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    Wanted: Cobra One Length Irons (Stiff)

    Update: Still looking for a set in Stiff :geek:
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    Wanted: Cobra One Length Irons (Stiff)

    Yes please mate. Are they in a Stiff? Get him to give me a shout on (y)
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    Wanted: Cobra One Length Irons (Stiff)

    Hi all! I’m after a set of Cobra One Length irons in a Stiff. Boredom and curiosity have got the better of me and I’d like to see what they’re like! :ROFLMAO:
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    BLM protests/ Riots.

    Ha, I'd agree with that aspect, but I'm not just talking about personal accounts I follow. I'm also on about the media accounts that have large amounts of users that I also follow and cater for the masses. They are very much left of centre or left, as to not alienate who they perceive to be...
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    BLM protests/ Riots.

    I'd disagree with that if I'm honest. Social media is extremely biased to the left as its fuelled by the main media who are too scared to be seen as too Right and younger users of social media, who are often very left sided. A good example of this is the previous election. If you'd have...
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    Vice Golf balls.

    I buy them in the Tour version. Can't go wrong really if you want to play a new ball. I haven't used the Pro or Pro Soft yet though as I play off about 18 at the moment, but would be more than happy to get some once I feel comfortable. Hoping they bring out a red and green Tour version...
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    Tiger v Phil

    Well done. To you. :sleep:
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    Live charity golf : rory dj wolff fowler 17th May

    Mel Reid :rolleyes: Charity event with four of the most popular players on the planet. No angle. No inequality. Just a chance to raise some money for relief. I honestly don't understand how people can criticise charity events. (n)
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    Where can I get a golf net in UK for garden within a week

    Best of luck :ROFLMAO: Better off making one.
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    Is your club Charging Fees for the time the course will be closed?

    Nothing has changed with ours. Mine are actually due right now and I don't mind paying the year in full despite not knowing when I'll be back on the course.
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    Home driving range nets

    I have bought a net too. Comes Monday (y) Did it early Tuesday which seems a bit of a blessing now as they now all seem out of stock. Think I will use it in conjunction with my phone and dry shampoo to work on strike. Now worrying myself that I'll engrain some bad habit :ROFLMAO:
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    The Cheltenham Festival

    Have a single on Envoi Allen in the 13.30. Will dip back in to the individual races as the afternoon goes on. I've also done a five fold covering today and the rest of the Festival. Envoi Allen, DDS, Tiger Roll, Paisley Park tomorrow and Delta Work on Friday. Will probably fail at the...
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    The Cheltenham Festival

    13.30 - Asterion Forlonge 14.10 - Notebook
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    Rose splits from Honma..?

    Rose won't sign a club deal after this. He doesn't need one. And those shirts he's been wearing from Bonobos are bloody lovely :love:
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    European Tour Social Media Pranks

    Hovland seems a lovely chap (y)
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    Emirates Golf Course, Dubai

    I'm out here now watching the golf. Have been coming out to Dubai every January for the last couple of years. Did Abu Dhabi last year to see Brooks and DJ. Absolutely love it and would move out here in a heartbeat, but my Wife couldn't leave the dog :ROFLMAO:
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    Abu Dhabi Hero Challenge

    Vernon Kay is genuinely an awful, awful presenter.
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    Will still be a wombat, even working with another manufacturer.
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    Favourite golf vlogger?

    Bit of a random one (and a bit nosey), but I follow Andy Proudman on Instagram and I notice he's gone to San Diego on his own for Christmas and New Year. He was engaged at one point and am wondering if he's shared what's happened via his podcast or anything? Seems this vlogging malarkey must...
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    Christmas Day Golf (& Boxing Day)

    My wife would murder me if I suggested I was playing Christmas Day or Boxing Day :ROFLMAO: