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    Autoflex SF405 driver shaft.

    So I put this into my Callaway Epic Flash SZ a few months ago, and obviously haven't had a chance to hit it. Dumina say it should have a swing weight of D0, but that does seem very light. It is a light shaft anyway, (45g?), and at D0 I am not convinced. I have mine weighted at D2. So today, at...
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    Page 88

    So, page 88 in the latest magazine. Is this now an acceptable word to use on the forum? It kinda should be.
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    Big Max hybrid golf bag

    This arrived this morning from Clubhouse Golf. My previous carry bag was a Callaway one, which had a few issues. It was light, sub 2 kg, but made of very flimsy waterproof material. This has torn where the most commonly used zips are. The rain hood was also a bit pathetic. It has worn where the...
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    HDID on Android

    This has worked fine for years, but now won't log in. It asks for user name and p/w, and then gets in a loop where when you press sign in, it takes me back to the same log in screen. I have deleted and re-installed the app, same result. Log in is fine on Apple, and on the web, it's just not...
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    E scooters

    These are presently illegal to ride anywhere other than private property. The Gov are looking into allowing E scooter hire companies like Lime to set up in the UK as a trial, to see how they might work. This would make riding on the road legal (in the trial areas only). I have been to Vienna...
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    6 picks for Stricker

    so team USA have gone for 6 Captains picks. Any thoughts?
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    Things I have never owned

    A thread where people would expect you to have owned something common, but actually, you haven't. For example: I have never owned a football.
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    Happy birthday

    To a popular forummer, who everyone knows and loves really.... Liverpoolphil Happy birthday matey. Sadly Phil can't be with us today, but I am sure he will get the message.
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    Premier league hall of fame

    Just been announced as happening. Not a great idea in my view. Too much back slapping. Two inaugural members to be announced in March with 19 other considerations. Which two players would you put in first? (I am guessing the two will not be from the same club, so lets have the same rules here).
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    They keep advertising this on telly, but really? Parts of London, bits and pieces elsewhere, have they not gone overboard a bit early? I live in Watford, no coverage, work in NW2, no coverage, have a flat in Poole, zip. I have a 2 year contract on my phone, starting March, but I really...
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    Volunteering for a handicap cut

    A couple of guys at my place have written in to the annual review, to ask for a h/cap cut. Is this possible? I know a few in previous years have asked for a raise, and got a small increase, but a reduction? Seems odd.
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    Changing stroke indexes

    Ours are changing. All of them. Index 1, which is a hard hole will now be index 12. The last two were shot holes for me, si 8 and 6, are no longer shot holes. I know in medal play it makes no difference, in theory, and I guess in stableford, I get 10 shots, and where I get them probably makes...
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    Top 15 polluters

    So, it is revealed that the top 25 compnies responsible for pollution are pretty much all petrol companies. Well, no sh Sherlock. It is all their fault. Really? Is it not a supply and demand industry? If we didn't want it, there would be no market for it. Heck, you can advertise petrol all you...
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    Swing speed v back swing

    I am made from pipe cleaners, and need a really full swing, full shoulder turn, to hit it out of my shadow. I watch Tony Finau, and Gary Woodland, who seem to be having a contest as to who hits it further with the shotest back swing. TF is a big unit, GW less so, but still solid. There are...
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    Foreign currency

    Ok, what have you got? I have the following bank notes: 2 Brazillian Reais 1 Chinese Renminbi 5 Chinese Renminbi 2 Argentinian Pesos 2 Latvian roubles Total worth, about 5p
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    Played in the medal today. Brutal hang over after a funeral yesterday. Played ok ish on the front nine, until the par 3 ninth. I missed the green left, and ended up in GUR, where they are trying to regrow some grass. This GUR is about 20 yards long, all up the left side, and about 5 yards...
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    Cancelling a post

    If I hit reply, type a bit, decide not to post, there doesn't seem to be a way of cancelling. It just gets saved as a draft. Even if back spaced.
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    Payments of silly money

    How would you pay someone silly money for a car? So cash is out, paypal is out due to transaction limits, money transfer may be ok, but it is an obscure Danish bank and may not work, as they are in the dark ages. Bank draft is painfully slow, and a bit risky. Ideas?
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    Why do ferrules ride up the shaft?

    I have a few clubs in my bag where the ferrule is on the move. Ok, I can shove it back down, but why do they ride up? If I swing a club, the forces involved should compress the ferrule against the club head, and yet it doesn't. It moves the other way. Ideas?
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    Callaway Rogue

    I played at the weekend with a guy who has binned off his Epic driver for a Rogue. Not pretty. Not good. Not impressed. We normally hit a similar ball (yep, I have found another pea shooter to play with), but he was way shorter, with an ugly low ball flight. But, i quite fancy a new fairway...