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  1. bluewolf

    Unpopular golfing opinions

    As the title implies. What unpopular golfing opinions do you have? I have a few I suppose, but I’ll start with - Royal Liverpool is one of the better Open rota courses.....
  2. bluewolf

    Arccos Caddie - Almost new

    Impulse purchase During the Lockdown. Only used it 6 times and I’m just not a fan. Other people love the sheer volume of data it gives you, and I can’t deny that it is an impressive piece of kit. However, I just find it a bit of a distraction when I’m on the course. Delivered for £140.
  3. bluewolf

    So what are you going to do instead?

    So, whilst we're on "partial" lockdown, and the Golf Courses are shut. What are you going to do instead of golf? Me, as long as some deliveries are allowed, I'm going to set up my home brewing equipment and brew up some ales.. Been a few years, but some nice hoppy IPA's fermenting away in the...
  4. bluewolf

    Golf Irons UK - Club refurbishing

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Business above to refurbish older sets of irons? I use a 6 year old set of Titleist CB's (that I love) and they are definitely showing the signs of age expected from forged heads. I don't want to get a new set as I'm happy with the performance of mine...
  5. bluewolf

    TM P790 5-PW Project X 6.0 Shafts..

    Looking to move on my P790's. As per the thread title.. In great condition as I only used them for a couple of months..Standard length and 2 degrees upright (can be easily bent back).. Looking for £550 as they're pretty much like new.. Pics below...
  6. bluewolf

    Gave my irons a facelift...

    Played 18 this afternoon and iron play was doglike at best. So I decided to give them a bit of a pamper. The best thing is, I used Porsche touch up paint, so that should add 10 yards to every shot 😍
  7. bluewolf

    What after shave?

    Ok, totally off any sort of topic, and utterly irrelevant, but it is winter. So.... What after shave do you wear? I have 2. Boss Irsnge for day to day Issey Miyake (classic) for going out. I've worn it for over 20 years and I'll never use anything else. So, what've you got?
  8. bluewolf

    Just how do you 9-5'ers do it?

    I've recently been promoted and for the first time in my working life I'm not working shifts. 5 days a week, finishing at 5, 45 minute drive home. Just where do you fit in the golf? I know I could play on Saturday/Sunday, but my golf has always fitted in perfectly around my family life (of...
  9. bluewolf

    For sale - Titleist 917D2 - Stiif & Never Compromise Putter

    Got a couple of items for sale.. One is my old putter, the other I got through the American Golf double trade in deal.. Firstly - A Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 20 putter. This really is a lovely feeling putter, but I just don't get along with the style and no amount of practice will make me...
  10. bluewolf

    Purple Aki - BBC 3

    For all you from the North West. A documentary of the regions almost mythical boogeyman is on BBC 3 (I-Player) now. My run in with the legend himself was in the late 80's, when leaving Central Park (then home to Wigan...
  11. bluewolf

    Wanted - kids clubs 12 - 14 years

    So, the boy has now officially joined my Golf Club. He already has a starter set, but it's already a touch small. We are now looking for a half set of branded clubs, suitable for a growing 12 year old. Let me know what you have knocking around. Pictures would be great as well. Cheers.
  12. bluewolf

    Nippon Modus 120 shafts

    Anyone currently using these shafts? Any opinions/thoughts/recommendations? Thanks in advance
  13. bluewolf

    Looking to change career - Class 2 driver

    Looking for some advice from the masses... I was made redundant last Summer and received a decent redundancy (that paid off all debts and some left over). I immediately got a new job in a similar industry, but I'm now thinking that this was a mistake as I'm really not enjoying either the work...
  14. bluewolf

    Mizuno MP H5 Irons 4-PW - Regular KBS C Taper lite shafts

    Just thought I'd try quick punt on here before going on eBay tonight.. I've got the above irons for sale.. Mizuno MP H5 Irons - 4-PW with Regular KBS C Taper Lite shafts. These are standard length and lie and come fitted with Mizuno branded M31 grips. I bought these from Clarke's Golf (nr...
  15. bluewolf

    Guitar players?

    For our resident guitar experts.. It's been the best part of 20 years since I last played, but I've decided to bust the old acoustic out of the attic and have another go at it.. The style I'm looking at will be mainly Folk / Americana / Hillbilly... What are your suggestions for...
  16. bluewolf

    Cobra stand bag, Cleveland wedges, Adams 3+ Wood...

    The time has come to streamline my spares bag.. The kids have finally reclaimed the understairs storage area, so this stuff has to go ;).. Cobra stand bag.. Bought earlier this year and used 3/4 times before going back to my old Mizuno bag (which is now custom moulded to my shoulders).. Some...
  17. bluewolf

    Well done Huds...

    Just seen the results from the Reddish Vale Open we played last Sunday.. Craigy boy has only gone and taken second, and playing from a handicap 3 lower than he actually plays from.. Solid golf and even left a few shots out there.. :thup: Oh, and it looks like he's gonna be cut to 18 now, so...
  18. bluewolf

    Free round at Duxbury on Monday 24th @ 17:28

    Ok peeps, Just thought I'd try and help someone out. Myself and my owd mucker Scouser were booked on to Duxbury GC (Nr Chorley) on the above date. Neither of us can make it now, but the round is booked and paid for. It's not a massive saving (£18 for the 2 ball), but it's free to anyone who...
  19. bluewolf

    Happy Birthday Birchy

    Now I might be wrong here, but I believe it's our very own Silver Tongued Cavalier's Birthday today.. Have you hit the big 30 yet? Have your yearly subs reached grown up yet? :D
  20. bluewolf

    RIP BB King

    So today we have had to say goodbye to one of the greatest musicians the World has known. A genuine humble guy who played the guitar like he was born with it attached.. He got me into the Blues when all my friends were heading for Clubland.. A decision I'll never regret... RIP Mr King.. You'll...