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  1. jim8flog

    Panic buying fuel

    Our head greenkeeper goes over the road every Friday to get the fuel, in cans, for all the clubs vehicles. Apparently he had right barny with some one over filling cans yesterday.
  2. jim8flog

    Panic buying fuel

    One of our garages no fuel this morning obviously had a delivery this afternoon. No problem with petrol in the local garage this morning, luckily as I forgot to do my usual Thursday afternoon top up but they had run out of diesel.
  3. jim8flog

    Wedges bounce /grind

    Yes I do and have known this for years . Sometimes the wedges in the bag get changed just because course conditions have changed. Never particularly bothered to check a PW though, just use what came with the set.
  4. jim8flog

    Laughter - the best medicine

  5. jim8flog

    How to buy a car!

    When it comes to buying cards for the past few I have bought ex hire cars, they normally go on the market either when they reach a a certain mileage or one year old and are sold buy the original manufacturer through dealerships. Last 2 were about 60% off new price. (Last one £13k against list...
  6. jim8flog

    Annual Handicap Review

    I would agree time is the only factor.
  7. jim8flog

    Course Record.... Or not.....

    IMO Mind set is important. If I have one stroke left on a hole to score 1 point in a stableford comp say a 30 ft putt or a greenside chip I am going to approach that shot with a totally different mind set to that of the same shot in a medal comp.
  8. jim8flog

    4BBB comp with odd numbers

    Tell the 3 players one of them needs to find a partner. Issue a request to all members for one additional player. Put player 3 down as a first reserve in case of a no show or someone dropping out. Tell player 3 to play all holes and have a random draw from all the other players and that...
  9. jim8flog

    Annual Handicap Review

    Why do you think it cannot go up? I know mine is now higher than it was a few months ago.
  10. jim8flog

    Taylormade Sim2 Max

    A stands for Active flex. At one time it was called M flex by TaylorMade (mature player presumably). TaylorMade obviously do not like the connotations of 'Senior'.
  11. jim8flog

    World Handicap System

    He can win the comp where I play but would get back less than he paid to enter as the club takes an administration fee from every comp to cover cost of engraving and trophies. We often have just 2 ladies in the Saturday ladies comp.
  12. jim8flog

    Over subscribed club competitions

    Fastest fingers first where I play. Even in the shortest days in mid winter if you can get out by 12.30 pm you still have a chance of getting round. In summer the last guys who regularly play in the Saturday comp normally go out around that time. We also have a 9 hole course an there is...
  13. jim8flog

    You Are The Committee

    not judging by a couple of players I know:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  14. jim8flog

    Laughter - the best medicine

    My wife got angry with me because I kept slipping golf references into our conversations. I soon putter in her place.
  15. jim8flog

    Am I on to something?

    Mainly because I have enough experience to lay a club on a hard surface and form an opinion about the lie and know how to check against the strike markings on the sole. You are right 'cost is relative'.
  16. jim8flog

    You Are The Committee

    All of this reminds me of why I gave playing in knockout comps with no dates fixed by the club many years ago. Twice in one year I was drawn against a player who could only play Saturday afternoons when Saturday afternoon was the only day/time of a week I could not play.
  17. jim8flog

    Ryder Cup Weekend... what you doing?

    Falling asleep in front of the tele if most weekend evenings are anything to go by.
  18. jim8flog

    New Competition "rule" to reduce the impact of "new handicaps"

    Any scores recorded since from January 2018 are part of your WHS record.
  19. jim8flog

    Laughter - the best medicine

  20. jim8flog

    Am I on to something?

    When it comes to lies angles a good comment from the fitter I last used - "how often do you hit a ball on the grass off a truly flat lie?"