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  1. Papas1982

    Woking one round

    Please add new accordingly.
  2. Papas1982

    Are you Superstraight?

    No no, I'm not talking about your driving capabilities.... This movement appears to be getting quite a but of attention in the last week or so. My question is, are we allowed to support the movement or not?
  3. Papas1982

    DAY BEFORE H4H Camberlyheath 7th October 2021

    Good afternoon Guys, As Rich has already mentioned. This year has been quite a struggle to get a course lined up for the traditional round Pre curry/beers. Having contacted 20 Clubs of varying pedigree I had literally two options that would take a group of our number, and that’s before even...
  4. Papas1982

    Monte Rei or Old Course

    Myself and 15 others were due to be in Portugal in two weeks. As has been the case for many of us this year. A certain “C” word has gotten in the way....... Fortunately 4 of us work from home so have decided to go anyways. we have 4 days booked as a package already, with 2 other previous...
  5. Papas1982

    New Zealand GC 12th July 2021

    Afternoon all. Can I tempt anyone to spend some more money next July.....? Some may recall the trip in 2017. Unfortunately the club haven’t been quite so generous as then, but have offered a significant rate reduction from their (not advertised green fee). Now when I mentioned that up to 80 of...
  6. Papas1982

    Woking GC 13 July 2021

    When organising Sonning for H4H, the only other course to respond was Woking GC. Unfortunately they didn't have dates that suited but i thought the society rate may be of interest some. Green fees in the summer are £125. They've offered, Breakfast, 18 Holes, 3 course lunch, 18 holes and then...
  7. Papas1982

    H4H North V South

    Evening all. After my winning start at Sunningdale (courtesy of my team) ....... I thought I'd see if there is any interest in the tradional battle. Usual rules. £10 per member. Winning team keeps their money. Loses all pop £10 into the H4H pot. I'll start the southerners. Papas1982 Nick...
  8. Papas1982

    Prince’s this Wednesday.

    Evening folks. I’ve a round Booked for 8am on Wednesday. Due to work/family issues the guys joining have had to cancel. So if anyone fancies a last minute round let me know. Current forcast looks calm. Dave
  9. Papas1982

    Boundary Lakes

    Evening all. I’ll be teeing it up at 1412 Friday 7th. with my old man and @Wrighty001. Space for one other if anyone fancies it. Dave edited to add all the details :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  10. Papas1982

    H4H Sunday game

    Afternoon people. Am going to contact some local courses for a round on the above date. If you're interested, please put your name below so i can have a rough idea of numbers. I would imagine it'll be afternoon golf, i reckon as long as the last group are out by no later than 3pm, we should...
  11. Papas1982

    I may be about to join another new club.......

    So, having left one club in December I'm now in the process of being a member at two. Had an email about new membership possibilities, they've a new 2nd club scheme going. For less than half what I'd have to pay to upgrade my membership at Princes to 7...
  12. Papas1982


    Just thought i'd see if anyone fancied a knock this Saturday. Will be travelling back to Kent form Southampton (yes it's an essential trip). If anyone fancies a round let me know. Can play anytime as no rush to leave/get back Dave
  13. Papas1982


    Hi Folks. It's not quite what I had in mind, but if anyone's at a lose end and fancies a round. The place is pretty quiet every day. So just pop me a text and we can sort a round. Dave
  14. Papas1982

    Who’s working?

    So, after the instruction to go back if you could on Monday. Who’s employer has made them return? My place hasn’t called anyone back at all. They’ve also refused peoples request for a rotated work force. 8 of 32 of us working. Some not working wish to be and vice versa. Holidays haven’t been...
  15. Papas1982

    School project. Who can help.

    Good afternoon you lovely lot. Am after a favour. My daughters latest project is to get photos from around the country (world if poss) showing the variation of weather on the same day. If anyone is able to take a picture this afternoon from out their window or from their daily walk and post...
  16. Papas1982

    Princes 24/03

    Evening Gents, Subject to us being in shut down. Myself, @Troymcclure and @Hooker shall be playing at 09:50 is someone fancies making up a 4 ball. It's £30, will be Shore and Dunes. Dave
  17. Papas1982

    And my new club is.....

    Finally had confirmation that there’s a space for me. Only 5 day membership atm, but they expect a 7 day spot be available around March. Looking forward to testing myself on a proper course all year round. Just need to go get some decent wet weather gear. Oh yeah, it’s here...
  18. Papas1982

    Xmas golf in surrey

    After a few suggestions from those in the area. Been asked to arrange our usual Xmas knock this year. We play on the 27th and this year we are playing in Surrey. Any suggestions for courses that will be in alright condition as this time of year. Will only be 8-12 of us. Budget is only £50...
  19. Papas1982

    Merry #%^+&£@ Christmas

    Missus has just had a call. Out of nowhere she’s being made redundant 16th December! Apparently they chose this date, so that it wouldn’t ruin Christmas as it would all be clear before it! Any body recently had the misfortune of this have any tips on what she should be looking for re...
  20. Papas1982

    Golf National

    Afternoon gents. Just seeing if there is any interest in a mini meet here next year. Me and 7 pals will be going April 23/4th for 2 rounds on L’Albatross course. There will be treating the greens 3 weeks prior and these are the last 2 days they offer reduced rates prior to going back to...