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    WTB - Stiff shaft 4 Hybrid

    As title, will consider most brands. Decent nick with no sky marks please. Anyone got anything they wish to offload?
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    Unplayable Lie

    Interesting one tonight regarding unplayable lie. Fella takes an unplayable and the ball rolls back almost to where he took the unplayable lie from and stops within the club length. He was ready to lift and re-drop and I stopped him and said he couldn't, 3rd fella said you can if the ball rolls...
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    Putters - Anyone got one on the naughty step?

    In the market for a putter, what you all looking to punt?
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    MP's are thick

    Those who use Twitter go do your thing
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    2020 Open Championship Chances are they'll get crucified for this and forced to postpone.
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    Evening troops, it's been while...

    Evening all, how is everyone? Lots went on the last few months eh, let's create controversy. Tiger is finished, Masters was a fluke Rory will never win another major Speith is a bottler Liverpool will never win the Premier League Fish u see has still not been caught out Liverbirdie is stil...
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    Please explain WiFi range extenders

    As per title, can someone explain how these work? I'm looking to try and extend WiFi coverage in my garden where at the limit I loss it in my garage. Am I right in saying if I plug one of these extenders in I need to be within existing coverage and it then will extend X amount of meters...
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    FS - Ping G30 Driver, stiff shaft

    This could potentially be a sale I regret as I loved this driver from day 1. For sale, Ping G30, 10 deg SF Tec model with TFC shaft in stiff. Been used for a while now but still in decent enough nick, crown unmarked with face and sole showing signs of use. Head cover included. £100 delivered
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    Taylor Made - Take a bow for customer service

    I bought a set of 2014 TM MC irons last March when on offer at a knock down price from a discount online retailer. A few months ago I noticed some chrome lifting on the face so queried the warranty with retailer who initially tried to fob me off saying out of warranty then offered me a few...
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    IT Experts, is MS OneDrive reliable?

    I'm tinkering with moving photos and docs to a cloud service. I currently have 1tb available on One Drive through my Office 365 subscription but reluctant to load to it and delete my files. So, how reliable is it and i suppose how secure is it?
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    If you had faulty irons......

    If you had a set of irons where the chrome began lifting and you bought them from new from a retailer all be it a discontinued and heavily discounted 2 year old model, would you accept a return for full refund or would you push for an acceptable replacement set of irons?
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    Any forum love gor a Dundonald outing late October.....?

    Hi all, any interest in a Dundonald meet late October? If so I'll do some spade work
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    Unplayable lie - Lost Ball?

    My lad was playing a bounce game the other night, hit a ball into rough just 20 or so yards from the tee. Although everyone could see the ball he elected to leave it and re-load without declaring a provisional to ensure his next ball was the ball in play. I'm 99.9 certain he did no wrong but...
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    Wanted - 4 Hybrid (22deg) Preferably Ping G/G30 or G25

    Anyone got any to offload, stiff shaft required. Will consider all options
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    Tablet recommendation BUT not iPad

    I'm looking for a cheap tablet for my Mrs that will play media players (skygo, iplayer etc) and has around 16gb storage. The main purpose will be to download some content from SkyGo and Netflix to watch whilst travelling on a plane. Any recommendations, thinking up to around £80 ma?
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    Wtd - a set of irons, stiff shaft

    I have a friend looking for a set of irons. Must be 3 or 4 to Pw, stiff shaft. All brands considered budget approx £100-£150, may stretch a bit further. He's a 16 hc looking to replace his old callaway x14's
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    We Buy Any Car...... and the likes

    Anyone used any of these type of outfits to offload a car? Looking for recommendations and who to avoid. I've a car I need to move on quickly.
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    WTD - Travel bag

    Anyone looking to move on a travel/flight bag? I'd consider both soft and hard case
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    Putting - Over active right hand

    I've been a relatively steady putter the last few years but the last 6-9 months has seen me struggle with longer putts where I pull everything left due to a turn in my right hand at impact, almost like a yip. Yesterday saw me with a 25 foot putt which I missed with the right pace but 8 feet left...
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    Seniors/Veterans Section annual fees

    Im doing a bit of research on this to pass to my club, its a very emotive subject as some of our seniors pay as little as a 3rd of the ordinary fee but with a growing senior membership and a declining ordinary membership a club like mine which is currently in healthy financial state could easily...