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  1. Orikoru

    What difference does extending a putter shaft make?

    Just wanted some opinions/knowledge quickly.. Wife has ordered me a new putter for birthday, 35 inch shaft. They've written back and said due to stock issues they only have 34 inches in stock, but they can extend it to 35 if we want. Does having an extended shaft make any discernible...
  2. Orikoru

    End of Season Predictions 21/22

    We'll bump at the end of the season and see who got the most wrong. :p Top six: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Bottom three: 18. 19. 20. PL top scorer: FA Cup winner: League Cup winner: Champion's League winner: First manager sacked: Best signing: Worst signing/biggest flop:
  3. Orikoru

    Premier Prediction League 21/22

    Two weeks and two days to go until it all kicks off. Plenty of times to round up the troops with some predictions, for the fourth edition of the Premier Prediction League. Someone must end the tyranny of Paperboy! Rules Post your predictions of all of the week's fixtures, prediction for each...
  4. Orikoru

    I'm Having A Lesson!

    For those newer members who aren't familiar with my stance on lessons, I've never had one as an adult because a) I don't really practise as such, I just enjoy playing, b) I've always been a bit apprehensive about becoming one of those 'death by a hundred swing thoughts' guys. But, my...
  5. Orikoru

    Is This Normal Wear & Tear Or Would You Send It Back?

    I got my golf bag in August last year, so had it 10 months, but only 6 months of actually usage taking lockdowns into account. It is a hybrid bag though so it's been used every round for those months. There's two areas of wear with the stitching coming out, on the base and on the handle: Do...
  6. Orikoru

    Best App For Live Golf Scores?

    The official PGA app is rubbish, seems to be about half an hour behind real time. I've just installed 'GolfLive24' which looks ok but there might be better out there. Anyone got a really good app for the golf scores and leaderboards? (On Android so no Apple-only ones)
  7. Orikoru

    Oakley Shorts For Sale 34/35"

    In one of the lockdowns I bought a pair of Oakley shorts, and failed to try them on properly I guess as they are too big and I'm too late sending them back. I have worn them twice on the course with a belt but they're just too big for me. They're meant to be a 34, but feel more like a 35 really...
  8. Orikoru

    Page Jumps Down on Mobile

    Whenever I'm viewing the page on my phone, I access a sub-forum, then when I'm just about to click on a topic everything on the page suddenly jumps down a centimetre so I click on the wrong one. Very annoying.
  9. Orikoru

    Skytrak v Trackman

    I was surprised to see recently that Rickmansworth Golf Course (a public course run by Everyone Active leisure centres) have installed a simulator room, that you can currently book for just £5 an hour. (Apparently just an 'introductory offer' though.) Just over a...
  10. Orikoru

    Can You Record Nine Holes for Handicap Easily?

    Sorry, I know there's a lot of topics about WHS, but if anything it's too much to read through to find what I want to know. 😅 My dad's joined my club and has never been a club member before, so no handicap or anything. We're playing nine holes this afternoon. If he wanted that to count towards...
  11. Orikoru

    Do Softer Golf Balls Help On Fast Greens?

    Disclaimer: sorry, another boring golf ball advice topic, if you've come here to say that the ball makes no difference and I'm a marketing sheep then please save yourself the effort and move along. 😁 End of last year I decided to make the step to using 'premium' balls as I really don't lose...
  12. Orikoru

    'Illegal' Pin Positions

    I've heard a lot about 'illegal' pin positions in the past, my understanding is that the pin should be somewhere where the ball would actually stop. On the 15th at my place the other day my mate hit a putt from 8-ish feet, uphill towards the hole, it stopped about 2 inches short and then rolled...
  13. Orikoru

    April could be a long month.. (swing vid)

    Finally managed to cut the grass and get the practise net out. I only hit until my back started hurting, so about 15 minutes. Based on direction I'd say the middle shot was the least bad. Just about. 😟
  14. Orikoru

    Online Lockdown Games?

    Anyone got a good online lockdown games I can do with my mates? We've done Monopoly, Pictionary, Joking Hazard, Cards Against Humanity, Among Us, and poker (and maybe others I've forgotten). Anyone know any other good ones to play? Preferably free, but we'd probably pay up to a fiver if needed...
  15. Orikoru

    How Does Anyone Play Well In Winter?

    (I was going to post this last week and forgot - figured I might as well still post it though so we can talk about something other than lockdown for 5 minutes. Nothing else to do.) I should have two different handicaps - in summer I could play to about 13 I reckon, in winter it's more like 21...
  16. Orikoru

    Anyone got an F9 7 wood they might want to part with?

    I know it's a long shot, but I love the Cobra F9 five wood I have, and fancy trying the seven to see how it stacks up against my 20° hybrid. There don't seem to be a lot about though, so I wondered if anyone was offloading one. Regular shaft only.
  17. Orikoru

    Wilson entering premium golf ball market?

    Got an email advertising these today: Wilson Staff Model R Surprised to see them priced as high as 40 quid, same as the Chrome Soft and Z-Stars. And their unique selling point? Not bothering to paint them - as uneven paint can affect ball flight. Sort of reminds me of when Mars marketed their...
  18. Orikoru

    Any IT / Network Experts About?

    My laptop and phone are connected to the same Wifi Extender, same distance away, but the connection is miles slower through the laptop. I've been doing Speedtests on both, on the phone I was getting 12mb while on the laptop it was about 2. The YouTube video I was watching kept stopping to load...
  19. Orikoru

    Bryson testing 48 inch driver 😯

    Just heard the interview on telly but it's quoted here: He's already using less than 6° loft, so if he does this as well he's basically in long drive competition territory with the likes of Kyle Berkshire...
  20. Orikoru

    Do premium/urethane balls really benefit *everyone*??

    I'm posting this in Ask The Experts rather than The Lounge as I'm hoping for some scientific basis in the discussion rather than people's opinions and feelings really. Or at least a bit of both. TXG on YouTube did a review of the Inesis 900 ball - at the end of the review they basically said...