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    Rental property advice

    Is there anyone with knowledge of rental property eviction disputes? We've been in our rented house for almost three years. We moved in on 10th September 2018. Since then the landlord has failed to carry out repairs, including to the kitchen sink which was reported as leaking when we moved in...
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    Investment Advice

    A question for those in the know with regards to financial investment. We're saving for a deposit to buy a house next year and currently have 20k to put into savings. We can lock the money away for a year as we will be looking to buy at this time next year. Mrs Colch is a first time buyer under...
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    Any coin experts?

    I've been helping my parents sort out their house before they move and have found some old coins. Any suggestions on where to take them to get them valued? There are eight gold (in colour, not sure of the metal) King George 1913 coins in a leather pouch.... And several of these 1887 &...
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    Best ever football team!!!

    I've stolen this idea from the Random Irritations thread....... You have to pick your best ever football team of all time players. Any formation you like. Go for it. (I'll add mine once I've picked it)
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    How does the internet know?

    For Father's Day yesterday Mrs Colch got me a bottle of Laphroaig for the kids to give to me. This was entirely arranged by her during a phone call to her brother who was shopping in Tesco with her telling him what to get - while she was having a coffee in her parent's garden, so not even in our...
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    Lockdown Quiz

    We've been having fortnightly family quizzes by group video calls during lock down and this week was my turn to host. Thought I'd post the picture round I did for tonight for everyone to have a go at. Each clue leads to the name of a famous person..... Example... = Tom Cruise 1. 2. 3. 4...
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    FFP92/N95 certified face mask suppliers

    I'm due to go back offshore at the end of the month and my employer is insisting that I wear an FFP2/N95 certified face mask while travelling to the vessel. Does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers that are genuine? I've had a look on Google and a couple of sites seemed OK with a...
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    Any mathematicians out there?

    Been asked to help with a friend's daughters maths homework. It's expanding and simplifying brackets. The two questions are to expand and simplify the following... 4m(3 + m) and 2(t -6) For the first I've got as far as 12m + 4m2 <-----that's 4m squared. Can it be simplified further? The...
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    Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    My mum and stepdad have bought a new laptop. It will only be getting very occasional use which means it's not really worth them paying for Microsoft Office. They'll only be using it for very basic stuff like writing letters and maybe the odd spreadsheet. Does anyone have any suggestions for...
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    MPs Brexit Options

    As per drdel's suggestion in the Brexit thread, which of the options would you support?
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    What's the highest level you've competed at?

    A post by SteveW86 in the "How good could you have been" thread got me thinking. What is the highest level that you have competed at and in what sport? Now I'm not expecting many to have been "a multiple national, European and world champion" as per Steve's post but how high have you got? For...
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    Small business accounts advice

    Hi all, Mrs Colch is on the books of my limited company but also runs her own business from home at the same time. It's a craft business whereby she buys in raw materials and then makes them into products to sell online and at craft fairs. So as an example she will buy in 2m of a pvc fabric...
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    2018 Awards Thread

    So it's the end of another year. Time to celebrate those that have spectacularly succeeded or spectacularly failed in the last twelve months. So who are your heroes and villains of the last year? I'll kick it off with........ Worst political party leader of 2018 - This award has to be shared...
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    UK overseas aid budget

    I've no problem with the UK having an overseas aid budget but when certain stories emerge it does make me wonder if the money is being targeted at the right countries. Over the next two years we will be giving £98 million in foreign aid to India. That might seem fair enough with them having 230...
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    Poulter at the BMW PGA

    He gets a rough deal at times for his ability, attitude, Twitter posts etc (including from me) but did anyone see Poulter interacting with the kid during his round at the BMW PGA...
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    Old Computer Passwords

    During our recent house move I found an old Acer laptop. I've tried starting it up but it's password protected and I can't remember the password I used. Is there any way to get round it so I can get into it as I want to check if there are any old photos on it before I bin it.
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    Pride of Britain Awards on TV

    Wow, just wow. A chance to put aside Brexit, politics, religion or anything else that might divide us and just celebrate the fact that there are some truly incredible people in our country who put others first.
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    Worst Car History

    I'm not really a car person, to me they're for getting from A to B and back again and that's all I'm interested in, but a conversation offshore has made me realise just how bad my car history has been. 1st car was a P plate Turquoise Vauxhall Astra, sold it when I inherited a very low mileage...
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    What should I cook for dinner?

    I'm bored of cooking the same 5 or 6 meals all the time and fancy trying something different for a change. So what should I cook tonight? What's your go to meal?
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    IPad Replacement

    Mrs Colch's IPad has finally given up the ghost so I'll need to replace it. Just looking at prices and my god are they expensive. Are there cheaper options out there that will do the same or similar things? Mrs Colch likes the big screen so an Ipad Mini or Kindle type device wouldn't be suitable...