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    when you just cannot stop
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    Swing weight difference

    At what differential do you think an average amateur golfer would notice a swing weight difference between one iron (same head, shaft etc) and another. E.G D0 to D4 D0 to D6.
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    Arcos grip sensors

    I recently bought a Ping club with one of these in and I do not use the system. Do the simply unscrew?
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    EG App

    A few questions for help for our handicap sec. If a player registers for a GP score but does not submit the score what does EG do about it? If they submit the score but is never verified by the marker what happens? Is there anyway for secs to see some sort of report for the above for all such...
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    One of those again

    His share of the 2s pot the second number is the hole Twos Report Peter Edwards (21)1/11thPeter Edwards (21)2/9thPeter Edwards (21)1/8thPeter Edwards (21)2/7thPeter Edwards (21)2/6thPeter Edwards (21)1/5thPeter Edwards (21)2/2ndPeter Edwards (21)1/18thPeter Edwards (21)2/1stPeter Edwards...
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    Changing National Association

    I have a friend who moved from England to Scotland. The club that he joined would not accept his England Golf handicap record and he has to start from scratch has gone from 7 handicap here to a 1 handicap there (no way is he 1 handicap player). Anybody know of anything similar.
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    This weather is just so

    Frustrating. We are squeezed in between the SE and NE winds and there is a band of rain running across our region. However the most annoying part of it is that it stops raining about 7pm stays dry until about 10-11 am and the sequence continues for the next couple of days. Looks no golf until...
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    golf on the BBC

    OMG Whatever next? I suppose Olympic golf is better than none and what excitement over who comes third!!
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    Practice on the course

    If we set up/allow the back 9 of of our course to be used for general play rounds. Is player playing holes on the front 9 before hand to be considered as practicing on the course? They will have learnt speed of greens as one example.
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    Deliberately not completing a round

    I know this has been discussed before but cannot find it With reference to Rule 2 acceptable score 18 holes and 3.2 If a player sets out with the deliberate intention of not playing 18 holes but plays 14 would you consider the score to be acceptable for handicap purposes, then scale up the...
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    What does this mean to you? To me it has always meant staying at your own home and having days out.
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    Did you see where that went

    I asked my partners today. "No" they said looking forward. " not the ball" said I " the club head" having heard it land in the rough behind my left shoulder. Luckily we found it.
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    Wimbledon GC

    Any body else see the article about Wimbledon Common on country file. There is a bye law that all golfers have to wear red tops. Looks like Tiger could go there incognito.
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    Power lines

    Reference E-11 Ball Deflected by Power Line A player plays his tee shot there is nothing to make hit or another player believe he has hit a power line (i.e. known or virtually certain). When the player gets to his ball. 1.There is now reasonable belief but still not not known to be...
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    WHS working well for me

    Having played in plenty of comps and a few Social cards the best 8 in my scores are all scores recorded since coming out of lockdown this year. Nice to see it reflecting currently ability.
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    Soft Cap

    After yesterday's round I expected my H.I. to go to 11.2 from 10.7 (9 replaced with 13.3, rounded 0.5) The best of 8 calculations show the maths as 11.25 I only went up to 11.1. I presume the soft cap has come in to play (low of 8) but cannot find anywhere in the manual that says how the soft...
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    MC Ilroy's penalty drop on the 18th

    Does anybody know it they were only allowing balls to dropped on the from the side of the stake/lined penalty from which the ball entered the penalty area.
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    EG app

    Two things I learnt today. 1. I probably will not use it again at Yeovil, my home course. Last time I tried to use it I gave up because I was due to tee off. Thinking I knew what the problem was (geolocation) I got there extra early today. Standing by the first tee it thought I was 1.2km...
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    I recognise that voice!!

    I had a phone call this morning telling that there was suspected fraudulent activity on my credit card. Last week the same woman was telling me my internet was going to be disconnected.
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    Conforming Golf balls

    Lillyhawk's thread made me read through the Equipment rules for golf. I had not realised that key elements in the old rules have gone a a major new one added There is no longer on a limit to dimples numbers. In addition, the design of the golf ball may not include parts or components that...