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  1. Hendy

    Sim 2 Driver 10.5 degrees

    As above. Back giving me some issues and going to pack the golf in for a bit so selling up the driver It 10.5 degree and has a rip tide even flow 6.5 shaft. Pics can be found here (I hope) but free free to pm me with a email address and I can send over some more. Also the tool is included...
  2. Hendy

    World long drive champ gets a full bag fitting

    As above Really interesting vid on what for me is a next level club/bag fitting. Hope yous enjoy
  3. Hendy

    Salted Golf Smart Insole

    Anyone have these just picked up a set.. Review.
  4. Hendy

    WHS poll....

    Hi guys wanted to do a quick poll to see how much your handicaps have changed under the new whs Mine dropped 0.8
  5. Hendy

    Slope ratings

    Just been having a look at some these slope ratings for my home course and the ones in the surrounding area. Some interesting ratings. As in one's higher than i was thinking they would be and ones lower than I was thinking they would be. Anyways just wondering do you guys think your course...
  6. Hendy

    Padraig Harrington on YouTube

    He got alot of love for his Twitter drills during lockdown and seems now he's got himself back on YouTube with these tips videos. Not be biased cause I come from Ireland but these vids will be well worth a watching no matter what level of golfer you are. Njoy.. P.s please show him support...
  7. Hendy

    Bargain golf equipment

    Kind of a small plug for them.. Basically getting a new driver and current drivers out there his prices will be hard to beat. I have got bits and pieces over the last few years from them. But honestly if yous are ever looking current gear give me a bell. I dont want to post prices up here now...
  8. Hendy

    Great advise for anyone looking to start golf.

    Came across this vid and I think alot of us know someone that have started or thinking about starting golf... The information on this is so good and spot on I feel it's worth sharing.
  9. Hendy

    Driver and fairwoods holding me back.

    As above I guess if am honest with myself this has been the case for a few seasons for me. I laser my irons for the most part and have a solid short game.( You need to hitting out from trees and rough almost every hole lol) But when your hitting two fairways at best with the woods you have...
  10. Hendy

    For sale - skycaddie lx5

    Brand new won as prize and not needed. £260 including UK including pnp
  11. Hendy

    Golf raffle sites

    Does anyone enter these? Seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment.
  12. Hendy

    Played with a plus 2 handicapper

    Maybe a bit of silly one to some but played with a guy off +2 there the other day and wow I was super impressed I mean his game plan and how he plays the hole is completed different to how I see it. He takes lines off the tee that I be thinking to myself I'd only do that if I was playing tiger...
  13. Hendy

    Wanted - driver stiff shaft

    What's out there? Don't have bag of cash for a new one. And my ping g is dead. So have a budget of 200 quid seller must be willing to post as I live in n.ireland am happy to sort that if you can box it and stick a label on there. Regards Stephen
  14. Hendy

    Cracked Ping Driver. - update added 5/8/20

    As above very disappointed Emailed ping tho automated reply and local shop said two year warranty is up so not much can do.. This happen to anyone else before? Will try add pic here.
  15. Hendy

    Odyssey no7 white hot used for 1 round

    As above unmarked would pass as new only the plastic removed from head. Any questions just ask. Looking £60 for it. £99 in American golf Pics to follow they won't upload on the site here due to size so will have to try and take smaller ones.
  16. Hendy

    Advise on custom options from golf depot

    Hi guys, Looking at getting a new iron from them tho wondering what are they like it terms of getting a different shaft in them. The shaft that comes in the club is worth more than the one I want it. But I will need it changed. Any advice be great thanks
  17. Hendy

    Winter boots are they worth getting??

    As above Need a pair of shoes again and with winter coming am thinking this season to get a pair of boots. But wondering how they feel to play in. And do you find them more water proof than a pair of shoes. Any recommendations Thanks in advance
  18. Hendy

    Starting a comp from the back nine

    Just wondering can you do this? For example tomorrow I see when I plan to tee off there is a large group heading off. I can't go earlier due to work. As I know the course will be quiet is it against the rules to play the back nine first and then the front nine? Would mean I could play my...
  19. Hendy

    Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder

    Alot of people on here use these and can advise on how accurate they are. I just can't use it lol back to the Garmin G3 for me Had it out for two rounds and can't get onto it at all. So selling it for 80quid including pnp. Comes boxed and still has plastic on the LCD display. Basically brand new
  20. Hendy

    Is the price of lithium batteries coming down?

    As above Just had a wee look on the bay and see them for sale at 130 quid seems really good value now compare to the prices i was seeing even a couple of years ago. Really thinking this might be the end of the old acid 36hole battery i have been using the last couple of years...