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  1. Crow

    Vintage / Old School Meet - Tuesday 28th Sept

    A small vintage/old school clubs meet has been arranged for Tuesday 28th September at Tadmarton Heath GC. Currently there are four of us and space for four more. You can bring your own vintage clubs or borrow a set. First come first served, but please only put your name down if you're sure you...
  2. Crow

    Solheim Cup 2021

    I can't find a thread for this so if there is one please delete this one. Anyway, free to view on YouTube. First thing I see is "Patriots Pavilion" and instantly I want Europe to win even more than I did before.
  3. Crow

    Or, Would you wear this on March 29?

    Assuming we've got grey skies (ignore this bit) is this a look that you'll be rocking in a few weeks or later in the year?
  4. Crow

    Does WHS make it easier to get to single figures?

    I haven't worked out any actual figures but going on the "Quick poll on your new handicap index" thread, more people have gone down than up. More significantly, peoples handicap index seems lower still before the calculations to find playing handicap are made. Does this mean that WHS has made...
  5. Crow

    For all those with chipping demons.

    Having suffered myself for several years, I thoroughly enjoyed this article.
  6. Crow

    The world has gone mad.

  7. Crow

    Anyone from Leeds playing at Old Farts V Whippersnappers???

    I'm after a club collection favour, again!! Anybody near Leeds, LS11 who could collect a set of clubs for me and bring to the Old Farts V Whippersnappers meet? Happy to pay a tenner for your troubles. :D
  8. Crow

    Morrisons? No longer for me, or am I just getting old?

    My local Morrisons, where I've shopped for over 15 years, opens until 9 pm on most evenings, great! But just recently they've seen fit to stop staffing the tills after 8 pm and customers are expected to put their shopping through the "self scan" aisles. I've no issue with this for baskets but...
  9. Crow

    How far do you hit your PW?

    I'm sure someone recently posted on here that a 38 degree pitching wedge was not far away. Well it's arrived, and from an unexpected quarter, the new Titleist T400! (Defend that then Phil, I'm sure you will!)
  10. Crow

    On a brighter note,

    From today the days start getting longer again. :D
  11. Crow

    ebay selling query

    After some help please. I'm looking to sell a couple of clubs on ebay but it's years since I last sold anything and there have been a few changes. The one I'm struggling with is Delivery. There seem to be two default courier services of ebay Delivery - Packlink or Royal Mail. Some questions...
  12. Crow

    Sunday before H4H

    There's been talk of a possible game on the Sunday before H4H but I can't find anything about actual games arranged. I'm travelling down on the Sunday so would be interested in joining up for a game, has anything been arranged or does anyone want a game on the Sunday?
  13. Crow

    Temporary Water

    Or casual water as it used to be. How big does an area need to be to be defined as temporary water? I had a situation today where my ball was short of the green, sat in a large divot on bare soil and due to heavy rain it was sitting in about half an inch of water, would this be classed as...
  14. Crow

    Church Stretton

    Several months ago the possibility of a Mini-Meet at Church Stretton golf club was discussed and there were quite a few interested in playing. Is this still of interest to anyone, some time over the next few months?
  15. Crow

    Golf related YouTube thing

  16. Crow

    Local collection, anybody live near Broadstairs?

    Hi, Is there anybody who lives near Broadstairs who is attending either the Sunningdale or H4H meets that would be kind enough to collect some clubs for me that are listed on ebay as collection only?
  17. Crow

    England Golf Seniors Series 2019

    Don't know if anybody else enters these but I usually get an email from them to say that entries are being received, I just went on the website for a quick look and noticed that they're open and the one I want to enter at Sutton Coldfield was almost full with just two places left! I entered...
  18. Crow

    When will it end? - 38 degree PW.....

    They're not even trying to hide it now! Bridgestone's latest offering goes from 5 iron to AW and includes 2 (yes two!) PWs, the first of which has a loft of 38 degrees! The 5 iron is 39.25 inches long! If ever proof was...
  19. Crow


    It's even worse at the second time of viewing.... :eek:
  20. Crow

    Late call for Northamptonshire County - 22nd March

    With The Berkshire meet being lost to the weather I was left with a day's holiday to use before end of March so am playing the above tomorrow, 22nd March at 9.30, anyone care to join me? £45 green fee.