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  1. Canfordhacker

    Cross Border rounds and handicapping

    So 10 of us are heading over the border from England to Wales for 3 rounds from Sunday. (Rolls of Monmouth and The Vale Resort). I have confusing reports of who can do what with regards to Handicapping from day to day, and looking for concrete experience or advice about how we can do this...
  2. Canfordhacker

    Wet feet

    Ok, with the rain last week and the dew today, very wet socks. Recommendations for a decent pair of shoes that will keep me dry for less than a hundred quid? They all look so flimsy and so expensive! :cry:
  3. Canfordhacker

    TV Cables in a penalty area

    Yesterday on the 5th hole in the Ryder Cup, Patrick Cantlay's ball ran into the penalty area, and was held up and stopped from going into the water by a cable that it came to rest on. It looked unplayable with the cable in the way, and Rich Beem indicated he would get a free drop. It wasn't...
  4. Canfordhacker

    Apple Car Play

    Anybody have any direct experience of this? Thoughts? I'm thinking of retrofitting it to my BMW 4 series.
  5. Canfordhacker

    Where can you see PCC?

    Interested to know where I can view this if I haven't played a round that day. If I have played it becomes visible on England golf site on my handicap record for that round the following day (but interestingly not on the app on iPhone) I can't see it for comp results posted on HowDidIDo. And...
  6. Canfordhacker

    4BBB Matchplay handicap calculation detail under WHS - rounding

    I searched the forum threads and there are various views posted under parts of the huge WHS thread - I just wanted to clarify and check my thinking about where any rounding may take place, as there seem to be various interpretations at my club. Below is my summary - have I got it right...
  7. Canfordhacker

    Private Health Insurance

    Putting aside the social arguments of the rights and wrongs of this... I have just handed in my notice and will retire in 3 months (hopefully as lockdown end, the weather is perfect and golf courses are in prime nick). One of the perks I have enjoyed throughout my career has been private health...
  8. Canfordhacker

    9 Hole Comp in Scoring Record

    So golf team back in today and invited questions regarding handicaps. I duly obliged and they have fixed the two issues with my record in a couple of hours. Brilliant. However, I also asked them the following regarding a comp on 6 Jan this year that has a broader impact:- "It was a 9 hole...
  9. Canfordhacker

    Do your clubs know?

    So my new clubs are ordered and due to arrive in about 10 days. Crappy conditions today, but off my 12 handicap I find myself standing on the 14th tee 1 over gross. Ok so the rain came hard then, and I shot a 78, but my best round of the year. As my playing partner said - "Do you really need new...
  10. Canfordhacker

    What constitutes a single digit handicapper post Nov 2nd?

    So I have put together a spreadsheet so I could see what my handicap is going to look like. I have calculated 7 values to look at - Handicap Index, plus Course Handicaps off the Blues, Whites and Yellows, and Playing Handicaps of the 3 tees too. Despite playing off 12 at the moment, I estimate...
  11. Canfordhacker

    Injury and scorecard/handicap

    Played in a comp yesterday, walking between 14th green/15th tee I rolled my ankle really badly and had to hobble in. Made them aware in pro shop that it was injury problem. Results are posted and I am showing as NR with 0.1 handicap increase. Is that correct? Thanks a lot
  12. Canfordhacker

    Royal St George's

    Going with 9 mates to play the classic three next week - Royal St George's, Prince's and Cinque Ports, staying on site. Any advice to get the most from it? I believe a spotter is "recommended" at St George's - £60 + tip. Worth it? How much should the tip be? Also Cinque Ports states shorts...
  13. Canfordhacker

    Getting rid of yellow penalty areas

    Received a mail from the club stating that, from 1st Jan, at our club, it has been decided that ALL penalty areas will be deemed red. Anywhere else doing this? Thoughts?
  14. Canfordhacker

    Celtic Manor

    So after awesome October weather for my visit to Birkdale and Lytham last month, it's looking promising for this weekend at Celtic Manor. Never played it, but last time I was there in the quagmire I was above the green when GMac hold THAT putt. Hopefully as enjoyable this weekend - any tips to...
  15. Canfordhacker

    Frozen Shoulder - Capsular release operation and impact on golf

    I've been suffering from from frozen shoulder for several months, but fortunately it hasn't impacted my golf. Prognosis is that it should self heal, but may take two years. However pain/motion range is getting worse and starting to limit my golf swing and sleep - so I'm considering an...
  16. Canfordhacker

    VPAR live scoring

    Been looking at the VPAR phone app, which does all the usual GPS, aerial view, stats keeping and scoring (and quite well too IMO). But I'm interested in people's views/experiences of the live scoring function which would allow multiple groups to see in real time how everybody else is doing. Good...
  17. Canfordhacker

    Continuous Handicap Review

    I'm aware of the recommendation from 2016 that clubs run a "Decliner" report each quarter to identify players who have had 7 consecutive 0.1's from comps. But I've just had a mail from my club that says "I would like to make members aware of a change in the CONGU h/cap system. This is a...
  18. Canfordhacker

    Folke Golf Club

    I'm representing my club in a Dorset champs next week at Folke. It's in the middle of nowhere (which is saying something for Dorset). Not much info out there about it - anybody played it and got any tips? Thanks!
  19. Canfordhacker

    Texas Scramble - level playing field

    Comp tomorrow is a Texas scramble, but I believe a couple of teams may be 3 players rather than 4 as a result of dropouts. 4 drives from each player, 10% of combined handicap. How would you level for those teams of three? 5 drives each to maintain pressure element? 1 of them can play twice...
  20. Canfordhacker

    Holing bunker shots

    OK, so to follow on from my eagle thread, holing bunker shots is waaaaaaaay rarer for me, despite probably having more opportunities than I do for eagles! 2 in my whole time playing, both when abroad in Spain. How do you get on?