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  1. slowhand

    2021 Old Farts vs Whippersnappers - The Teams

    Well, after much anticipation, here are the teams for this year's meet: Old Farts @rosecott (Captain) @GG26 @PhilTheFragger @Whereditgo @Crow @Yerman Tricky Trev Mark Langley Sowter Chris Davis Dave Foster Les Smith Gordon Taylor Whippersnappers @slowhand (Captain) @TreeSeeker @Lilyhawk...
  2. slowhand

    First Game Back After Lockdown - Goals

    Have managed to get a tee time for next Tuesday morning (Monday completely booked up within seconds, unsurprisingly), so I was jus tthinking what a realistic gola for the round would be, and besides just being glad to be out on the course again, and enjoying the fresh air, mine is to get round...
  3. slowhand

    PNC Championships

    Just thought I'd put it out there that I think it's a nice touch that not only is Tiger playing with his son, but that Joe LaCava's son will be caddying for Charlie as well. Nice father/son pairing all the way, and nice to see them taking this tournamment in the right spriit IMHO, as a bit of...
  4. slowhand

    Best Shot Tracking App for Apple Watch

    I'm looking to start tracking my stats more closely next year, as part of an effort to seriously improve. Since I already have an Apple watch, I'm looking for a good app that can help me track my shots whilst on the course. Something that is quick and easy to mark a shot (distance, direction...
  5. slowhand

    Who Decides Who Gets Sponsor's Invites?

    So after announcing that they have given the 2 sponsor's invites to the CME Group Tour Championship to a player who is 252nd in the world - Sarah Kemp, and one who hasn't made a cut since April and has only played 6 times this season - Natalie Gulbis, I was wondering who decides who gets these...
  6. slowhand

    Creases in Golf Trousers

    just wondering how many of you have creases on your golf trousers? I go though phase of putting them in them then I can’t be bothered as I end up but getting them in the exact same place. I’d be interested in the reasons as well
  7. slowhand

    Spikeless Shoes in Winter

    I’m in need a new pair of shoes. I have been looking online nad it seems that the majority of golf shoes nowadays are spikeless. Having worn spiked shoes all my golfing life, apart from the height of summed when it’s bone dry, I am unsure about purchasing a pair of spikeless shoes as I don’t...
  8. slowhand

    I didn’t play today.....

    As my son has tested positive for coronavirus, so we are all isolating for the next 2 weeks. I had a tee time this afternoon for the monthly medal as well 😡 Bet the weather for the next 2 weeks is stunning, and then turns rubbish
  9. slowhand

    Would you pay the same for a putter as you would for a driver?

    I have always hankered after a Scotty Cameron putter. I love the yway they look, the way they sit and feel (i've never properly tested one on the putting green) but always been put off by the price. However, with the cost of a driver at about £450, and only using it at most 14 shots a round...
  10. slowhand

    Banner Ads

    Please remove the investment banner ads that have started to appear. They make the site unusable on mobile devices
  11. slowhand

    Tee Marks

    I’m getting a lot of White marks on the bottom of my 3-wood from the paint or coating on my tees rubbing off, and cannot seem to clean them off. Anybody recommend a way of removing them?
  12. slowhand

    Hybrid vs Iron with Same Loft

    After just being fitted for my new irons, I was looking at the top end of my bag. My 4h (22*) is very close in loft to my 5i (23*) and according to TopTracer at my local range goes the same distance. Is this to be expected? I know they have different flights, but am unsure as to whether I should...
  13. slowhand

    FS: Various Gloves

    I have the following, unworn gloves for sale, all Left hand (for a right handed player) in the original packaging: FootJy CabrettaSof size S x 4 £10 each TaylorMade TP size M £12 TaylorMade Stratus Tech 2-Pack, size M £15
  14. slowhand

    FS: Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

    2019 version (seems to be exactly the same as the 2020 version, except for colours) purchased in January, in excellent condition. Grey & blue, with 14-way top. Comes complete with rain hood.
  15. slowhand

    Do You Use a Driving Iron

    So played today, in what was quite a strong wind. Driver behaved itself for the most part, except when I tried to hit it lower into the wind. I do what is recommended, lower tee, slightly further back in the stance, and swing easy, it just ended up as a high slice. It got me thinking, would I...
  16. slowhand

    Choosing Irons

    If you had been to a fitting, and had a choice between several sets of irons, one of which was more accurate and longer than the other, but you really didn't like them for whatever reason (be it looks, brand or just "something"), and the other just just loved, which would you go for? And why...
  17. slowhand

    Arccos Caddie Shot Tracker

    I bought some Cobra irons last year which came with Arccos sensors in the grips, along with other sensors to fit to my existing clubs. Having joined a club recently, I activated my free trial and played my first round with them today. First off, normally I don’t have my phone in my pocket, but...
  18. slowhand

    Weird Toe Injury

    Bit of a weird one. Played yesterday and this morning I have a bruise on the second toe of my right foot, under the toenail. I’m wondering if this indicates an issue with my swing. The shoes are a few years old but in perfect condition and broken in (FootJoy AQLs) so it’s not an issue with...
  19. slowhand

    Glove Sizing & Fitting

    Does anybody else find that gloves strecth very quickly? I have trouble finding a glove that fits properly (i should be a cadet small in Footjoy but can't seem to find any), and when I do, they seem to stretch after one round. Can anybody recommend a leather glove that would keep it's size and...
  20. slowhand

    Play More Golf Referral

    Just about to take the plunge on a Play More Golf membership before the price hike on Monday. I believe they offer a referral scheme for extra points. Anybody here a member and want to refer me? If so PM the details I need.