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    Change of handicap in middle of match

    Interesting scenario occured recently. Forced to abandon a 4bbb match on 17th green with match A/S due to darkness. Rules of competition required play to re-commence on 18th tee at a date agreed by both pairs followed by sudden death play off if no result on 18th. Between the match stopping...
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    New Sub70 irons and wedges. Playing report

    So I"he had my new clubs for just over a month. I went with 699 irons 5-aw with grafalloy prolaunch blue shafts and 54 & 58 degree black wedges with KBS tour 95 regular shafts. Early results with the irons were a bit mixed as I struggled to get to grips with the different swing weight the...
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    Sub70 Golf - A superb Fitting Experience - UPDATE

    Let me start by saying that I have no affilliation to the Sub70 brand and first discovered them whilst browsing the American GolfWRX forum. The feedback was almost exclusively positive about the club's quality and performance, customer service and pricing model which led me to investigate...
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    Golf Empire - Charging for advanced search function

    Just logged onto Golf Empire to search for a local open to play in. Been a registered user for some time. Today I can't access the advanced search function without paying for an upgrade. When did this happen? I don't remember receiving a notification of this change. It's only £4.99 p.a...
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    Titleist Golf Balls - A change of approach?

    I see that Titleist are now going down the ball fitting route Does this mark a fundamental shift in their views? Didn't they used to market the Pro V as the ball that pretty much everyone should use and benefit from? Perhaps Bridgestone were...
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    Diminishing daylight hours .v. increased competitor numbers

    How does your club manage this scenario? A big uptake in our membership numbers during Covid has seen about a c.40% increase in the number of entrants to our Saturday competitions. That is great - but means as daylight hours contract there will, potentially, not physically be enough tee time...
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    A bit of fun - The ultimate golf competition prize

    Realms of fantasy here - but lets say you win! The prize is as follows: A custom fit set of clubs from the manufacturer of your choice An apparel sponsor of your choice A footwear sponsor of your choice A ball sponsor of your choice 4 course road trip - 1 x UK 1 x USA 1 x Europe 1 x Rest of...
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    Under Armour - update on my order

    Just for information - I have received an email from Under Armour today saying part of my order has shipped. I have tracked the package and is shows collection by Hermes and a delivery date of tomorrow!! Given I got the same cancellation email as others - this is strange development. The rest...
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    IZZO SWAMI 5000 - Having problems

    Received this GPS as a Christmas present. Took it out yesterday and whilst the front, middle, back distances seemed spot on it was very erratic with the hazards. Some didn't show at all and others were shown at obviously wrong distances. My course has been fully mapped and everything shows up...
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    Lightweight flat folding trolley

    I am looking for a decent push trolley that I could potentially pack with my clubs in my golf travel case for overseas trips. Does anyone else do this and if so - any suggestions as to which trolley I should look at? Thanks in anticipation