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    It's tough for a number of reasons. No control over weather and climate conditions Ever increasing restrictions on agro chemicals Stretched budgets Having to provide quality playing conditions 12 months a year to keep mud warriors appeased Having to work on the playing arena whilst it's being...
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    Its a bit of both. Plus (and I have no proof) but I bet the "biggies" mainly come in stableford comps when the card wrecker holes can be more easily recovered from than a medal round. High handicaps lend themselves to more of the exceptional scoring rounds. Simple maths says a 40 capper who...
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    Pitch marks - again.

    Many good suggestions but unfortunately in the end it will have little effect. Too many Inconsiderate golfers (usually members) or ignorant golfers (usually visitors) - it's a mixture of both and the types are not mutually exclusive. And getting worse. And it's not just pitchmarks - unrepaired...
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    Courses around York area ??

    Malton & Norton or Strensall are both nice tracks without a premium price tag.
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    My understanding is that some clubs "give" a daily tee time to Golfnow rather than paying for listings. Anything Golfnow get for that tee time is theirs. These are usually the tee times that end up as hot deals because if they are not taken, Golfnow end up with no renumeration. I have seen them...
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    McDonald Portal

    While since I played - but from memory, I enjoyed the Premier course (away from the hotel) more than the Championship course (adjacent to hotel) which I found to be mostly bland and a bit soulless. The 9 hole Arderne course is OK for a bit of a warm up to the main event. Can't comment on...
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    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    Kirkland Signature + from Costco. 3 piece, urethane cover. £30 for 2 dozen online - when in stock
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    A Level results

    It must have been devastating for the students caught up in the pandemic and they have faced challenges not seen before. However, for 45% of grades to be at A* and A does raise some questions in my mind about the quality of the appraisals and the consistency of the moderation process. Given...
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    New Bargains Thread

    Yes, I think so. Numerous purchases - all good quality gear.
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    Change of handicap in middle of match

    Interesting scenario occured recently. Forced to abandon a 4bbb match on 17th green with match A/S due to darkness. Rules of competition required play to re-commence on 18th tee at a date agreed by both pairs followed by sudden death play off if no result on 18th. Between the match stopping...
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    Krux Golf trousers

    Not something I would wear. And certainly not at almost £50 at sale prices! In reality they are tailored tracksuit bottoms to my eye. Would probably look OK on a stick thin youngster and are a damn sight smarter than some of the baggy, creased, stained, frayed chinos that pass muster on most...
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    Bryson Dechambeau

    Just what America needs right now (not!!). A high profile person saying the young and healthy don't need the vaccine. Is he so engulfed in his own personal bubble he doesn't read or hear the messages coming out from the health experts? If you don't agree with vaccination - why not say nothing...
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    New Sub70 irons and wedges. Playing report

    So I"he had my new clubs for just over a month. I went with 699 irons 5-aw with grafalloy prolaunch blue shafts and 54 & 58 degree black wedges with KBS tour 95 regular shafts. Early results with the irons were a bit mixed as I struggled to get to grips with the different swing weight the...
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    Wedge set up with no lob wedge

    My PW is 45* My wedges are 50*/09. 54*/10 and 58*/06. Gapping is perfect for me. I can get all the "flop" I need without scaring myself with a 60* or higher lob wedge The lower bounce on the 58* helps off tight/bare lies and works well on compacted sand.
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    Golf gloves

    I have been using these gloves for a few months. On a price v quality basis I think they are unbeatable You won't find me paying £12 - £15 for a single glove anytime soon.
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    Course recommendations please!!

    My lad plays at Bramshaw and reports the Manor course is in top nick right now There is also the 18 holes Forest course which is a bit different!
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    Oak Park closure

    I don't know the course but any loss of golfing facilities is lamentable. Especially for members. I can't imagine the landlords will be knocked down in the rush of potential new owners! A housing development maybe unless a last minute compromise can be reached.
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    Rebranding the Seniors Section. Help!

    If the best over 50's golfers in the world are happy to play on the Senior Tour - that should be a good enough moniker for club golfers.