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  1. HampshireHog

    Donating a Laptop

    Just replaced my boys laptop, previously mine and was thinking about donating it to his school for them to distribute to anyone who needs one for home schooling. I see Windows 10 has an option to wipe all user data and documents, does anyone know how safe this option is for destroying data?
  2. HampshireHog

    Getting Netflix

    The wife has decided she would like to try Netflix. Looking at the options we’d probably get the Standard Pack. We also have Sky Q and could potentially get Netflix through them for £3 a month cheaper. Looking at the T&C’s the Sky option looks like it’s an 18 month full recontract but...
  3. HampshireHog

    Best Handicap you never had

    Since the WHS started handicaps from scratch in 2018 what was the lowest Index you were issued but never played off. My CONGU handicap was between 11 and 12 for most of the 2018-2020. First Handicap Index showing in Feb 2018 4.1😱.
  4. HampshireHog

    Intelligent Golf 4BBB

    Can it allow a 4BBB comp to have cards entered electronically? Had one last weekend seemed a bit archaic to just put the cards on a box.
  5. HampshireHog

    Dolby Atmos Home Cinema

    Recently upgraded my TV and it isn’t 100% compatible with the old 5.1 surround sound system I have so maybe time to upgrade. Is Dolby Atmos worth the upgrade, we pretty much only watch stuff through a Sky Q Box. Do you recommend the rear speaker option or would a virtual surround system be...
  6. HampshireHog

    Site redirects to

    Only happens on this forum. Using iPad Safari.
  7. HampshireHog

    6.1b Ball Must Be Played from Inside Teeing Area

    Playing a 4BBB match play this weekend and our opponent plays off the wrong tee and pulls it into to the heather. We all knew the procedure for stroke play, general penalty and re-tee. Very surprised that in match play there is no penalty but the opponent has the option to cancel the tee shot...
  8. HampshireHog

    Forum Links randomly link to a competition site

    Been a problem for the last couple of days clicking on a forum link will bring up pop up telling me I could win a prize and then re-directs me to Running Safari on an iPad.
  9. HampshireHog

    Odyssey Putters Design Flaw?

    I’ve always liked these putters and have had a few over the years. Last purchase was an Oddysey Works 2 ball fang and 11 months after purchasing the metal mesh started peeling away from the face. To be fair to the manufacturer they replaced it no quibbles. Now 18 months on the on the same...
  10. HampshireHog

    Winter Knockouts

    If in the course of a Winter Knockout comp a players handicap changes from a competition handicap to non-competition due to not having returned 3 cards in calendar year what happens? Player is DQ’d Player must regain a competition handicap before playing further rounds. No action is required...