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    What's your longest iron?

    4. I'm on the limit with it though. Hit it well and it gaps properly but sometimes it only goes a few yards further than my 5. It does give me a club to hit low punches with and is one of my most used clubs when I have to manufacture a shot though.
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    Competition Results- How long

    We enter on the IG app as well and results are usually out the same evening as the comp finishes (unless the app breaks which it has in the past) with handicaps updated overnight.
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    Flags and Rakes

    We've had rakes in since mid May (all members got a clip on rake in earlier in the year so you don't have to use the normal rakes if you would rather not) so no preferred lies but every bunker I go in seems to have a multitude of footprints in it which is frustrating. Flags are out now but we...
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    Nine Holes in Sheffield or Chesterfield Area

    Barlborough Links is 9 hole and very relaxed on dress code. 2854 off the yellows. Never played the course but I use the range up there and it is relaxed and friendly.
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    Tee booking

    As a new member at a club, I'm really looking forward to the resumption of roll ups as it has been hard/near impossible to meet people to play with since I joined in September. On the other hand I like the booking system as it allows me to pick a time to play where I won't catch up the main...
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    TPC Sawgrass the alternative championship

    I feel sorry for anyone that gets stuck behind them.
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    How far do you travel...........

    9 miles and about 20 mins in the car
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    Tour striker Planemate

    Ordered on Monday and it arrived today. Going to start with it this week. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
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    Golf Clothing (Loyalty to brands for value for money)

    Fit is probably the biggest criteria for me. If I find a brand that fits well and I can trust the sizing I'm more likely to buy again as I know I can order and it will fit.
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    Spikeless Shoes in Winter

    I've flirted with spikeless shoes over the last few years and have found them great in most conditions even through winter. What I have found is if the course is too sloped, too wet/muddy or too hard (dry or frozen) then grip is greatly reduced. If you're after a pair for year round I would go...
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    FootJoy Giveaway

    I've hit some bad ones but Saturday's has to be the worst. I've just joined a club for the first time in years and checked in with the head teaching pro who I had just met for the first time. I was off mid afternoon as most tee times were booked for the medal and as such the patio area was...
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    I bought today.....

    Which one have you gone for? I've just started with SuperSpeed and am quite impressed with my gains after only a couple of weeks.
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    Line on your ball

    I'd always been anti lines as I felt it would distract me too much if it wasn't lined up 100% but recently watched a video talking about the methodology behind putting with a line and decided to give it a go on some practice rounds. Lining up putts took 3 times as long as I could never get it to...
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    Cheap Rangefinder / Laser

    Yes, I particularly chose a model with a CR2 so I could have a spare in the bag if the battery ever runs out in the middle of a round. If it has a built in rechargeable battery and it runs out during the round well...
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    Cheap Rangefinder / Laser

    Bought a Mileseey PF210 last week for £100 off Amazon to see how I would get on with a rangefinder. Got to say I think I got a dud as it was utterly useless and overread the distance nearly every time by up to 30 yards at times. Ended up having to check my phone app to make sure the rangefinder...
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    Smartwatch for golf

    Hi all, Just getting back into playing golf regularly for the first time in a while and am quite keen on getting a GPS watch of some kind. Can't justify having a watch just for golf so I'm looking for something that can be worn as a daily smartwatch but used for golf when needed. HR monitor...
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    Best golf coach on youtube ?

    Mike Malaska as already mentioned and Clay Ballard ( are two of my favourites.