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    One Club Length?

    I played with a guy today who after hitting his ball into a ditch, had to take a drop. He said that in the new rules you could only use 1 clubs distance as opposed to the previous 2. But you are allowed to use any club to measure the distance. Can One of you experts please confirm if this is...
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    who is your favourite?

    Earlier tonight while out with another forum member we got round to chatting about who is the person who's posts you most like reading, who do you look for when seeing the names pop up and and who do you think generally gives the best advice, we also discussed who we didn't like and who we...
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    What would you do?

    I am an Artisan member at my golf club, which means we get cheaper fees for working on the golf course, we are our own section and nothing to do with the main club but do have the tee booked for our competitions and interclub matches. On Saturday we were playing against another club in a...
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    Betchworth Park

    I am playing Betchworth Park in a club match on Saturday. It is the first time i will of played there, any info greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
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    Broken Hearted

    When i first started playing this crazy game i cut my teeth at Traditions golf club in Pyrford Surrey. It was a nice course kept in reasonable condition and ideal for a new player to learn a bit about the game and improve, a good mix of holes and relaxed staff all made for an enjoyable time for...
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    Fa Cup Or Top Four

    What would you rather for you team? Winning the FA Cup or finishing fourth in the league Louis claims winning the FA cup would be the greater achievement while Arsene insists finishing fourth is better What would you prefer for your team?
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    West Hill Golf Club

    I have an inter club match (surrey sevens) against west hill away this weekend. I have never played the course so looking for general advice. Anyone played there recently or a member there with any inside tips. Many thanks.
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    Custom Fitting

    I am getting myself custom fitted for new irons on Thursday, this is the first time i have done this and wanted some advice on what to expect and any previous experiences good or bad that people have had, also any questions i should be asking during the fitting. I am having this done at...
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    Hi- New Member

    Hello all Having been a lurker for a while i have finally bit the bullet and signed up I am currently playing at Burwood artisans golf club who play at Burhill golf club in Surrey Currently playing off a 12 handicap Looking forward to getting involved and hopefully meeting some of the great...