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  1. FuzzyDuck

    Wexham Park

    Heads up if you are playing there for the foreseeable future, the Blue course is undergoing a major reconstruction and is currently being operated with a temporary layout. This means you now start on the original 3rd, the 2nd (original 4th) is now a par 3 with a temporary green. The 3rd (par 4)...
  2. FuzzyDuck

    Course membership fee a good way!

    I've been a member of my local course & club for 4 years, price has been pretty stable but the owner has made it clear that the course is not making any money. It was also no secret that membership had dropped over the last few years. So I was gobsmacked to receive an email today indicating...
  3. FuzzyDuck

    GolfNow rewards?

    Did they quietly remove these? I used to click on a link to see how close I was to get a voucher but after booking several rounds recently I cannot see any mention of them.
  4. FuzzyDuck

    FS: Garmin Approach S2 - £55 posted

    Little used, now using Apple Watch app instead. Works perfectly and is in very good condition.
  5. FuzzyDuck

    Preferred lies...still

    Is this widespread or is it just my club? Preferred lies have just been extended to July 14th to help the course recover, which incidentally looks fine.
  6. FuzzyDuck

    How can this be a par 5?

    I played today at Ferndown Forest shortness of the par 5 14th stuck me as odd. I'm not the longest hitter in the world and usually would need to hit a driver and two very well hit 3 woods to get anywhere near the green. So I teed (yellows) off and managed to put the ball just past a big oak...
  7. FuzzyDuck

    West Sussex

    Dropping my other half off in West Wittering next week and have 5 or so hours to kill, so I thought I would visit a golf course around there. I've looked at Chichester and also Selsey. Goodwood (Parks) isn't too far away as well. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. FuzzyDuck

    9 hole course tee slots

    My home course is 9 holes but a decent length (>3000 yards), so the expectation is that an average 9 hole round will take 2 hours. So when you book an 18 hole tee time, +2 hour slot is also reserved. When you finish the 9th it's OK to start your 2nd 9 if the tee is available regardless if you...
  9. FuzzyDuck

    Two handicaps

    My official club handicap is 24 (23.7), however I also play in a golf society that I joined before I had an official handicap, so I was given a society handicap of 28. It did briefly get cut to 27 after a win but has now returned to 28. The society rules say that in any society match, the...
  10. FuzzyDuck

    How much!

    Friend of mine played yesterday at Goodwood Downs and raved about the course. So I thought I would check the green fees. Saw that the Parks course was a very reasonable £20. Then switched to the Downs course and saw they are asking £1000 for a 1 ball, £2000 for 2 ball etc. WTF...
  11. FuzzyDuck

    Adizero golf shoes

    Checking out prices at Calcot Park GC and saw the following statement: So what is so bad about them?
  12. FuzzyDuck

    Pro shops, does anyone buy from them?

    I'm in the market for a new driver, nothing too fancy (i.e. expensive) and have been pondering a Cobra F6. Pretty much everyone online has them at £159. I visited Hamptworth today for a round and whilst I was checking in and paying I noticed a bag full of drivers for sale, most of the Cobras...
  13. FuzzyDuck

    Royal Ascot GC

    I noticed that Royal Ascot was now showing up on my local GolfNow search for a very reasonable £20. I get the impression it's a pretty flat track but was wondering how the course conditions are likely to be this time of year? Appreciate any insights.
  14. FuzzyDuck

    First handicap shocker

    I've been playing around 18 months and have steadily been getting better, of late my rounds have approaching the 100 mark and last week I managed a 92 at Ferndown. My regular partner is also without a handicap and so for unofficial rounds with mates etc we assume we are 28'ers. I've been...
  15. FuzzyDuck

    Good golf resort for a non-golfer?

    It's my 65th next June and my wife would like us to go somewhere for a week or so where I could play a few rounds of golf but she (as a non golfer) would still have plenty of things to do (spa, pool, beach, town etc). Many of the resorts I've looked at are a bit remote from other activities I...
  16. FuzzyDuck

    Winter rules

    Today I mishit a tee shot and end up on the wrong fairway but with good line through the trees to the correct fairway. I was just about to pick and clean the ball (because I was on a fairway) when I suddenly thought, does it have to be the correct fairway or not? So I didn't pick it up and...
  17. FuzzyDuck

    Pine Ridge - Camberly

    This is a course I'd love to play but as I usually play as a singleton I'm not able to book a round as they have a minimum of 2 players rule. If anyone would like to join me for a weekday round let me know.