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    Putting (closed stance)

    After my last round consisted of 43 putts I’ve been having a play around with my grip and stance. One that seems to be working (indoors on a PuttOut) is a claw grip, with a slightly closed stance. Just a general question really, but why is it that a closed stance in putting is generally a no...
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    Open qualifying Good on him, and good luck. But who else will you be looking out for? 2 lads at least from our club Will be trying I’m assuming, so will look out for them. Then Peter finch, Andy carter will keep an eye out for.
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    F1 2019

    So the first two practise sessions of the new season are complete, and it’s looking good for a 3 way race between vettel, Hamilton and verstappen. Not looking good for Williams they are miles off the pace and could potentially need to write this wkend off as the cars can’t run over the...
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    Poker vs Online poker

    Just been planning and booking a trip to Las Vegas for my FiL 60th next year. I’ve been a few times now, but it wasn’t until my last visit that I was really interested in playing poker. Had a few games but inevitably lost it all and come away empty handed. Once I got back i then got...
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    Random ball

    Hit a ball into some pretty deep rough, which was on the edge of a bank going away from me. Found my ball, identified it without having to move or lift, then proceeded to hack it out. It came out about 20ft, but another ball popped out as well and went the same distance, I clearly felt my...
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    Certainty and the nearest point of relief

    2 questions. First - how certain do you have to be that an event has occurred? Our course has electrical wires over three holes, if you hit these wires then you MUST replay your shot and discard the first ball, my understanding is you can apply this even if your ball hits the wires whilst...
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    Match play

    In singles match play, if it goes to extra holes, does an individual still get shots allocated on the relevant holes as per the original 18?
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    Steep downswing does anybody have any good drills for shallowing the downswing, I don't think I need to do it too much, but it does look like I'm coming over the top of my backswing, and I'm losing a lot to the right or a straight pull. Or would a change to posture (more...
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    Club selection

    Played today at an away course with 2 people from a different club who I didn't know. Teeing off on the 15th, I had the honour, there was a ditch about 210/220 away, I took driver into a decent head wind and just cleared it on the 2nd bounce. A FC then put his driver BACK in the bag, and...
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    New Car

    Looking for some advice and guidance please guys. Bought a new car last Tuesday, its a Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2011 plate and I am having a few issues with the dealer. They are independent from Seat however they seemed quite legit and look like they have been around a good few years. The first...
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    Not sure if these will show up to people on here, but basically one is my scorecard from the weekend and the other is a FC. Im assuming that this is some kind of mistake from the club, or a huge huge coincidence. If you are unable to access these, basically they are identical scores per hole...
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    sprinkler head

    Can anyone point me in the direction of rule for ball coming to rest in sprinkler head by green? I know its free relief no nearer hole etc, but is it drop/place and at whst distance. Thanks in advance.
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    Nice heart warming story from San Fran. A few negative comments in the HYS section but good to see some positive stories for a change.
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    hitting ground first

    Some advice please: I seem to be striking the ground first on all full shots, this is obviously causing a lot of issues and limiting my striking, it seems to happen as soon as I apply a lot of wrist hinge and my left arm goes further away than parralel to the ground... I think what is...