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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    We use IG and can set the Playing Handicap to a max, which for our Honours Comps is 18, so a 26 handicapper if they wish to enter would play off 18
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    Help for Heroes Charity Golf Day - Blackmoor Golf Club Friday 8th October 2021

    I will be staying over night and travelling home so would also prefer the first half of the draw
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    DAY BEFORE H4H Camberlyheath 7th October 2021

    Sorry I having to pull out of this Apj0524
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    I have not found a way to alter the hcps for the player once the comp has started to would be interested to see what IG say, however what we do is adjust their score on the holes where the get the extra shots, so if it was par 3 SI 12 and they are now playing 11 because they have used a lower HI...
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    IG App for Competition Scores Has anyone been using the IG App without the use of physical card for competition scoring in terms of marking another players score? Watched their video but seem to find these answers 1) Does it work Ok? 2) How do M&H know who the players marker was? 3) Without a...
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    Opens and Independent Golfers

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    Titleist Gap Wedges

    I don't wish to put you off but I was looking about 18 months ago and they are like hens teeth, and really expensive when one was up for sale. I decided to to purchase a T200 48 degree which is the the AP3 equivalent and I could order to my spec. Its was the right decision for me use it a lot.
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    Shot 70 but DQ'ed and given a score of 106

    I was thinking exactly this, they have not right to change the score you submitted for handicap purposes, whilst they me see that they can DQ I think this is unreasonable
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    So I am leaning towards quoting in our rules for Opens that: " An affiliated club Handicap Index is required " Any others considering this?
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    Shot-gun Starts

    Been running for weeks all socially distances no issue
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    WHS & ISV Issues (Please post only if you are a handicap secretary or involved in admin at your club)

    This is so true every week I get asked why was I DQ'd, because you didn't complete a hole in the medal 3.3c, oh I thought we were playing Stableford
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    WHS working well for me

    Why do you say that for Opens we can check visitors hop on Dotgolf and see how many rounds they have played and when?
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    Seniors Open Burham & Berrow Monday 12th July

    Hi All My Playing Partner can not make this now so I have a free Tee Slot at 9am if anyone is interested? The Rules are over 55 in Age and WHS HI less than 18, the entry fee for a visitor is £60 inc meal afterwards (Which I think is great value considering a visitors green fee is £130) members...
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    Player Penalties for repeat Non Return of Cards

    Hi We have tried to educate an been fuzzy and warm to some of the members who continue to not return their cards from a comp so we are going the the 3 strikes and the player is sanctioned route. We have not issue with players NR a hole or a number of holes in medal and accepting they have DQd...
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    Matchplay query - need assistance

    I can't quote the rule but as Team agreed it was half on the on the 18th its their mistake, so they play on, Teams can claim a match, Teams can only concede a match
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    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    So far it hasn't happened as the Blocked off Tee time were studied for the number of players who play on average and the they have allowed for some spare capacity. But you are right its going to happen but the club have communicated the that there is a risk of turning up to play and advising if...
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    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    We are trying a hybrid system at the moment, roll-up tee slots until 9:30 and from 4:30, not sure which way it will go as the members seems to be 50/50
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    This I think its excellent for £129
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    Fairway use - distance club

    Ping G410 17 deg Hybrid lofted down 1 degree, oh my days is it long an low
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    Custom Fitting- The Evidence Base (VERY long post)

    Great write up - to me what's interesting is that you bought the 913 untried and over time have adapted your driver swing to the club, adapting to a club is exactly what I found with my currently driver Ping G425. Initially fitted for it, borrowed a demo for two week happy with the real world...