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  1. pauldj42

    Course Record

    Our course record was beaten yesterday after 24 years, a member shot Gross 63 playing off +2, his round included 8 birdies and 1 bogey. How long has your course record lasted?
  2. pauldj42

    Health Scare

    So last saturday I went out for a run, nothing unusual, been doing a lot of running and this one was a little over 7 miles, beautiful day, great run and arrived home feeling good. Tiime for a shower and went the toilet before getting in went for a No 1 and passed blood and I don’t mean just a...
  3. pauldj42

    More Snow

    Course closed today, but what a difference to yesterday. I know our weather can surprise us but the photos below were took 15hrs apart.:mad:
  4. pauldj42

    I’m Done

    Sad read, but spot on imo. Respect to all those who have served on the frontline.
  5. pauldj42

    Next Years Fees

    What do expect to happen at your Club reference next years Green Fees?
  6. pauldj42

    England Golf App

    England Golf (My England Golf) App now available in the App Store on ios, no idea if available for android.
  7. pauldj42

    Main Site From IPhone

    As discussed in “Random Irritations” Thread, how do you delete a draft post or were is the link to main site on the Forum App on an IPhone
  8. pauldj42

    Bogey/Par Comp Handicap Adjustments

    Played in a Bogey/Par Comp today, finished 1up, been cut 0.2, however, Course Par is 70 and CSS today was 70, but I shot a gross 77 playing off 9, question is, should I have been cut 0.4.
  9. pauldj42

    CDH Numbers

    Can anyone help, is there a master database of CDH No’s? ie, Would a Golfer moving from Scotland to England keep their CDH or do Scottish Golf & England Golf run seperate databases?
  10. pauldj42

    Thoughts Or Quotes That Help You.

    Are there any sayings or quotes or thoughts that help you through the good or bad times. Maybe they give you strength or a sense of reality or just something to cling to. Hopefully by sharing you could help someone on here or close to you.
  11. pauldj42


    In light of tonights statement from the PM and followed up by England Golf, if anybody comes across any official notices or announcements on the procedures/rules/decisions on Greenkeepers working or not, can you please link them on here. Not looking for arguments over essential, non-essential...
  12. pauldj42

    Australia Burns

    Awful what is going on in Australia, having been there you realise just how big the place is, but I was blown away by this graphic of what 5,900,000 Hectares looks like.
  13. pauldj42

    Footjoy HydroKnit 1/4 Zip Top

    Purchased one of these after Christmas from HotGolf for £111.20, the cheapest price I could find on the web. I went for the Sapphire and Geranium version in XL. Straight out the package the HydroKnit was soft to the touch and looked to be the highest quality workmanship on the seams and zips...
  14. pauldj42

    Golf Club Professional - Luxury or Surplus to Requirement.

    Couple of Clubs in the North East have recently given their Pro’s notice as they look to reduce costs. Leading on from another thread, does a Golf Club need a Professional? Are there hidden benefits which are difficult to put a cost to? Personally I find it a bit short sighted and possibly see...
  15. pauldj42

    London Bridge - Terrorist Attack

    Still a developing story, but massive praise and credit to the members of the public who took on the suspected terrorist armed with knives and a device strapped to his chest and the Police who took action Thankfully the device turned out to be a hoax, but them and the Police didn’t know that...
  16. pauldj42

    David Lloyd - Sports Centres

    Is anyone a member of one of these? Currently have an offer on of 14 days trial for £14.00. They seem secretive about giving membership prices out over the phone and prefer to invite you in to their Clubs to discuss “your needs” I’ve got one only 6 mile away, plenty of facilities, 2...
  17. pauldj42

    They Shall Not Grow Old.......

    We may disagree with each other, but I’d hope the majority agree with this man.
  18. pauldj42

    Membership Offer With a Difference

    Anyone else seen an offer like this?
  19. pauldj42

    Fitness/Recovery Information

    Many times on TV you see athletes or people who are doing endurance events having an ice bath during training or post event. Today a mate who’s been suffering with sciatica was telling a few of us the physio suggested, if he can, to use a sauna for 15 minutes followed by an ice bath/plunge for...
  20. pauldj42

    Nick Dougherty at Royal Bootle