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  1. Sats

    Problem with my Wilson D7’s irons, what would you do?

    I'd contact Wilson direct - most companies have at least a 1 year warranty. Some have longer warranties like Callaway has a 2 year warranty.
  2. Sats

    Attending my first golf event - looking for tips and advice

    Take refreshments as it's bucks for food & drink, comfortable shoes, something to keep you dry, and keep your phone on silent. Pick either a hole to watch all groups or select one and follow.
  3. Sats

    Rory’s hoodie - yes or no?

    I don't mind, patterns awful though. I've said it before Golf is so hypocritical about clothing standards - it loses it :poop: over hoodies, short socks or untucked shirts, yet will allow the insane clown posse to roll around looking like they fell into crusty the clowns wardrobe.
  4. Sats

    Who is this???

    Is it Laura Davies :ROFLMAO:
  5. Sats

    Careers Within the Golf Industry

    I'd love a career in golf, however, it seems unless it's retail other sectors can't really transfer skills.
  6. Sats

    121st US Open: Pick your winner and score

    xander schauffle -7
  7. Sats

    121st US Open: Pick your winner and score

    Rahm -6
  8. Sats

    Recommend me golf shoes that don’t fall to bits!

    I don't cycle through golf shoes often, I just happen to have 6 pairs of Golf shoes. As I have a pair of adidas spikeless in white, I brought a pair of Nike Rosche when they were £20 at lillywhites, a pair of FJ Hyperflex which I brought a month before I got the GM Puma clothing opportunity and...
  9. Sats

    A first on the golf course yesterday

    Found this the other day - think it's older than I am :ROFLMAO: I'm sure @Crow will know about these.
  10. Sats

    The peasants are revolting

    To be honest they are low for a reason and if they are hitting form then there should be no reason why they can't compete. Likewise with high handicappers can have a purple patch and win stuff. I'm off 11.6 atm and would love to be low and play at that level. Spoiler alert I've not won a board...
  11. Sats

    How many hybrids do you have in the bag?

    I don't have a hybrid in the bag atm, but I'm toying with a hybrid or a 7 wood versus a four wedge setup PW/GW/SW/LB. Though before I do anything I'm booking another gap test and see what needs what.
  12. Sats

    Move to premium balls?

    Price for me - I find it painful to part with £40-50 for a dozen only to eventually lose the things! Don't get me wrong I love a pro V1/Chrome soft/TP5 PIX but at £20 a dozen the supersoft is good value for me and not a bad ball to game with.
  13. Sats

    First Club Membership

    Firstly hello and welcome. I'd definitely ask and try out the courses and see what really suits you. Enjoy, and prepare to be skint as once you're hooked that's it new driver, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters you name it - worse than crack :ROFLMAO:
  14. Sats

    Beginner, where to start?

    I always say just get enough to get you on the course (eBay/Golfbidder/Facebay/classifieds/the boot fair etc etc) then once you're in for the long haul then spend. If he needs a new set for under £500 tell him to go onto the internet and search for package sets under £500 and pick one - it's...
  15. Sats

    Recommend me golf shoes that don’t fall to bits!

    Our place does Puma, FJ and GFORE. Heard a lot of moans about Puma - I have a pair of Titan Ignites from 2017/18 that have never fallen apart but I've tried their spikeless and they are good for comfort but rubbish for golf. FJ's - no complaints from me. G-FORE look funky and cool never tried...
  16. Sats

    15 Clubs

    I'm going to test one hopefully - they're not that common compared with a hybrid. Still battling with if I should get another wedge instead though.
  17. Sats

    15 Clubs

    I have 13 and funny enough I'm contemplating either going for 4 wedges PW/GW/SW/LW or putting a 7 wood or hybrid in the bag.
  18. Sats

    Could I be fitted for wrong shafts?

    Says it all....
  19. Sats

    Would you ban the thick grip putter?

    I found that the head weight and toe hang/face balancing was more of an influence to my stroke than the putter grip.
  20. Sats

    Challenging Dress Codes.

    What's more amusing is the states of some people that turn up to the course - overweight John Daly look a likes with beer guts and tight clothing or like they're auditioning for Krusty the clown: the live series :ROFLMAO: Yet golf seems to still lose their :poop: when someone doesn't wear a collar!