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  1. PNWokingham

    Ginge and Winge

    One day until the Oprah interview. Relations look toxic between Megan & Harry and the Palace. We now have bullying claims against the pair being investigated by the palace and the interview showcasing Megan's tales of "unbearable" conditions at the palace. Prime time viewing and tabolid inches...
  2. PNWokingham

    Shamima Begum - In or Out

    What do you reckon - the right decision to ban her from the country and had her Bristish nationality removed?
  3. PNWokingham

    Online Quizes

    Since the first lockdown started we ended up doing online quizes nearly every night. Now with the second lockdown and aftermath have been doing more again. Doing this one - Quiz Actually - tonight (in 10 mins). It is decent and on twice per week. We also do Jay's Virtual Quiz and some others...
  4. PNWokingham

    Lockdown Challenge

    4 weeks away from normal activity during the National lockdown. I decided to set a challenge - something hopefully achievable and not involving a reduction in alcohol! So, Lockdown challenge is 280,000 steps in 28 days - 10k per day average. We are 3 days in and have built a nice buffer, just...
  5. PNWokingham

    H4H Auction Item - Mizuno TOUR STAFF MID BAG

    A fantastic tour bag kindly donated by Rob Jackson and Mizuno Europe, who will post out to the winner after H4H
  6. PNWokingham

    H4H - Food and Drink on the Sunday

    I know a lot who are plkaying at Sonning will probably be too late for curry. But i would recommend the Boishakhi for those who want a curry dinner. I am probably not golfing but happy to lead the eating and drinking party :) Drink: Given the issues with social...
  7. PNWokingham

    Is your club Charging Fees for the time the course will be closed?

    With subs now due in a lot of cases, i guess this is a burning question? All the local gyms/ health clubs i have heard about have said they will not charge but not sure on many golf clubs?
  8. PNWokingham

    Happy Thursday

    Let's hope the country chooses the right option and gives a Conservative majority later. Boris is a bufoon and has been appaling on the campaign trail and really needs to learn from this, but the manifesto is the most middle of the road of any party, the least disruptive and the only hope for...
  9. PNWokingham

    Bearwood Lakes - tomorrow Sat 15 June - 3.40

    Jobr1850, Anotherdouble and myself are playing tomorrow at 3.45 - meet 2ish. Space for one more sociable, happy golfer? Twilight Green fee £45
  10. PNWokingham

    Top 25 Parkland Courses

    Given the Heathland thread, this seems like a natural next argument!! On my way out but will join in later. And Sandiway is defo more Parkland than Heathland
  11. PNWokingham

    GoKart Automatic

    Just bought a new Motocaady M1 due to wanting it to fit in my car boot. Selling the GoKart Automatic. Green battery. Bought circa 2013 - used about five times (went back t carrying) and then used again a few times in last couple of months. Everything works fine and the battery still perfect. I...
  12. PNWokingham

    Carnage at Cuddington - Dream-team Drubbing

    to be continued 😀🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. PNWokingham

    Golf Depot

    I have bought many things from online golf shops in the past and all, the likes of Snainton, have been great. I have bought from Golf Depot before, i can't remember specifics, but no problems. I just want to share a recent experience that has angered and annoyed me and means i will never deal...
  14. PNWokingham

    Back on the Golf Trail

    First game in 6 months bar the one at Hayling coming up on on Saturday. Back on the hog hopefully and Saturday is a medal - not the start back I expected but hey ho - it is golf and who cares if it is a telephone number score.
  15. PNWokingham

    Dee day Tomorrow

    After being cancelled 2 days before the op a few weeks ago, touch wood, my new-eye op looks on tomorrow in London. Not sure what to say other than 11 months with one eye has been shiiite and looking forward to a more balanced outlook soon. Not sure when I will be able to play but cannot wait :)
  16. PNWokingham

    Bearwood Lakes - 16th Changes

    in Late 2012, they significantly raised the tees and added 2 new fairway bunkers - with a plan to later change the approach to improve aesthetics, playability and give the bigger hitters a better chance of hitting the green of the longest par-5 on the course in 2. Any carry that hit the bank...
  17. PNWokingham

    Uploading Files

    I just tried to upload some photos on a new thread - selected files - and it didn't like. It would not even let me do a single photo - circa 2.5-3mb. Is the limit much smaller?
  18. PNWokingham

    Swinley Forest - 31 Oct 15

    I had the pleasure of playing Swinley Forest again last week. It is a "national treasure" of a golf course, little changed over the past century. Colt called it his "least bad work". It looks like there is more going on here over the past year and the next coupe than maybe the previous 100 -...
  19. PNWokingham

    Cracking deal from Princes

    Just received an email from Golf News about a cracking winter deal option at princes. Not played here before but hear that it has improved a lot - and given that it is soaking outside a little links escape might well be a good idea. 99.00 Mon-Thur £125.00 Fri-SunOvernight accommodation for 2...
  20. PNWokingham

    Wine - Baron de Ley reserve Rioja 2010

    Wow! Bought a couple of bottles at Costco a few days ago and just opened one. Wonderful!! :D It is award winning from Decanter magazine. I will be back there this week stocking up in bulk!! It was circa £7/bottle - baaarrggaaaaiiinnnn!!!!