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    Animal Holes

    Would these areas be classed as animal holes? It does look like rabbits have had a go at burrowing and then stopped. Luckily my ball wasnt quite under the lip but could of been and afterwards I thought what if?
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    Anyone got any good reviews on rangefinders? Not looking at the brightest and best bushnell, maybe the tier below, shotscope, motocaddy etc.? Currently have a G10 Garmin for F/M/B
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    Ball falling off tee

    I’m guessing it’s tough if the ball falls off the tee during the swing? 1st tee for me today, driver, coming down to hit the ball it starts falling over 🤯 amazingly I thought I made good contact and off it flew... turned around and all my partners are looking in shock on how I actually...
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    GPS Unit

    The old man is 70 is December and has asked for a new GPS unit. He started out wanting a new watch but we've convinced ourselves a handheld unit is the way to go... So far we've narrowed it down to the Garmin G30, has anyone got one? other recommendations? Thanks Alex
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    New Irons

    So I've decided to go for it next year and join my first golf club and I've also thought to treat myself to some actual irons from this century irons! (Bye bye Hippos :( ) I reckon im around a 18 hcap can shoot between 85 - 92 which i guess is in the game improvement category. Never actually...
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    Lofts of my clubs

    Anyone know where I can find info on the loft of my clubs? Hippo Plus Impact #classics Thanks Alex