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  1. Twire

    Roll out or back spin?

    Just reading the Groove Sharpener thread got me thinking. I use old 52 and 56 wedges, probably 6-7 years old their battered and bruised, but I've never thought of sharpening or reconditioning/replacing them. I use them alot around the greens, full shots and bunkers. I never have any problem...
  2. Twire

    Top 100 (GB&I) How many have you played?

    Just looked at the rankings and I've managed to tick off 25 with 3 more planed this year. Not a bad percentage seeing as I've only played 83 different courses.
  3. Twire

    New world record?

    What a celebration... :D
  4. Twire

    Top 5 on your Bucket list?

    As per the title, what are the top 5 courses on your bucket list? Try and keep it realistic/achievable. I'm sure we would all like to play Augusta, TPC Sawgrass etc, but certainly in my case it's never going to happen. With that in mind I've kept my 5 a bit closer to home. In no particular...
  5. Twire

    English Champion Club

    This is being held at my club over the weekend. Any of your clubs being represented?
  6. Twire

    Brexit. Knowing what you know now...

    What way would you vote?
  7. Twire

    Which way did your handicap go this year?

    We had our final qualifier of the year last weekend and I managed a small cut. :thup: I thought I'd have a look to see how my handicap went this year. It started at 12.6 peaked at 13.5 and finished at 12.2 So all year I played off 13 save the one game at 14 but start the new year off 12 How...
  8. Twire

    Bracknell, Ascot, Camberley etc. Sunday 23rd Aug

    I'm up in the Bracknell area for the weekend 22nd - 23rd August. I'm playing Swinley Forest on the Saturday and looking for a game on the Sunday before heading back down to Devon. Can anyone help out?
  9. Twire

    Ascot, Bracknell, Wokingham, Camberley or near Sunday July 5th

    I'm in the area on July 4th and 5th and I'm looking for a game Sunday morning before I head off back down to Devon. Can anyone help out? Cheers
  10. Twire

    My best round so far..

    I had an invite from a mate to play at Woodbury Park yesterday morning. It was their midweek stableford so the course was set up off the gold tees 6872 yards par 73 SSS 74 :eek: We went off as a 3 ball and from my first drive which I smacked about 250 down the first fairway everything just felt...
  11. Twire

    Competition Closed

    Is the competition closed once the results are published? And once it's closed does the result stand even though a mistake has been made? I played in a better ball Medal this weekend and came in with a net 65. After entering onto the computer that gave us a net 64 I checked and double checked...
  12. Twire

    Managed to buffer

    27 pts in this weekends monthly Stableford and managed to buffer :o Par 70 (SSS 71) CSS 74 Cat 3 Playing to H'cap = 32pts minus 3 (buffer tolerance) minus 2 rounded down holes to nett doubles = buffer zone. I think that's how it was worked out. That was a surprise :)
  13. Twire

    Message from DCB via his wife

    You might have noticed that David has not been on the forum over the last few weeks. Almost 3 weeks ago David had a fall and damaged his spinal column. The fall aggravated a pre-existing condition we didn't know he had. The damaged resulted in a creeping paralysis which left surgery as the only...
  14. Twire

    Talk about a game of two halves

    I played in our midweek stableford on Wednesday afternoon. The front nine I couldn't seem to get going and was playing scruffy golf, I did however score on every hole but with so many 1 pointers only managed to cobble 14 points together. Thinking I needed to shoot 19 -20 points to hit buffer I...
  15. Twire

    Hammering down

    It's absolutely hammering it down here in the South West, thunder and lightning the works. Just to cheer you all up, it's working it's way across the country.
  16. Twire


    ESR adjustment, is it mandatory or optional for your club to apply this adjustment?
  17. Twire

    Summer knock-out, playing against ladies.

    I entered our summer knock-out a month or so ago and the draw was made over Easter I believe. When entering I assumed it was a men's competition as I've played in it before and never noticed any ladies names. I've just had a phone call from a lady member trying to set a date when we can play the...
  18. Twire

    Wanted firm shaft for R11s

    I'm borderline between regular and stiff, so was wondering if there's a shaft out there that sits in between. Years ago. Callaway used to do Regular, Firm and stiff. I used to play the firm and got on great with it. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations..... or better still, something...
  19. Twire

    Live Ryder Cup thread.

    Could the folk who have Sky give us folk without some updates/snippets please.
  20. Twire

    Anyone for cricket?

    Our local cricket club got a bit of a soaking over the weekend.