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  1. bladeplayer

    Another Bunker question

    Im fairly sure i have this right but all except 1in group says it has changed . So it has caused me some doubt , Touching sand on back swing is still a penalty isnt it ? Or am i missing a rule change, Thanks in advance
  2. bladeplayer

    Bunker question please

    When removing a stone behind ur ball , the ball moves , penalty for causing a ball at rest (not on green to move ) ?? You must replace the ball . But must u also replace the stone ? If u dont replace the stone is it a penalty for improving ur lie also ? Thanks in advance
  3. bladeplayer

    Overhead power lines

    Question i was asked today re ball hitting overhead power lines , i said im fairly sure it has to be covered by a LR , others adamant it was replay no penalty , i advised him to use option to play 2 balls and clarify later , which he did . Is there a rule im missing ? Or is it covered by LR...
  4. bladeplayer

    Dq played from wrong tees, can scores count in WHs

    Heres one for ye , strange happening 4 of us went to play today, there was a problem with the sign in computer so lady signed us up manualy , we asked what tees in play we were told white , the notice board said white tees , Lady met us on way to 1st tee with sign in lables for our...
  5. bladeplayer

    Na v Dj

    2 questions on this please .. Dj lifted his ball before Na said it was good , i think its 1 shot pen and replace the ball ? Can u claim/lose a hole for a 1 shot violation ?( lifting without marking) The min Na said he had not conceded the putt before the rule violation and the violation has...
  6. bladeplayer

    Gur question please

    If grass/ ground in front of bunker is marked gur , and nearest point of relief is in the bunker do u drop in bunker or are u allowed take NPR in a hazzard or a penalty area for that If not what are ur options . Looked ut up cant find answer Thanks
  7. bladeplayer

    Advice question please

    Player A is playing in senior scratch cup player b is in junior scratch cup , but playing togethet, 2 seperate comps running side by side A player must not give advice to any1 in the competition playin the course As these are 2 different comps would it be a penalty to give or recieve advice...
  8. bladeplayer

    Ball picked up on green

    Thoughts please Stroke play comp Player thinks its a stableford and picks ball up after missing putt for 1 point . Is it Ball deliberatly moved all be it by mistake 1 shot pen and replace Or As player forgot it was strokes , ball accidentaly moved . Replace no pen .. I gave my...
  9. bladeplayer

    Css curiousity question

    3 quriosity questions please.. Is there a minimun ammout of players needed for there to be a css created ? If so how many ? What happens cut or .1 if that many dont play ? Thanks
  10. bladeplayer

    Playerscorecard responsibilty

    Hi all. We had alot of DQ today . We using blank cards and no print outs of name handicaps etc What is players responsibilties under rules of golf Name .handicap, gross score Is player responsible for date and name of comp aswell ? Thanks
  11. bladeplayer

    Leicester Lockdown ?

    Just hearing this now . Ye think it will become more wide spread or be contained . ? Anyone on here from Leicester ?
  12. bladeplayer

    Qualifiers under covid rules

    Trying to think what needs to change to have qualifiers under current resteictions . Hole depth . Hole must b certain depth ( 4inches i think) will R&A need to amend that rule . ? as curent holes are upside down or have riser in them Our bunkers are in play so just a smooth with foot should...
  13. bladeplayer

    5km limit thoughts (ireland)

    Over here golf is open from Mon 18th adhering to goverent rules on lock down 1 rule is no non essential travel outside 5km radius from home.. Im about 10km by road and approx 7.5km radius as crow flies. So under rules i cannot travel to play golf .. Im back in work on 18th , 35km from home...
  14. bladeplayer

    Mobile phones under new rules?

    Hi All What is and is not allowed under new rules regarding use of phones on course .. We have new club app . Does a course fly over and will work as a gps aswell . The gps doesnt move with u . U refresh it when u get to your ball .. Are all phones allowed no restrictions or what is the story...
  15. bladeplayer

    Trigger or pre shot routine

    One of my biggest faults on course is concentration . Want to get to Cat 1 this year . Think i have the game but need better mental game .. Working on a switch on trigger or pre shot routine to get me switched on when i get to ball .. What do any of ye do .? Thanks
  16. bladeplayer


    (Pedant bit of FUN warning) Over the last 2 months GM have bn covering yellow and red penalty area rules Yellow 2 oprions red 3 options .. ok it does say under penalty of 1 stroke .. but neither month does it mention playing as it lies . I usuaky tell peoplr u have 3/4 options curious as to...
  17. bladeplayer


    Anyone know how this will work . Our big one is barton cup . scratch Foresomes 14 cobination . Off last years lowest . Home draw is 3 home 2 away Say the opposing teams have a difference of 2 in slope rating . 2 x7 handicappers v 2 x 7 handicappers wont realy be even match up will it ...
  18. bladeplayer

    Teeing off not on timesheet?

    Hi All Just curious if there is online booking and last time is say 5pm .. If people turn up at 5.30 are not booked in to play but play in comp anyway .. is this allowed ? / a club problem/or a rule issue .. Some ppl wanting to play midweek open ar finishing work early to make last tee time...
  19. bladeplayer

    Number of players for css

    Hi all . Just curious . Is there a minimum number of players required in a comp to generate a css ?? Thank u
  20. bladeplayer

    Change of career

    Hi yall .. Any of ye change careers after a long time doing the same thing ? Thinking of a change after 32 yrs in the motor trade .feel nervous of the change probably just too set in my ways Interested to hear of yer thoughts and experiences . Did u stay in new job r jump jobs. Thanks