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  1. full_throttle

    Dumfries & Galloway

    I'm now looking to organise 2022's golf week, and have taken a liking to the courses around Dumfries, Can anyone give any insight on the following courses please, Dumfries and Galloway GC Dumfries and County GC Powfoot GC Lockerbie GC Lochmaben GC Many thanks
  2. full_throttle

    South Yorkshire Golf

    Thinking about a short break at the end of May, I like the look of Hillsborough GC and Rotherham GC can anyone give me honest reviews of these two and recommendations for one other, travelling from the midlands, so not much further North if possible
  3. full_throttle

    Free golf to everyone ........

    once the funds have cleared. No need to thank me :) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. FBI Headquarters in Washington , D.C. J.Edgar Hoover Building , 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington , D.C. 20535-0001 USA Attention , This e-mail has been issued to you in order to officially inform...
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    despite holding the event behind closed doors and having to pre record this years WWE Wrestlemania, I'm surprised no-one has posted that the new Champion of the World is none other than a Scot named Drew McIntrye
  5. full_throttle

    Virtual Grand National

    One horse per person please. lets have your pick 1 Tiger Roll Virtual National and dual Grand National winner; needs to be high on the shortlist Odds: 5-1 2 Bristol De Mai Decorated Grade 1 chaser; only just stays the Gold Cup trip, so stamina is the doubt Odds: 20-1 3 Aso Former Ryanair...
  6. full_throttle

    Rugby League 2020

    Help! Each year my wife and I try to watch at least one new sport, a kind of bucket list, Any Rugby League fans that can recommend a decent fixture, Travelling from the midlands so Friday Sat/Sun fixture preferred Thanks In Advance
  7. full_throttle


    Any tips on both Bolton GC and Bolton Old Links would be helpful, trying to get in the two BB Opens at the end of the month
  8. full_throttle

    Identification help

    Going on holiday and my travelling buddies were talking about ribbons etc to use on their travel bags to help with identification when collecting from the baggage carousel. What do you use and what would you suggest I could use on my travel bag
  9. full_throttle

    South Manchester/Stockport courses

    looking to put together a golf weekend,for late August. and Didsbury seems to fit the bill from first glance. any courses close by that are better value or any recomendations for our second/third courses T I A
  10. full_throttle


    Maybe of no interest but just in case, Great Britain go into tonights meeting leading the pack in the Speedway Of Nations Championship. It has been 29 years since GB/England have won a gold medal in a team event. Could tonight be history in the making
  11. full_throttle

    Mini meet before Coventry Golf Club

    anotherdouble has already accepted an invitation to play at my little course the day before Fish's meet in memorial of Rick Garg, anyone is welcome although be warned I'll be looking at a 530pm start time. my course is less than 10 minutes from the premier inn / coventry gc depending on...
  12. full_throttle

    hard times?

    just seen on the bbc news ABBA have been back in the studio
  13. full_throttle

    june 23rd

    Anyone wish to join me at my Members Open this year. I get find space for 2 but must be mid afternoon as I'm travelling back from Cooden Beach that morning
  14. full_throttle

    Go Kart Owners

    After 7 years my battery has decided it doesn't want to play any more, normally after the 14th/15th hole. I normally feel that way aftr 5 holes, but thats a different thread..:) So why should I change from Lead/Acid to Lithum, what are the benefits apart from weight? Over to you good folk
  15. full_throttle


    I would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL forumers a Merry Christams. Hoping everyone stays safe and well throughout the festive season
  16. full_throttle


    Having turned 50 last weekend, I have just signed up with Age UK to do home visits in my local community, subject to the application process being successful, I'll be spendng 1 hour a week drinking coffee with some poor soul. Any of you good folk on here done anything similar?
  17. full_throttle

    Wirral area golf advice wanted

    Can anyone give me any information on the following courses please. Bromborough Golf Club Helsby Golf Club Not really interested in other courses as these have competitions on the dates I'm free to travel Thanks in Advance
  18. full_throttle

    gps watch options

    liking the look of this, any reviews, negative or positive before i pull the trigger on the wife's credit card or should I try
  19. full_throttle


    Not really my cup of tea, but put BBC on and saw Katy Perry, and what a way to end your debut, She crowd surfed
  20. full_throttle

    club membership

    two months into the new 'season', how is your club doing in regards membership? Today's newsletter from our chairman has told us we have had 40 new members in the last two months.