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  1. Dando

    Shooting your age?

    Congratulations to @Steve Wilkes for shooting his age A sublime 68 I gather 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry mate, couldn’t resist * some of this post is “fake news”
  2. Dando

    Oscar Jacobson WPS top

    Oscar Jacobson WPS top for sale Size is XL The sleeves have a few marks as per the last photo Always washed in nikwax to help maintain its water repellency £35 inc postage
  3. Dando

    North foreland

    Par 3 5th at north foreland. I don’t often take photos at golf courses but I quiet liked this hole
  4. Dando

    2022 Old Farts V Whippersnappers - the details.

    hi fellow golfers, I have spoken to Forest Pines and have provisionally booked the following for 24 with the option to increase if needed; 1 night dinner, bed and breakfast and 2 rounds of golf. Sunday 22nd May with tee times from 1pm on the Beeches/Forest loops Monday 23rd May with tee...
  5. Dando

    new clubs for 2021

    As manufacturers are releasing new shinies, what new clubs are your wish list for this year? i am thinking of binning my F9 3 wood and getting a Callaway (not sure which one yet) and i also like the look of the Odyssey 7 O works
  6. Dando

    Lost and found

    Evening all, Has anyone lost any weight recently as I appear to have found 1 stone 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Dando

    Celtic Manor - 2022

    Hi all, i know this is in the wrong sub forum but this one gets more traffic at this time of year just seeing if there is much interest in a trip to Celtic Manor in April 2022 (maybe 24th) to replace the Old Farts meet or even take it over. looking at the website you can do a "Ryder Cup two...
  8. Dando

    The Grove - 21st December

    good evening fellow hackers, I know I previously said I wouldn't pay to play The Grove out of my own pocket but I have decided to give it another go and take advantage of their Winter Warmer offer; First tee giveaways Breakfast bap and filter coffee Use of the driving range 18 holes of golf A...
  9. Dando

    Cape Verde

    Evening fellow golfers, Anyone been to Cape Verde as it’s on honeymoon list. My only concern is bumping into some z list towie muppet. Thanks, Dando
  10. Dando

    David Essex

    Don’t panic, he’s not releasing a new album
  11. Dando

    Sunningdale Heath

    hi all, has anyone played here? It's on a list of courses I can play corporately and just wondered what its like. ta Dando
  12. Dando

    Competition time

    Change 1 letter in the name of a band to ruin a band and post it here. The winner gets..... nothing! My starter for 10 is Take shat No doubt some posters will get fraggered.
  13. Dando

    2021 Old Farts V Whippersnappers

    morning fellow golfers, Despite the tales of woe from Smiffy I have taken the plunge and spoken to Forest Pines about the 2021 meet and this is what I have; Arrive Sunday 23rd May 2021 Tee off 1.28 on the Forest loop then head over to the Pines evening meal of some description followed by...
  14. Dando

    New balance golf shoes

    hi fellow golfers, do any of you wear New Balance golf shoes as I was thinking of getting a pair due to my dodgy knees and I find their trainers really comfy. thanks.
  15. Dando

    Magnolia Park

    hi all, there is currently a deal to play here for £49 - unlimited day of golf for 2 with 50 range ball each. what is the course like as its one I've fancied playing for a while. thanks,
  16. Dando


    If you gets a link called 'free porn’ don't open it. It is a birus wich deactivates your spelcheck and garblis up you riting. I also receibed it but lukily I dont does porn so I dint opin it. Plaese warm yu frends Peasl
  17. Dando

    Proquip aqua storm trousers

    Size xxl with a 33 inch inside leg Only worn once or twice they no longer fit so not needed. Happy for a donation to help for heroes as “payment”
  18. Dando

    Forest of arden

    Evening boys and girls, I am due to be at a conference at FOA at the end November. I can get on for free via work but Money aside is it worth putting my bats in the car? I was going to ask my barber or look on the side of bus but thought I’d try here first! 😂
  19. Dando

    waterproof golf bag

    good morning fellow golfers, one of the zips on my golf bag has broken and I am not sure if its fixable so I might need to purchase a new trolley bag. I want a waterproof one but due to brexit I don't fancy forking out a kings ransom. Any suggestions?
  20. Dando

    New Cleveland CBX2 wedge

    just got an email about these with the line; "chunk, flub, duff, miff... so many ways to say it, only one wedge to fix it." sounds like a challenge to me as they've clearly not seen my short game!