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  1. brendy

    *SOLD* Odyssey O Works No.1 35" blade putter used twice

    As above, got this O Works 35" blade putter after the courses closed in December. I absolutely love the look of it, I have tried it in a couple of rounds this week and compared to my Odyssey white ice 2 ball but still putt better from distance with the 2 ball. Comes as close to new as you'll get...
  2. brendy

    Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2018, Ballyliffin.

    Just how good does the whole complex look? I've played there quite a few times and try to get up a few times a year to play with Ballyliffin member, Smange, the fortunate git!. Quite a few of us from the forum have played here on events we have arranged each year as far back as 2011 (to give...
  3. brendy

    Air France have lost Gmacs clubs, he needs them for Open Qualifying tomorrow..

    Looks like he won't play at all. Now I haven't looked but can't help but think this must be one of his last chances to get in this year but he said he might as well prepare for the Irish open on Thursday instead. Some folks have suggested he obtain a set temporarily to do him while others are...
  4. brendy

    Taylormade M4 irons 4-PW barely used for sale £450 Bargain

    For sale on behalf of a mate, bought them in March, used half a dozen times but just isn't getting on with them. 4-PW with S300 XP100 shafts (stiff but light). In very good condition, Cost £648 will accept £480 delivered, ready to go immediately.
  5. brendy

    Castlerock today

    Weather was fantastic bar a little rain mid way round but sun soon came back out. Bar 2 holes, got round well with the 1i off the tees, 36 points scored so very happy as I've never buffered round this course and to do it in a few club winds made it really enjoyable. Didn't find one bunker all...
  6. brendy

    Late notice, anyone local fancy a game tomorrow (Thurs 17th) plenty of Opens on

    As above, booked tomorrow off work to play Castlerock earlyish but my partner decided to get botulism instead rather than play with me. The choices I can see are Castlerock, Spa, Knock, Kirkistown, portadown or warrenpoint. Given recent weather Castlerock or Kirkistown would maybe the better...
  7. brendy

    Hosting and Posting photographs on the forum

    Now that the Photobucket guys have turned all corporate and not allowing hotlinking to forums etc without a premium account, now would probably be a good time to revamp our hosting and posting pics thread. There are many other services which are still free and require no signing up to do it...
  8. brendy

    The "can someone lend me a couple of grand" thread for golf kit

    Welcome to the "can someone lend me a couple of grand" thread for golf kit that you just couldnt ordinarily justify. I'll start, can so done lend me a few grand to get these in 3-pw please... goooorgeous. DJ using them this week.
  9. brendy

    150 yards in pics

    Basic rules, your pic must be any hole on your course taken from 150 yards out.l (fairway helps!, don't need to just see a bunch of trees). It doesnt have to be the most difficult hole on your course. This'll prob take a week or two to get going but would be interested to see the variety we...
  10. brendy

    Decent stand bags with 14 dividers

    As above, I really like the looks of the TM 4.0's this year but they are only 6 way and id much prefer the 14way, anyone know of any 2016/2017 models that look well and are priced in and around the £80-100 mark?
  11. brendy

    Anyone else on Team Titleist get their test prov's?

    Mine arrived today.Just wondering if anyone has had them and got a chance to try them yet?
  12. brendy

    TaylorMade R15 9.5 degree stiff driver for sale

    As above, Black headed edition, used a few times per round for approx 25 rounds so has a small amount of normal usage marking. No visible bag rub marks on the shaft as per pic. Shaft is the Speeder 57 Evo stiff shaft, standard TM grip and headcover in good condition. Bought in Aug/Sept time, I...
  13. brendy

    Cleveland RTX 588 Rotex 2.0 52 Degree loft, 10 degree bounce wedge for sale

    As above, I bought a pair of wedges at the tail end of the season and use the 56 degree weekly but never quite got on with the 52 to replace the mizuno 53 I already had in the bag. I can only put this down to the Mizuno having a little less bounce. It has been hit maybe 8-10 times tops...
  14. brendy

    Couple of wedges for sale Mizuno 53 and Vokey 56

    As above, I have bought new Cleveland 52 and 56 degree so my two existing wedges are up for sale Titleist Vokey 56 degree 11 degree bounce, wedge shaft. Golf price black/blue multicompound grip in good fit condition. The club has been used for around a year and has some bag chatter etc. Spin...
  15. brendy

    Yardage session yesterday with some odd/interesting stats

    I had a session booked with out pro Stevie Gordon yesterday using the trackman to gain a yardage chart for each of my clubs. I'll make my excuses now and get them out of the way, I was working all day including a bit of driving so was a little tired etc etc :) I have also definitely lost a few...
  16. brendy

    Enjoyable courses in Evesham direction?

    I'm in Evesham working the best part of a week and have finished what I need to do until Monday and just so happen to have the tools in the car boot so might venture out for a game near Evesham. Any recommendations?
  17. brendy

    That time of the year again...renewals. When do you say enough is enough?

    When I first joined my club in late '05 our membership fee was circa £740-£760 per year, when I joined I also had to pay a joining fee (equiv to 2 years membership) also so not cheap for a decent but not best in the area club. This years letter has come in and membership has now broken the...
  18. brendy

    Maxfli revolution Blackdot S300 plus a few free clubs thrown in :)

    I have just bought myself a set of Titleist MB irons and a vokey wedge so clearing out other clubs as I'm not one for keeping clubs then switching between. For those that have never used them, Maxfli revolutions are a great set of forgiving shallow cavity irons. 3-PW Maxfli Revolution black dot...
  19. brendy

    SO GMAC is leaving Horizon Sports too

    Seems he is also jumping ship albeit a little more slowly that Rory.
  20. brendy

    Recognise yourself?

    Preparation, what preparation? I really need to get up earlier and give myself a better chance. Stevie Gordon, Our Club Pro likes making his videos and found this one to be very true.