling with it

    I had a lesson last week and the pro has tweaked my grip, my hand position has been moved ever so slightly so that my left hand now sits more on top of the grip than down the side of it. I’ve been to the range a few times and even played on Thursday but I’m really struggling with the change of...
  8. Sekiro

    Golf Apps - What’s Everyone Using?

    I’m looking for a good user friendly golf app that is available on iOS devices (ideally iPhone and Apple Watch but iPad would be a bonus), I don’t mind putting a few £‘s down each month/annually but I’ve reached a point where I’d ideally like to start tracking my play so I can identify areas for...
  9. Sekiro

    Prices Gone Mad??

    I was at the range tonight with a few of the lads and we got to talking about how crazy the prices of everything have gone on the current secondhand market, my friend bought a Ping driver 2 years ago and sold it for £20 profit over the weekend, has anyone else noticed that when you look at...
  10. Sekiro

    Garmin Golf equivalents for iPhone/Apple Watch?

    When at the pub this afternoon a friend showed me his Garmin Watch (Approach S60/Vivoactive 4 - can’t recall which it was) and how it seamlessly syncs everything across with his phone app. The watch plus app combo seemed great and it looked to cover everything you could want to keep record of to...
  11. Sekiro

    Club Advice - What Next?

    I recently took up golf and I’ve been building my bag over the last few weeks/months, so far I’ve got a set of irons, some woods and a putter (details below), I’m now looking to get the next instalment to continue my golf journey and feel that I’d probably benefit from a set of wedges. I don’t...
  12. Sekiro

    Golf Pride Plus4 Align Grips?

    I recently had a mishap with a club and put it in with a local pro to reshaft, when in the shop I found myself having a look at the different shaft/grip options which were available and noticed the Golf Pride Plus4 Align grips, The idea seems great and I’d imagine they are a good learning tool...
  13. Sekiro

    £100 Credit - How would you spend it?

    I’ve recently been given a £100 credit note to use at, the only problem is there’s not really anything I need right now so I’ve got nothing to spend it on... a good dilemma to be in I know, but if you had a £100 credit to spend what would you buy and why?
  14. Sekiro


    I’m fairly new to the Golf Monthly forums but since this afternoon I’m now getting pop-ups every time I do anything on the website... click to read a thread, pop-up, click to reply to a thread, pop-up, click to start a new thread, pop-up, even when clicking to enter a new thread title.... you...
  15. Sekiro

    New Shaft or New Club?

    To cut a long story short this happened the other day... So, would it be better to take it to American Golf for reshafting? Or do I just buy a replacement iron from eBay for around £40-50?
  16. Sekiro

    Spikeless Golf Shoes - Help/Advice

    Hey, After the last few days of less than ideal weather it’s become apparent that normal sneakers aren’t going to cut it and I’m going to need some golf specific shoes. I’ve had a little browse online and I feel the versatility of Spikeless makes them the best choice but don’t really know where...
  17. Sekiro

    Decathlon Golf Clothing?

    Hey, I’m looking to pick up some affordable golf clothing as a beginner and stumbled across the Inesis line of products at Decathlon (ended up there looking at the cheap golf balls). They seem to offer everything I should need but unfortunately I don’t live near a Decathlon store so can’t...
  18. Sekiro

    Beginner Lessons - Co.Durham // Teesside Area?

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone would be able to recommend a Pro in the County Durham // Teesside area that would give good coaching for a beginner golfer wanting to learn the basics? Thanks,
  19. Sekiro

    One Length Irons for Beginners?

    A friend has asked if I’ve considered a set of one length irons as a good starting point for a golf beginner, to be honest I had no idea what they were and had to google it. The idea in concept sounds good as it’s learning one swing across all irons which ”should” make life easier and more...
  20. Sekiro

    Taking up Golf - Help and Advice

    Hey, I‘ve recently been bitten by the golfing bug after a couple of hours at the range, before the weekend I had never swung a club in my life but after spending an hour-or-so at the range with a friend on Sunday I feel hooked. I’ll not lie, my shots were terrible but I really enjoyed it and my...