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    Slope ratings website

    Some before posted a link to a site that has all course slope ratings, and I can’t for the life of me find it, could someone please post the link. TIA.
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    Royal St George’s

    I’m playing RSG on Friday, travelling down the night before, as I’ll be in the area a few hours before my PP, does anyone know of any driving ranges in the area?
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    Washing Machine Question

    So my washing machine has stopped washing.... the cycle starts, the drum fills with water, and then it stops. I can drain it no problem, and I have checked the filter and all clear - any experts, (or otherwise!), with any suggestions? TIA.
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    Tournament Invites - Day/Ruffles

    Someone on Twitter has just queried how world number 498 Ryan Ruffles, has got into the limited field, PGA Tour event in Korea - turns out he’s got the same agent as Jason Day, who has a deal where if you want Jason Day to play, you have to invite Ryan Ruffles! I understand the concept of...
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    Edinburgh Course Help

    Hi I'm up in the Edinburgh area for a few days at the start of November, and should be able to fit in a couple of rounds on a Thursday & Saturday - can the fine members of this forum recommend me some courses to play please? I'll be on my own, but will have the car so can travel. TIA.
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    Forum Issues?

    Anyone else having issues opening the Forum? When I use my favourite link, it directs me to the page, then re-directs to an address that has added "secure" to the address - to get here I have to use a Google search.
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    Golf Care Matchplay Championship - Any Good?

    Does anyone have experience of the above? If so is it any good? I'm thinking of entering as they've extended the entry deadline - or is that a sign there aren't many entires as it's rubbish? Thanks
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    Golf Clubs in the Wokingham/Bracknell/Ascot Area

    Hi all, first post on the forum after lurking for a while - I need some advice! I'm looking at joining a club again after a break of 10+ years, and I wondered if anyone had any experience of either Mill Ride or SandMartins? I'm looking to play early weekend mornings (7/7.30), and occasionally...