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    Vintage Golf

    That's tonights viewing sorted out!
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    Custom Fitting- The Evidence Base (VERY long post)

    To me this is the most basic point of custom fitting benefit. I'm 6'5" so longer and more upright clubs made a big difference to me too. The biggest problem though, is that most fittings are for one range of clubs. Surely, we need to test all options but there are few places that have every...
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    Vintage Golf

    So it is a chipper really !!
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    The UK & Ireland’s Next 100 - how many have you played?

    25 with hopefully Southerness and New Zealand this year.
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    New GM Top 100 - how many have you played?

    28 with two being added this year hopefully - but I thought that last year!
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    How did it go

    Weird day - every par was a good drive, awful second shot, brilliant third shot, 6ft away max. Drives were a mix of superb ( for me) and topped? Hybrids - started badly and gradually got straighter with each shot. Irons - generally left apart from wedge or 9i which all ended close to the pin...
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    Do your clubs fit in your car boot?

    Volvo V90 - no problem
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    What condition do you expect your course to be in come March 29?

    Enville will be great apart from the greens that will be slower than summer as they have done the green maintenance and top dressed. WP will be much drier than December but greens slow as they won't have cut low yet. I will know for certain over the next two days as I play Enville tomorrow and...
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    National Club Golfer email today

    I had to read it a few times before I believed my eyes. I would think it must be an unhappy ex employee.
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    Number of times played in 2020 when compared to 2019

    2019 - 193 2020 - 139 The drop was purely down to lockdowns.
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    Yer dads car.

    My Mum was a Health Visitor so always had a car but the one I always remember was a Ford Anglia but not for how it ran! I remember it because of it being the reason for the police to call at our house. She had just got out of it and was stood on the doorstep of the house she was visiting, when...
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    Friday 16th July - Beau Desert, Little Aston, Enville

    I would have thought I will be free to host at Enville, if that suits you unless you get a better offer at one of the other courses. Will just have to check if there is anything on at Enville, but we do have two courses.
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    Motocaddy customer service

    I had a charger fail about 3 years ago and they were superb in their response too. I received it the next day.
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    April issue of magazine

    Me too.
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    Golf Union levies

    Thanks for that. Will check the details.
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    Golf Union levies

    I pay the fees separately in Worcestershire at WP but in Staffordshire they are in the fees at Enville. Probably due to Enville being a members club and WP owned by a company? I don't pay extra for a county card.
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    Sad News

    A forum legend. RIP
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    Will Westwood make the Ryder Cup team?

    Anything could happen but if he continues to play as he has recently, he will be in automatically. He would then find it difficult to say no.
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    How many will submit “Qualfying Cards”

    I will play in as many comps as I can - now that is controlled by how many others of our group want to play in them and non comp cards will be the same. That is because we meet before the pro shop opens and will wait for it to open for comps. Many won't want to hang on just for us to sign in...
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    20 Golf Milestones

    13 with a long way to go to achieve many others. Hang on - 9 holes rounds count now, so I have had a sub 70 round !!