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    RC qualification - needs changing or not?

    One event? Do you just take the top three non qualifiers from the BMW?
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    RC qualification - needs changing or not?

    Because he’s been playing poorly for the past 18/24 months.
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    Panic buying fuel

    What do you use to know the thoughts and beliefs of 99% of BBC journalists?
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    Ryder Cup 2021

    The comeback is on!
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    That sounds great Amanda! My Dad ran the old Cycling Proficiency scheme when I was younger, have spent some years watching my older brother do it, I flew through the test with great pride. I also remember the Police being called after a driver nearly took a load of kids out when doing some road...
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    Ryder Cup Weekend... what you doing?

    I’ve got Friday afternoon off work to watch, Saturday morning I’ll be on Dad taxi duties in the morning, before golf all afternoon/evening. Sunday will be family time before I settle in for the singles - I’m lucky that my wife knows how much I love the event, (she did re-arrange our honeymoon so...
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Questions were sent via email, one I’d answered three times already, the others have no relevance to the meeting topic, numpties.
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    Random irritations of the day......

    More details required please!
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    Random irritations of the day......

    People who seem incapable of using Outlook or Teams correctly, to book meetings. I’ve had two this week which I have been booked whilst I’m in another meeting, I declined one, I checked if it was being rescheduled, only to be told no, and they have loads of questions for me! Good luck getting...
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    Cricket 2021

    Is that the rule Phil, or an assumption based on the rule we know about treading on the boundary? I would have thought the ball was dead once the catch was taken? Bumble says it’s should be out… Amazing fielding for the last catch!
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    Pop up practice nets

    I bought and it’s fine in the garden, no concerns about missing it, hit both irons and drivers into it no problem. my mate bought a pop up net, missed it a few times and will be getting the same as me for next Spring/Summer..
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    The Phantom of the Open

    I've read the book, I really enjoyed it, will give the film a watch too.
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    Polarised golf glasses.

    I had polarized Oakley's, I say had as I can't find them - and every time I play in the early/late sun, I wish I had them!
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    Golf Random Irritations

    "It’s going to be a slow one today", it wouldn’t be had you let us through on the 2nd when you stopped to look for balls 60yds off the tee….
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Another round, another decent score thrown away, as I can’t keep the doubles off the card. Add in the fact I couldn’t hole any of the decent birdie chances I had today, and it wasn’t a good day at the office, made worse that as a 2ball we weren’t being let through, we got the “going to be a slow...
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    Dottie Pepper with the icing on her cake, saying they should play foursomes first, as it’s more familiar… pretty sure you mean four-ball’s Dottie.
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    I was so confused, as I thought that gave them the win, but wasn’t sure as they didn’t say so!
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    Apologies for quoting myself, but very happy with just the one! Pedersen to finish it off now.
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    A couple of nice up & down’s here please!
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    Going to be tight!