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  1. Midnight

    Not completing a round.

    On the My EG app if you start a round but have to abandon it after 8 holes due to flooded greens, how do you cancel the score. Do you submit the holes you have done then get the club to delete it?
  2. Midnight


    Afternoon all, If someone isn't a member of a club can they still monitor and update their handicap on the England golf app. Cheers Midnight...
  3. Midnight


    Anyone got one of those jet spa /massage things for a normal bath? If so are they any good and what do you recommend?
  4. Midnight

    Waterproof golf cart bag.

    Big max aqua tour 3 Cart bag, cracking bag, 100% waterproof comes with rain hood. All zips work perfectly, no rip or holes. Bag has been used a few times retails for ยฃ250 Selling due to my OCD. ยฃ140
  5. Midnight


    Evening all, My youngest wants to get a monitor for his room so he can play the x box on, any suggestions? He will be saving the money up from birthdays and jobs round the house. Cheers Midnight...
  6. Midnight


    Afternoon all, I have just purchased a new putter, so below is pictures of my old one. I got this putter in 2016 thanks to be chosen by GM for a fitting. As I was lucky enough to be given this putter I am not interested in selling it, but I'm happy for someone to have it for nothing. Cheers...
  7. Midnight


    Thinking of getting a Evnroll ER2 Black putter, can users of them give me some feedback please. Due to them being black, do they mark easy? I know that putters are a personal choice but after any feedback ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Cheers Midnight...
  8. Midnight

    Golf storage units.

    Looking to possibly get a golf storage /organiser unit for the house as my kit is all over the place at the moment, has anyone bought one, if so where from and roughly how much please? Cheers Midnight....
  9. Midnight

    Any one use

    Anyone use this or know of this site/shop please? Cheers Midnight...
  10. Midnight

    Pro quip

    Evening all, Does anyone know if they are still trading? Was thinking of buying a set but unsure if the warranty is still on? Cheers Midnight
  11. Midnight

    Fifa 21

    Evening all, My sons keep challenging me and destroying me on the ps4 at this game. As a dad I need to get my edge back and absolutely wipe the floor with them or at least score 1 goal to there 10๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข How the hell do I shoot properly in this game, everything I do is either skied higher than a...
  12. Midnight


    Afternoon all, Can any one recommend a decent TV for no more than 350. The TV will be used mainly for playing a PS 5 when they eventually come back in stock. I appreciate its not a massive budget but I'm sure there is a decent TV out there but as you know I am clueless ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Cheers Midnight...
  13. Midnight


    Evening all, I'm looking at picking up a gortex jacket for golf any recommendations please. The waterproofs I have let me down a bit today in a heavy downpour so thought I would invest. Cheers Midnight...
  14. Midnight


    Morning all, I know that our comp scores are sent via the club and put onto HowDidiDo but can you enter your own scores? Only asking as if social rounds are to be counted I know my club probably won't have time to enter them all. What are other places doing? Cheers Midnight.
  15. Midnight

    Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket

    Evening all, Anyone use the above jacket, pros and any cons you have found. Cheers Midnight...
  16. Midnight

    Ring doorbells

    Afternoon all, Iโ€™m looking to upgrade our door bell, anyone who has one of these bells pros and cons please. Also would you say buy ring or are there other makes you would recommend? Cheers Midnight...
  17. Midnight

    England golf website.

    Morning, Is anyone else having trouble getting into their account? Each time I try it keeps coming up with a message saying their is no email address attached to my account, I have spoke to my club who have confirmed one is attached. I have also emailed them but do appreciate that with...
  18. Midnight


    Good afternoon all, People were very helpful with laptop advice, now I'm after Tablet advice. The tablet will be mine, used for photos, watching films/you tube, little bit of games. Sky seem to be doing a decent deal on ipad 8, any pros and cons please. Thanks Midnight...
  19. Midnight

    Laptop help please.

    Morning all, after laptop for my youngest to use for school work, saw this on prime, will it do the job? Thanks Midnight...
  20. Midnight


    Evening all, Has anybody had their conservatory roof done to make it cooler in summer and hotter in winter? Was it worth the money? Any company recommendations? Failing that after a decent heater /cooler, again any recommendations please. Cheers Midnight...